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  1. Raahk

    The Girl that Punctually Realizes Castles

    you will realise that all 3 of your decks will play totally different. Then you wont mind so much anymore
  2. Raahk

    The app, where hilarity ensues.

    The Snake who Rashly Hits Commanders 🤣
  3. Raahk

    The app, where hilarity ensues.

    "Goreera, The Boy who cooks the glacier" or "Zhoron, Imker des absurden Forums" (Zhoron, Beekeeper of the preposterous forum") This game is hilarous. Yesterday i saw a rare Logos card i absolutely fell in love with called "Verrücktes dingsbums" (insane whatnot?). It has a picture of a machine you can't really make out what it is supposed to be (It has an antenna, some kind of eye, random pipes, a propellor on its "bottom" and weird shaped legs), sitting on a tower, ripping its roof apart with debris flying through the air. It reads, artifact:"after you forge a key, destroy all creatures and artifacts" Flavour text reads"why did we even build this thing?". Just hilarious
  4. Raahk

    Rules and Suggested Buying

    10 decks might be way too much for some people. When you are playing best of 3 with deck-swaps, you get to play a new deck without even owning it
  5. Raahk

    First deck composition

    I own only one deck but i can report from the receiving end: I played against an untamed, Logos, dis Deck and afterward against an untamed, Logos,Shadow Deck. There wasnt much overlap and they played totally different against my Deck
  6. Raahk

    What Were the Words!?

    i just realised my archon had a funny combination as well. It is not the combination of words but rather the combination of the name with the archon picture that goes with it. My archon is called Bibliothecary "Winner" Rilke. She has 3 arms... only on the left side... and NO HANDS...
  7. This is the reason i consider CMON as a moneygrab company. Buying a boardgame with only 50% content for a ridiculous amount of money. They made some good games though
  8. Raahk

    Video about OP with keynotes

    I never understood the fuzz about dice. Adding or removing tokens is much less fiddly and less prone to accidents
  9. Raahk

    What Were the Words!?

    That's hilarious
  10. Raahk

    Giving up non-playable deck

    Is it really that bad? I always imagined that it was only about unfortunate combinations or wordings
  11. Raahk

    What Were the Words!?

    Hasn't the whole liberal society turned into hypersensitive crybabies? Edit: Take a look at who likes this post. Someone is taking this way too serious. This guy went through the trouble of making 4 accounts to spam me Edit 2: deleted Edit #1
  12. I highly doubt that since the last return to expansion added nothing whatsoever storywise
  13. My car equals One Core set with the Carcosa campaign because of all the unspeakable horror i went through with it
  14. Let's say you go to a retailer to buy a suit. But they don't sell the whole suit, they sell a jacket with a pair of shoes and matching dress pants with a pair of the same shoes. One might argue that they are throwing money out of the window or even that the whole product could be a bit cheaper if you weren't "obligated" to buy the same pair of shoes twice.
  15. It is not always about the money though. I figured that some people refrain from buying a second core because of principles they have. Honestly, that's something i was totally unaware of and i find it now very understandable. So to actually answer OPs question: I totally think that you dont need a second core set when you're going elsewise "all-in" with this game