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  1. So the upcoming page has been updated to show the tie advanced and y-wing as on the boat. Also someone on another forum received an email from FFG about receiving their replacement part for an x-wing. Looking like the wave 1 woes are near an end. Just around the corner.
  2. I've been dying to try this but have had no time. Saw someone over on another forum got to try this out. Has anyone here?
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    Lord Vader approved!
  4. Im thinking Amazon received their shipment and FFG has not. Hence nothing going out to lgs or update on the upcoming. That's assuming Amazon is getting them straight from the manufacturer or are printing them for themselves! (last one is a joke )
  5. Theory to the puzzle continues to be: amazon got a shipment straight from the manufacturer. Their boats escaped the pirates, ffg's did not.
  6. Dear sir you are a gentleman and a scholar! Would it be too much to ask for a psd template of your awesome cards?
  7. So I'm thinking of going a similar but different route with the deck. My concept: 32 cards 8 X Asteroid - small 4 X Asteroid - large 4 X Asteroid - moving 4 X Mine 6 X Gaseous Cloud 3 X Ionized Gas Cloud 2 X ComSat 1 X Gravity Well Idea is each side is dealt 3 cards during the set up and you end up with 6 obstacles. There is a 50% chance for some type of Asteroid. I'm still a bit green but I feel this should work. Also, does a gravity well not need a planet/mass? Am I remembering this wrong. Or are using it to imply we are near something. Or we talking more along the lines of a black hole. I might be wrong. Just thinking out loud.
  8. All of mine except the x-wings that came from Phoenix stated the mentioned "SEP13". The x-wings state "DEC12".
  9. My packages are sitting at home patiently waiting for me.
  10. Not sure I'm sold on the "comsat". That new deck list looks good too. We still talking about 3 cards from the deck right? The templates are pretty awesome. Don't take this the wrong way, but space debris should be debris and asteroids should be asteroids.
  11. hav0k2

    Stock Levels

    Don't mean to sound disdainful at all but a little search and/or scroll would have answered this. But to help out... Huge supply and demand trouble. They can't make them fast enough to meet demand. Amazon on this side of the pond currently has everything in stock: http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/92847-wave-in-stock-and-ready-to-ship/ Looks like Amazon UK has wave 2 and 3 in stock: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/s/ref=is_s_ss_i_0_10?k=x-wing+expansion&sprefix=X-wing+exp
  12. VanorDM, I've read no snark in any post as I hope you haven't. Like yourself, I would also like to unravel the mystery of the secret supply chain.
  13. Dear sir, I thank you. Templates are look good.
  14. To this I say... Touche sir. I'm to green to know that. Not that I know if FFG has any kind of clause for anything but touche. I understand working with the loyal. But it is highly feasible Amazon is one of their larger retailers. Surely there is no lgs (Or 3-4) that sales in that volume. Miniature market and the like maybe. My mind = blown
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