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  1. When they announced CotE, they said that: "it includes cards that reference some of the most important story moments", anyone know what are the Crane and Dragon and the story they refer? Or they didn't get one? Crab: In Defense of Rokugan Crane: ??? Dragon: ??? Lion: The Fires of Justice Phoenix: Subdue the Spirits Scorpion: Miyako's Undertaking Unicorn: Challenge on the Fields https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/10/10/children-of-the-empire/
  2. Spoil from Home of the Crane Clan. It's C 54, there are a big version at the site.
  3. 3 neutral previews in Imperial Advisor new episode
  4. They go to a common unclamaied ring pool "Player Elimination If a player has their stronghold broken, or has no honor in their honor pool, they are eliminated from the game. Any ring tokens an eliminated player had claimed on their provinces, or that are in the eliminated player’s personal unclaimed ring pool, are then placed in a common unclaimed ring pool that any remaining player can use."
  5. What happens if a defense player is dishonored in the middle of a conflict? The conflict still resolves normally? I know the cards from the eliminated player are removed immediately, but what about the contested ring, it can still be claimed?
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