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  1. I am also having this issue. Not that it bugs me much. Also i updated to 4.5.2 .Net framework. The version keeps crashing in the generator only. It works for an hour or so. then gets an error box. Ill see if i can post the box next time it pops up. (Edit) its not letting me link the image. but it only seems to happen when there is a "pick one" option like for tinkerer and smooth talker. Its an "unhandled exception"
  2. OggDude. You are completely amazing for putting in so much effort here. I'm helping Gm a game over @ rpol.net. as well as a tabletop version of this game. in the Table-top version we decided we wanted to play endgame level PC's for a game. So I gave my group 1000xp on top of any racial xp(to be added in as if the earned it in game, meaning not for attributes) and their choice of gear. One of my pc's noted that having 3 tinker and or jury rigged items causes them to deselect randomly when moving through the menue's. XP purchases to duplicate: Bounty hunter, Gadgeteer, Toughened to armor master[imp] picking up extra jury rigged for 20 xp outlaw tech(Left side:Tinker-Jury rigged) (Right side-Tinker-Jury rigged) (all for under 300xp, the player spent the rest picking up all the enduring/dedication(str) and ended up with a soak of 13 and 25 health, voted "most likely to die via black hole" by the group) Equipment: Shock Gloves(X1, JR(lower Crit)) Heavy Blaster pistol (x2, 1 hp each,) Disruptor Rifle (x1, JR(lower Crit)) Heavy Battle Armor (x1, JR(Ranged def)) any time after modding the equipment in any number of ways that you goto spec's it will ask to reasign hp(Sometime only one hp, other times all 3) if you save the sheet then go back to modify which mods on the equipment hp wont be there and some mods will be randomly removed. sometimes the sheet wont let you put hard points on both heavy blasters(This is the issue i find most of the time) Any q's about my process feel free to pm me.
  3. Seems like Agility might get a bump instead of Cunning, since he does carry a blaster and probably needs that extra die in stealth and ranged checks. The idea is to give him room to grow in his chosen field and while giving him a boost elsewhere. StarWars universe is a rough place, especially at the edge of the Empire with all of the scum and villainy going on. If he's not good with word's or fast on the draw what has kept him alive? If Im the hutt whom you borrowed money from to get all that learning how are you going to repay me? It would be cheaper and a better investment to get a droid and download all the stuff I need him to know. By having 5 dice on your check you force the GM to both upgrade the check so to a difficulty that will make the game more engaging for you and make them more frequent so you dont sit around the whole game only fulfilling your roll once. which means if you don't know something, then anyone else who might have invested in that area wont. Then given how this system works that means they are more likely to come back with the wrong info or negatively impact your rolls. Maybe that works in your local game, but min-maxing in this game just isn't needed and generally just negatively impacts the game for everyone. If you want to cheese it up play a Givin from the Species Menagerie. That will drop your brawn to 1, bump your Int , give you a free dot in Education that you can spend elsewhere, and allow you to survive in a vacuum, poisons environment, or underwater. With the added benefit of some spare xp. I pick Givin because of the sealed exoskeleton, it gives you a reason to be on the ship: you can fix things in space without gear. Being an Int monkey you can use Mechanics to fix things where no-one else could. Just a suggestion.
  4. Deception is the art of using both Truth and Lies to get the target to. in order to deceive you have to have a basic understanding of what the truth is, the Best lies being 99% truth 1% lie. or Charm- the ability to use other predilections against them while bringing them to your own point of view.
  5. Requested on the site. "Viro" I'm getting excited. Let me know if i can help in any way.
  6. Still interested to PBF, Bounty Hunter/Tech for me most likely.
  7. It solves more issues than it creates: It gives an xp floor so new players get enough xp to be OK without min-maxing. Since the gm that is playing now has a general idea of the direction & shape the campaign is going they can nudge the group in character being in an "obiwan" type way. It helps with consistency to have a single PC that is there every month as opposed to two pc's tagging in and out. Especially when the two concepts were similar.
  8. Gm PC is just the char that we're(me and the other gm that are trading off after each Story arc) adding xp to. The least amount given to any char per game is also given to the Gm PC so there's a kind of xp floor for the long run campaign... Shi'ido Explorer kind of makes a good concept for what we're wanting to do. But thanks for the sudgestions!
  9. Im wanting to stat up the Shi'ido (http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Shi%27ido) so I can properly build a Gmpc to act as a cross between Yoda & OB1 char for my group. Anyone already playing with this? Key features I'm looking to put into the race stat's A: Shape shifting 1-including having things stored in their bodies) 2-Telpathy to fil in gaps B: Mental resistance to Force Powers I have no idea that to put for thier stats, though I think high Willpower would be appropriate as they are hard to mind trick and based on the flavor of their shape-shifting would be based on Discipline not Deception. IDK..
  10. A few Squibs had a talent for the Force. Some Force-sensitive members of the species had no knowledge of their gifts and remained on Skor II, but others were trained as Jedi. A popular series of children's stories from the time of the Republic focused on a roguish Squib Jedi who was rumored to be based on a real individual.The series went to several volumes; the third was titled Busteromuchmacho and the Vermillion Shadow. Years later, in 35 ABY, a Squib Jedi was training at the Jedi Academy of the planet Ossus. A small number of Squib nobles plied the spacelanes.~Wookiepedia
  11. This Sounds Fun in Concept. and i will totally participate on at least the player level as i just recently picked up the system and i Doubt a whole lot of people would like my GM style at first, and might shy away instead of flock to it.
  12. Isn't the mechanical effect of 4 lower ST due to the stress of knowing about the obligation in play? Wouldnt it make narrative sense to not have the ST lower until the initial shock/surprise of the obligations wears off/sets in? Just food for thought.
  13. I have what is probably a dumb question: if I wanted to "redskin" a force power say "move" as a different power(fold space) how would be best in the newest version? Once reskined I plan to edit the first control to allow for phasing instead of deal damage. I think I've figured out how but I don't want to break the force powers as they are. Thanks!
  14. "Its interesting to think that most people might be illiterate, though. I do recall my dad saying there's no paper in the Star Wars universe... so I guess, wherever there's no access to power systems or electronics, you wouldn't have access to much written material, either. " I believe they refer to it as 'flimsy'
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