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    Stevvers got a reaction from Punning Pundit in Why isn't this an iOS game?   
    I wouldn't hold your breath guys, consider how much you've all spent on the game to date - or if you haven't considered how much you've spent, check out the recent thread on the same subject.
    Now consider whether you would all be willing to fork out the same amount of cash as in-app purchases to secure the same 'models' within the proposed iOS game.
    The reason this game is profitable for FFG is because we keep spending money on new expansions. I don't see any way to transfer that sort of $$ to an iPhone app without some outrageous IAPs, and believe me people would not like that!
    The mechanics of the game itself would tranfer to iOS without too much difficulty. The financial mechanics within FFG would not transfer quite so easily.
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    Stevvers got a reaction from GroggyGolem in Short form terminology   
    What the hell is WTH?
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