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  1. What the hell is WTH?
  2. I'm picking up my shuttle today. I've been pretty frustrated by the delays on Wave 3 stock getting to Australia, but at least I've had a chance to sufficiently lower my expectations with regards to the shuttle. I don't think it's fair to say that FFG 'don't care'. What option do they have? It's financially viable to send out the odd replacement starter set or expansion to maintain individual customers, but can you imagine the cost involved in offering a replacement to every single person who purchased the shuttle? Clearly this is a design flaw, and not a manufacturing fault - so FFG would be faced with the prospect of paying to replace every single shuttle purchased. Their only other option would have been to pull the shuttle from Wave 3 completely until the flaw could be rectified, and I doubt any of us would've been particularly happy with that decision! Admittedly I've yet to experience the disappointment first-hand, but given the choice between FFG issuing a full 'recall' on the shuttles, or investing that same money into future developments to the game then I'd rather deal with one crappy model (which will almost certainly be fixed in future prints anyway) and see the game continue to expand than demand some sort of refund and cause problems for FFG.
  3. I wouldn't hold your breath guys, consider how much you've all spent on the game to date - or if you haven't considered how much you've spent, check out the recent thread on the same subject. Now consider whether you would all be willing to fork out the same amount of cash as in-app purchases to secure the same 'models' within the proposed iOS game. The reason this game is profitable for FFG is because we keep spending money on new expansions. I don't see any way to transfer that sort of $$ to an iPhone app without some outrageous IAPs, and believe me people would not like that! The mechanics of the game itself would tranfer to iOS without too much difficulty. The financial mechanics within FFG would not transfer quite so easily.
  4. Yeah, I really think this needs to be incorporated somehow, assuming it's possible without breaking the balance. From what I understand, Tycho only flew the A-wing in the assault on the second Death Star because his X-wing was 'in the shop'!
  5. Given the inclusion of the Moldy Crow and the fact that they've previewed capital ships, I think we've got at least another 12 months of OT/EU content before they move into Prequel material. And even then, I have to agree with the guys - I'd rather see FFG invest money and resources into this great game. Anything they spend on another flight-path game they could theoretically be spending on X-Wing, and I'd rather see this great game continue to be developed and expanded. Sorry!
  6. But the work he did on the Falcon was vastly different to his standard astromech work aboard a fighter. You could most certainly add a crew character to the Falcon for a droid or even R2-D2 specifically. However I would expect droids to give a different bonus to large ships, and I would expect them to operate as crew - since there is no astromech slot on the large ships.
  7. See how the X-Wing and Y-Wings have a specific astromech port on the back of them? That's why they can accommodate (and utilise the upgrades of) astromech droids. Just because an astromech droid can travel aboard a larger ship, doesn't mean their abilities can be put to use by the ship. Personally, I don't think it fits canon at all.
  8. Actually it makes it far easier to see at a glance which ships are low on shields if this is reflected on the board (rather than the cards) Personally I use eldiablito's method, and I believe this is the way FFG intend the game to be played. Some method for displaying shield level near the model itself would be great (someone like Litko really should develop something if FFG aren't planning to develop it themselves)
  9. $20-$30 (USD) according to Litko and Covenant Had an eye on these for a while myself, but it's hard to justify them when you can get another mini for that!
  10. When I read this I smiled and immediately heard Vader's voice in my mind. FFG, give this guy a job! Actually, give me a job too while you're at it
  11. Incredibly helpful! Thanks heaps. I have placed a pre-order, so hopefully I won't have to wait for the second shipment. Wow, that's really bad on FFG (in my opinion) I want to support my LGS, but for Wave 4 I'm going to have to consider placing an order from the US since it would surely have arrived by now.
  12. I sent another email to my LGS this week, I spoke to them at the start of the month and mentioned it was being shipped to US stores by 13th September and they said probably by the end of the month. I haven't heard back from my most recent email, just wondering if any other Aussies on these boards have heard anything about the local arrival of Wave 3. Cheers.
  13. LOVE these ideas, but as far as balance goes, I don't think you can have an upgrade worth 0 points. I think perhaps a 1 point cost to reduce the cost of a single ship by 3 command points might work, but a 0 point upgrade is a bad idea imo - you need a cost, and a single use per squad limit.
  14. http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_upcoming.asp To use a well-worn cliche: these are not the droids you're looking for.
  15. If they were just making (ie producing) more units then surely it would read 'in production'. Not all that familiar with the FFG system, but surely they don't notify us when more stock is being produced for a particular model? The fact that it says 'in development' and not 'in production' certainly suggests that some changes are being made to the model and/or accessories (ie pilot cards, tokens etc etc)
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