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  1. clearly a servant of Dog-Sothoth
  2. If it weren't for that leather plastic coat Pete is wearing, he might have taken even more damage. Though, he looks more like "Trashcan" than "Ashcan" now
  3. Raahk

    Shipping Now

  4. Interestingly, that's how my group handled doom as well. After a re-read of the rules it baffled me how this slipped my attention. Fascinating to hear others having the same misreadings of the rules
  5. Raahk

    Return to the Dunwich Legacy

    Like when you are a cat
  6. Raahk

    Return to the Dunwich Legacy

    Only buy the "Return to [...]"-expansions when you already enjoy the campaign you're returning to and only if you want some more replay value from the set without wanting to spend more money on a new campaign. Have fun!
  7. This is so very true.Also, this is the reason why i didn't take the step of actually implementing it
  8. This also bothers me slightly Edit: I am thinking about a house-rule that works somewhat like the permanent effect of Arcane Research. When upgrading a card you have to spend 1 fewer XP. Allowed only once per turn.
  9. Raahk

    A question about Jenny...

    You may play the pistols with 0 ammo for zero resources, yes. For other card effects while this is in your hand, it is considered to cost 0 as well
  10. I am hoping for Norman Withers but given that we already have 2 mystics, that seems very unlikely. Maybe with the next Cthulhu cycle
  11. Raahk

    Most Annoying Cards

    On MY turn it isnt!
  12. Raahk

    Most Annoying Cards

    There is always the possibility of not having direct damage in your hand. The one and only time i played against Restringuntus the game was a real nailbiter since it took me 3 turns to clear and my hand was clogging up with cards i wasn't allowed to play. Great game though
  13. Oh wow! I'd really like to listen to this episode. Though since we haven't played past The Boundary Beyond i fear spoilers. So I'll have to wait
  14. Raahk

    Forgotten age difficulty...(sigh)

    For me, a lot of the difficulty in this campaign comes from unbelievably terrible luck i have never seen in any campaign before. It is like the game wants my character to die. Yesterday, playing the second scenario with 4 players and me being Leo Anderson, basically the only encounter card i drew was The Last Mistake. (Test Agility (2). +1 Difficulty for each doom on your location. If you fail, take 2 damage). Since Leo only has only 1 Agility, it makes total sense that i was drawing -every- -single- -one- of these cards (6 in total)...Nevertheless, somehow i managed to survive. And it even goes beyond that. Today i woke up sick and my car battery died. Talking about the curse of Yig...
  15. Raahk

    Neuro Syphon timing

    I'd say no