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  1. This looks like a great resource for new players! The only thing i find odd (but is not important at all) is that the Stand-alones are not in chronological order of release. Maybe you might want to explain what "epic multiplayer" means.
  2. I went through all the cards from the Dunwich legacy and figured that, indeed, there are some really powerful cards in this expansion cycle, but they are in my opinion no "must haves". There are also a lot of cards that barely see play in my group. So i encourage you to skip the Dunwich legacy if you're short on money or having trouble finding all mythos packs. @Khudzlin slight spoilers
  3. One character was a bit unlucky and the other was doomed from the start. No actual placement of doom was involved.
  4. That is a cool scenario. Though that is also the only scenario where i experienced a turn 1 team (2 players) elimination
  5. Dunwich is my least played and least favourite campaign. The others are mechanically more interesting. As the card pool grows, there is no actual need for the cards from the dunwich campaign
  6. I think it is more likely that some classes get 4 offs with the myriad keyword and other classes get 2 offs with 2 bonded cards each. I find it highly unlikely for them to print 3offs
  7. Could be that the cover art of Atlach Nacha is a red herring and the big bad is actually Hypnos. Or both. Remember, this cycle is supposedly 2 campaigns, which means we need two bosses
  8. Bad news Zoey, i think you forgot that there is at least one bonded card for rogues. Two most likely assuming Crystallizer of dreams is a two-of. Which would mean that this already accounts for 4 cards. This makes the prediciton even more difficult
  9. The most easiest solution then is that the Myriad keyword circumvents the "max-2-of-the-same-kind-per-investigator-deck" restriction, meaning you are allowed to take all 4 copies into your deck! This does sound quite reasonable to me. This would lead to even harder deckbuilding decisions, though 😁
  10. I had an idea on how the Myriad keyword might work: Since this campaign appears to be 2 in one (one taking place in the dream world and one in the waking world) there might be some sort of epic play mode with 2 groups playing in parallel. To cite a sentence from the news article "your team of investigators will have to split up, and as you divide you will soon find that yours is but one of myriad realities". This leads me to think that the card with the myriad keyword might be able to establish a link between the dreamlands and the waking world. Maybe Open Gate will allow investigators to move freely between both scenarios? What do you think?
  11. I really hope that the new Rogue investigator has no access to guardian cards. For my taste, there are much more interesting combinations to be had and we already have a few investigators that have access to rogue and guardian cards. Having yet another investigator with this combination would be lackluster.
  12. You might want to take a look at the stock and the foregrip. Its actually really cool!
  13. Here is my description of how my group of 2 investigators got wiped turn 1 one on Essex County Express with the Rt:DL-Box
  14. Well, in my take on Rtt:DL with Yorrik and Preston both got wiped in their First turn in the essex county Express. There was bad luck involved to be sure but i was annoyed nevertheless. It was fun imagining the situation though
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