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  1. Enoch52

    Magical Talents

    I get that you can still use Advantages. Just surprised I can't use them in any specifically magical way. I know I can say "the fireball makes him duck, and he takes a setback to his next action".
  2. Enoch52

    Magical Talents

    I've actually been looking at Conan recently. It does really surprise me that Genesys requires all of the additional effects to be purchased on the front end with difficulty, rather than allowing spending Advantage for additional effects, like Momentum spends in Conan. I like the idea that if I roll really well, I can get more than I was expecting, rather than a binary success/failure.
  3. Enoch52

    Magical Talents

    Reasonable question. I'd say it's a useful talent for somebody who is going to have ranks in Knowledge but only needs access to a single spell--someone with 4 ranks in Knowledge will cast that particular spell much better with Knack than they will with a rank of Arcana. I'm thinking a spellthief who wants to be able to Curse his targets so as to avoid reprisals, or a paladin who only wants Heal and the like.
  4. Enoch52

    Magical Talents

    I've been thinking about ways to make mages a bit more distinct from each other--right now, the only real distinguishing feature is the size of your dice pool and which skill you use (2 mages have access to the exact same spells, and if their skills are the same there's not much difference). One talent I was thinking of was something like "Specialist Mage: choose one magical action you can use. Take a Boost die to all spells cast with this action." Another possibility would be something to make a character who isn't a full mage, but has a knack for a specific action: something like choose a magical action. "Magical Knack: If when you spend a Story Point, you can use your ranks in Knowledge as if they were a magical skill for casting a spell with that action. You may not use any effects that are limited to a particular magical skill." "Improved Magical Knack (requires Magical Knack): choose a magical skill (Arcana, Divine, Primal). You may use effects limited to this skill with your magical knack."
  5. Yeah, I edited that almost immediately upon posting it. But if you didn't playtest it, there hadn't been enough time to test the rules in play.
  6. That sounds like an awesome opportunity for a GM to give you a quest. Don't the Keepers of the Grove know the Rite of the Awakened Roots? If you can win their trust and mentorship, they may be willing to teach you their rituals...
  7. This. FFG's system does require a bit of creative thinking to separate out mechanical effect and description. Not everything with Burn is fire, and just because it doesn't have the Burn quality doesn't mean it's not fire--"Burn" just means it does repeated damage. Most of the time, getting burned by something doesn't do repeated damage, unless whatever is doing the damage (a fire, acid, etc.) is still present. Get splashed with hot oil and you take damage. It doesn't continue into the next round unless your shirt catches on fire. Same with Blast. Just because Blast doesn't activate doesn't mean there wasn't an explosion (arcane or fire or whatever), just that mechanically it doesn't do damage to targets beyond the primary target. It may mean the explosion wasn't as large as desired, or that your aim was off and didn't catch everyone in the blast effect, or simply that everyone scattered when they saw a ball of arcane fire screaming toward them. Color and effect are very different things.
  8. The game's just come out. Why are you house-ruling something you haven't had a real chance to test in play?
  9. And the magnetic grapple to surf behind cars...
  10. This. I'd love to see something akin to crafting in Star Wars where magic-users can "craft" spells, gaining some sort of bonus (like Boost dice) for every characteristic they set, and make some roll to formalize the spell. Like the "fireball" spell from the article: choose the base action (whatever that ranged attack uses), add the Burn and Blast keywords, make a crafting roll, and if you succeed, you get a bonus when you cast your Fireball spell.
  11. I don't mind a different introduction if you'd prefer. My thought was he was fleeing anyway, so hiding out in a shuttle made sense, but if you have a different idea it's entirely up to you.
  12. Either of those work for me! I have no problem having stowed away in the shuttle!
  13. My concept (open for comments, criticism, suggestions to better integrate with the party, etc.) is Umenzi, a Jawa on the run from both the Hutt Bareesh kadjilic (he was exiled to Jubilar because some of the artifacts he helped salvage on Kor Bareesh somehow found their way into his possession) and the Empire (the Empire has labeled him "a rebel and saboteur" after attempting to sell a "salvaged" actuator piston from an Imperial walker to an undercover Imperial Intelligence agent. He managed to escape, but there is now a manhunt underway...) Naturally inquisitive and acquisitive, Umenzi is naturally somewhat cowardly unless there is some interesting tech or salvage at hand. Contacts: 1d4 2
  14. I'm working on a character concept/background - when is this set? I'm thinking he's maybe on the run from the Empire (he might have even been a part of the clan in the sandcrawler destroyed in ANH?) or a Hutt kadijic for a "misunderstanding" about ownership of a droid he acquired and/or disassembled for parts.
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