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  1. Depending on the scenario, Ashcan with David Renfield can gather absurd amounts of resources that put even Preston Jacobs to shame. Tried it once and had more resources than i could ever use. It was fun though
  2. So i thought. Thanks for the answer. Do you have a rules reference maybe?
  3. Hey, a question in todays scenario came up. My friend was having Hemispheric Map (grants a static willpower bonus) and Timeworn Brand in play. He was using the ability on Timeworn Brand to add his investigators willpower to the test. He argued that the willpower from hemispheric map did not count because you aren't allowed to pitch willpower cards int othe test. Is that correct?
  4. I am torn between giving your comment the "sad" or "haha" reaction
  5. In my mind, you're doing very well. Of all campaigns out there i think it is the hardest, most swingy and most punishing. That's why i barely ever play it (And i own basically all the cards with 2 coresets). I bet if you ever decide to buy into any of the deluxe expansions, it will be a cakewalk for you on easy difficulty 😄
  6. That's an excellent idea. I think i will steal it 😄
  7. I just remembered one we tried out: You get 2 XP discount total during a campaign when upgrading from a lvl 0 card. This makes players use more of some basic cards that normally wouldn't see play. This is actually a great idea for finetuning difficulty because sometimes a weakness can cripple the whole concept you had for the deck.
  8. I feel that. It always leaves my completely dumbfounded when that happens. For some weird reason consecutive tentacle pulls happen way more often than consecutive elder sign pulls. Curse that chaos bag. Sometimes in my group when we make a clutch escape out of a dire situation and when some actions later i realize that we made a mistake i keep my mouth shut. I know this is technically cheating but it does only happen once a campaign and i don't want to spoil the great moment we shared. One house rule we have is whenever a player uses the card "I've got a plan!", they have to tell the group what their plan actually is. With totally hilarious effect. Also when starting a campaign we come up with backstories on how and why we met at the very first scenario. Then we determine a lead investigator for the rest of the campaign.
  9. So am I, but i still consider myself relevant, haha
  10. Well you could use the flood tokens in one of the iterations of the first scenario in carcosa. Thats something, haha
  11. Well, there it is. The card for survivor. And indeed, it is related to exile
  12. The reasoning behind this is that playing another card is part of the action of Uncage the soul 🙂
  13. When i saw the livestream and all those new tokens that are going to be added to the game my first reaction was that i might pass on this one. I feared that all those new tokens might clutter the game too much (As what happened in my opinion with Eldritch Horror when all the expansions were out). Now i am not so sure if i will stand correct, but i am still torn if i like it or not.
  14. Here I am, still waiting for my copy of dark side of the moon T_T
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