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  1. It may look boring on the table, but I find that teaching someone the game through a demo battle works really well if it is a mirror match with identical forces with no upgrades. Not only do you avoid the classic 100pt demo issue of "yeah they stomped you there, but in a full game you could equip x upgrade", but the new player also gets to grok what the other player can do as they have the same dials.
  2. Yes, yes, yes! An article that isn't simply a quick peek preview of an upcoming pack? OMG yes! This is exactly the sort of thing the game needs! Thank you FFG!
  3. Assuming that both units are friendly and that by "nudged right up" you mean the rear unit is touching the front unit and that they are both "parallel", then I believe the answer would be yes. The trays are a length of one, and that would put the rear unit in front of the other unit, "nudged right up" at the back now, instead of the front. Technically it may be slightly longer than one if measured due to the fact that the trays of the two units are not connected together, but I think a precedent is set under the closing in section of the rules: Closing In 17.1: The straight, speed-1 movement template moves a unit the distance of the width of a single tray. When a unit is closing in to ll the gap left by a single tray being removed, the close in results in a collision. The gap left by the tray and the distance covered by the straight, speed-1 template are identical—even though they sometimes appear not to be as a result of trays being bumped.
  4. Yes! Thinking of how the tables/terrain for Runewars related to the final product, I'd be really interested to see how it plays out for Legion. Given that Legion doesn't ship with cardboard terrain, the terrain system is probably a lot looser than Runewars... closer to 40k, but still...
  5. Don't forget Scarab troopers and KX-series security droids for the empire (and therefore K-2SO for the rebels)
  6. Hobart here. A small cadre of 3 players (soon to be 4). Have had demos at three main game stores so it's absolutely gutting to hear that someone in Hobart was selling up. Pretty sure myself and @Hos (also Hobart) would travel to a Nats.
  7. Oh wow - I love blood diviner ... the ability to have some sway over the morale deck is fantastic. I love the thematic refresh ability it has too...
  8. I found when introducing it to X-Wing players explaining the re-roll mechanic as "each full rank after the first is a Target Lock, and a partial rank is like having Predator" worked really well.
  9. I believe he did - "Immobilisation Nation" ... at least according to the commentators in the Live Stream... But Entmoot is *awesome*
  10. Awesome! After streaming top 4 at worlds I needed more Runewars - and you guys have provided it in spades!
  11. Nice! Congrats on your placing!
  12. Very curious what equipment they're rocking ... Wind Rune would be good, but given Maro pumping them up, Shield Wall would be an interesting option...
  13. Good point. Although looking at BattleLore where they presumably would have had the opportunity to "upscale" the dragons (especially as they were on a flight stand), they kept them roughly Descent size:
  14. I swear next time you guys put something on, I'm going to make damned sure I can make it try and bring 1-2 others! Runewars is pretty slim pickings down here in Tas.
  15. Can I just chime in here to say I absolutely freaking love Deathmist Banner! Awesome on the Death Knights, and even more awesome on a Death Caller/Lancer block of re-animates!
  16. It's raining choas! "if the Berserkers' ranks become too decreased, they will be unable to spread choas throughout the realm."
  17. Awesome! I'm going to have to get me some!
  18. That may be your intent and may be how it sounds at your end, but TBH, it does come off in text at this end as aggressive/rude.
  19. I don't know what sort of paint you're using, but it looks like it's cracked ... too much sun maybe? Seriously though - those bases are amazing! I can't tell if you've freehanded the "cracks" or if it is something you've applied ... how did you do it?
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