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  1. That's what i did when i converted Savage Rifts into Genesys Rifts. It worked out great. I ended up focusing on the story and forgot about the power creep problem with Rifts.
  2. What Armor did you give it? And HT, SS... I'm curious about it. I'm working on a conversation for Genesys too.
  3. I used this formula for figuring out a Level conversion for D&D to Genesys... add the levels together then multiply them by 5 for the amount of Bonus XP the character gets. i.e. 1+2+3+4+5+6=21x5=105, meaning a 6th level D&D character would have 105 Bonus XP. This gives a 20th level character 1,050 Bonus XP in Genesys to spend on Skills and Talents.
  4. i did a homebrew conversion into Genesys, based on LUG trek for characters, and I used Decipher Trek for starships.
  5. I have a question if you have Move power tree completely filled, then you can move up to 5 objects, move objects up to silhouette 4, and move objects up to Extreme range from the character. Now my question is this can you apply those aspects of Move ALL together, meaning you can move 5 silhouette 4 objects from a distance of Extreme Range. Or can you only use one aspect at a time, like Moving 5 silhouette 0 objects at short range, OR, Moving 1 silhouette 4 object at short range, OR moving 1 silhouette 0 object from a distance of Extreme Range. Assuming you generate enough Force points to make the Check. I am just double checking.
  6. Blank Talent Tree? I'd love to find that...
  7. I use the highest d6 Force code (ignoring pips) as the maximum number of Force Points that could be generated on a Force Dice roll in FFG rounding up to an even number. Example if a jedi has Control 7D, Sense 6D+1, and Alter 4D+2, I wound use the 7D as the value since its the highest, witch would be 7 Force Points, only I would round up to 8 for an even number which means that the Force User in question would have a Force Rating of 4 in FFG Star Wars. This is just a "On the Fly" way i did it one night, but it kind of seemed to work for me.
  8. How should I handle the characters getting drunk? I want to keep it narrative and resolve it with one check. Obviously Resilance. Negative effects like being Disoriented, Staggered as well. But my problems are with characters with really high Brawn and Resilance. Would they just never get drunk? How would I determine the difficulty? Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.
  9. I have created a "mod" for using Star Trek in Star Wars rules if anyone is interested.
  10. This would be so awesome, and very easy to do. Simply combine Fantasy companion, and Sci Fi companion with the core book and there ya go!
  11. So how goes the effort to bring Spells into the NDS system? I eagerly await your work!
  12. I can't wait to see the Wizard spells! This is really awesome work you've done!
  13. For a "superman" like character I would give him a scale shift to planetary so his Soak would be x10, and so would his wounds. As far as lifting objects I'd use the example of Move, so that if his Brawn were say a 6 he could lift move or otherwise manipulate objects up to Silhouette 6 also. I'd say all of his relevant powers could simply be handled with a scaleshift from personal scale to planetary scale. imagine a punch doing 70 points of damage to a normal character! ouch!
  14. I am running a story arc where our characters enter the Unknown Regions and discover the "Dragonstar Empire" and will have to over throw the Ancient Red Dragon Mezzenbone with the help of some locals on an outland world where the believe in "magic"
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