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  1. This is such a cool idea, especially when you own minis for all the monsters and investigators
  2. Heh. I suggest you read through my whole timeline of every post i have ever made (If you haven't done already). You will probably find more opportunities to call me than OT: I dont think any customer has to suck anything up since nobody is forced to buy a product. It's your own fault when you're still investing into a business model you don't agree with. And other companies having worse services is no excuse at all. Random CEO: "We know we are charging twice the amount of the base game for extra content. but look at xyz. They're charging triple!"
  3. Imagine Ursula running about, gathering clues and electrifying cultists :D "Ursula, are you sure you know how to use this th..." "I found it, and it is mine. Mine i say!"
  4. I bought Armor of Ardennes for my Zoey deck in a run through Carcosa and Dunwich. Investing 5 XP in this card was totally worth it (Especially when you start with 3+ physical trauma). There have been games where she took 15+ physical damage total and walked away with a cruel smile on her blood-spattered lips 10/10, would buy again.
  5. I turned my back on several companies that did this as well. It is really off-putting to feel like the product you're buying is incomplete unless you're buying each little accessory for a horrendous price. Though, the unavailability of this game mat isn't something that bothers me since it doesn't contribute anything to the game itself.
  6. Maybe i will teach the game with tNotZ after all
  7. Raahk

    Future "Return To" ideas

    This would be so great. Though it might be difficult to realize because there would need be different cards added to different boxes of different languages
  8. Raahk

    Rita's special ability

    In Ursula's Investigator Card it explicitly states to take an investigate action. It doesn't say on Rita's card to take a free move action, only to move, which i think is a big difference. So in my opinion: no AoO
  9. I built a Wendy deck with True survivor and On Your Own as key cards amongst many innate skillcards (Resourceful, Manual Dexterity, Unexpected courage, Guts and Quick Thinking) to support teammates in skillchecks and Waylay and Backstab to deal with enemies on her own. The cool part is that you can get True Survivor back with Resourceful and with True survivor you're returning Resourceful plus two other innate skills to your hand. I was doing nothing but cycling through my discard pile and assisting fellow investgators with skill cards. The best thing is, that you can even move with them when you throw Quick thinking into their skill checks. Such a fun deck to play.
  10. That's true Mhm i also see that as an advantage. With new players, they often seem overwhelmed by the game and every card they're drawing they need to read and remember more. I can see this scenario being easier for some people
  11. Little awesome detail: The weapon the woman is holding in Act of desperation IS actually Old Hunting Rifle.
  12. Raahk

    Arkham Soundtrack?

    There is also Azatoth and Nyarlathothep (my favourite)!
  13. Yesterday i had my first go at The Circle Undone Prologue scenario. I figured i play 4-handed since there weren't many cards to manage. It was so much fun playing the prologue! Then i realised that this scenario might be great for teaching the game. You don need to build a deck, read through all the cards (as there are only 8ish per player) or worry about the agenda and scenario too much. You dive in, play, gather clues, fight monsters, get wrecked by the mythos... (Spoiler for prologue resolution) ..and eventually die It's all straightforward. I will try that out with 2 friends who are eager to learn and test this game.
  14. Raahk

    Rules, Rules, Rules!!!

    It was part of the rubble you were piling up! Oh my, this doll surely is hideous and grotesquely large
  15. Raahk

    Rules, Rules, Rules!!!

    Unfortunately, this is not considered a move and hence the enemy would be engaged with you. Only barricade lvl 3 (From Return to: The night of the zealot) also prevents spawning enemies at your location