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  1. When the fallen space wolf leads a stealth mission on a space wolf strike cruiser while his whole army is being wiped out so he can steal all their fenrisian ale. The sound marine starts every battle like the opening scenes from west side story.
  2. It was the person she didn't want to be a space marine. I've had females play men before in other games, just not that time. She went inquisitor because it told a better story than her being just an assassin. If the game wouldn't have fell apart she would have become a full fledged ordo xenos inquisitor. Therefore had something to gain other than a kill tally.
  3. We had a female player a while back. She played an inquisitor in training. No real authority over the kill team, but still respected for her rank. She used a sniper rifle I forget which one and used the assassin then the inquisitor paths. She worked out good in combat since she often stayed out of melee range and she helped with a lot of the diplomacy.
  4. I've been working on a new chapter a blood angels successor known as the Sanguine Spectres. I like how most of their successors (angels encarmine, angels vermillion and angels sanguine) have almost the same symbol, but with different wings. I want one where it's the the blood drop with skeletal wings.
  5. I solve this is my games by giving Kill-Team Dauntless(my players group) a broad objective investigate rumors of xenos activity on planet (insert world here) and letting them figure things out for themselves a bit. My favorite so far was telling the team how an inquisitor lost a number of agents and they've been asked to check it out. The reknown and xp points still comes from achieving objectives and the like, but they get the chance to deal with local bigwigs and actually have to use their brains. Case in point the finding of the lost agents. The kill team consisting of an ultramarine tactical, blood angels librarian, space wolf assault, imperial fist apothecary and an iron hand devastator. Fought native beasts, investigated the city the agents were last seen in, destroyed said city when they discovered that most of the important inhabitants were infected by gene stealers and requested a planetary quarantine then proceeded on the equivalent of a dungeon crawl to destroy the brood lord after which they left and allowed the inquisitors and IG to mop up. The personal goals of the members I've had them write down when we began and I add to the list as we go so I can help incorporate the things into the story. The space wolf is seeking a lost relic of the chapter (haven't hammered it out yet) and I intend of having him hear a rumor so he can request the team go look for it. (SPOILER: it's on a space hulk I'm making)
  6. I could totally see a rank and file soldier being proficient with axe, sword, spear, hammer, shield, knife, staff and great weapon versions of those weapons. I don't think the scythe would fit though.
  7. I always assumed this was due to the availability of the training. A rank and file soldier doesn't have access to chain weapons, but he could be well trained in all primary weapons, Also swinging a chain sword and power sword are different on how you can use them wrong.
  8. Thinking of fluff I could see CSM not using shock weapons since they aren't law keepers and normally just kill their enemies. As for thrown they are taught to use grenades so it would make sense for them to have thrown.
  9. I have a few things I want to know how much damage they do. First is the jets of a jump pack. (Recently had an assault marine get swarmed by a ripper swarm and he decided to use his jets burners to get them off his back) A non power-axe. A human being in full flak armor (Swung by his leg by a chaos marine or maybe an ork)
  10. 1. Probably not 2. A set of librarian force armor. (built with Psi-lattice circuitry so the Psy rating adds to the armor strength) we were rank 5 by then. 3. I always assumed a portion of the imperial tithe went to outfitting of space marines if they didn't have their own mining sources. This would most likely be in the form of raw materials for their own chapter forges. 4. I'm with adeptus-B I know none, but I'm currently working on a chapter called the Wyvern knights were on their home planet there are mighty flying serpents. 5. I've actually wondered about this myself. I'm going to have my group find the STC for the old astartes Jetbike. Cause I think it's something the Deathwatch should have access to.
  11. I have been known to give discounted signature war gear and lowering renown if a battle brother uses said item well. IE our assault marine once found a power axe bearing deathwatch iconography in a brood lord's nest, he then snatched it up and used it to slay said brood lord. I let him keep it due to the epicness of the battle. Similar situation with our tactical later on he picked up a downed storm wardens' plasma gun and used it to take down a unit of tau before his kill team could get to him.
  12. As much as I love the space wolves. I'm gonna have to agree with Venk. It's a curse and curses aren't flaunted. Most of the wolves who succumb to the curse are left prowling the fenrisian tundra.
  13. They could always be a squad "on loan" to an inquisitor. It's my understanding that sometimes chapters do this and it would also allow for the mix up of specialties. On a side note I have toyed with this idea myself. Though I figured it would be best to work out a home brew chapter. They could be an imperial fist successor. Then have the chapter's thing be that they deploy advanced squads in each company who use unconventional tactics to ensure the success of the company or to investigate things.
  14. I've allowed it, but we didn't have a dev and our librarian was focused more on support than battle. (Avenger being the only combat psy power he had before rank 5) Any way back to the op's question. In most games I've played the tac marine uses the missile launcher while the devastator keeps his H. Bolter or other heavy weapon.
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