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  1. I saw a post made on the EotE forums that suggested using Eliza's Lightsaber as that crystal's stats, so we went with that. We decided the gem to be Base Damage 6, Crit 1, Sunder, Breach 1. It has the mods: Defensive +1, Deflection +1 (x2), Vicious +1 (x2), Damage +1 (x4). Unmodded it's slightly better than an Ilum crystal (lower crit), but once the crystal is fully modded it will be equal offensively to the Ilum but with added defensive benefits. I think this is a really nice Crystal for an Ataru Striker using the Enhance ability like I am. With my armor, the curved hilt, and a fully modded crystal I'll have 3 defense, and checks against me will have to be upgraded twice which should make me quite hard to hit while Parry and Reflect can lower the damage I take. Meanwhile I can use Saber Swarm to give my attacks Linked which will automatically activate at least once due to my two automatic advantages. With my Force Rating 4 I can use Offensive and Defensive Enhance, and either give my attack Linked 2 or commit a third Force Dice to raise my Agility to 5 and stick with Linked 1.
  2. Thanks for the replies everyone. That's about what I expected with the curved and extended hilt...they seem like complete opposites and wouldn't go together. I'll either wait for some new attachments or take off the shadowsheath and put on the dual-phase mod. Good to know about not using the accurate boost in two-handed combat checks. I've been playing the character for a while so he's got quite a bit of xp. He's a FR 4 Ataru Striker, so I will probably just go one-handed and use saber swarm to get a high Linked rating, but if I ever decide to start going two-handed I'll know how to treat it. Thanks again.
  3. Our group just completed the Jewel of Yavin story, and I managed to get some of the jewel to fashion into a lightsaber crystal. I've been using a shoto that I acquired in an earlier quest, but decided to build my own hilt to hold this new crystal. I was able to get the components for the hilt, the curved hilt attachment, and the superior hilt customization. When I was crafting the hilt I rolled a Triumph which allows me to increase the HP by 1 to a total of 6 according to the Hidden Depths adventure module. With my crystal (2), curved hilt (1), superior hilt (1) and a previously acquired shadowsheath (1) I'm left with one HP. The only other attachment I could add for that would be an extended hilt. Are the curved hilt and extended hilt compatible? They're descriptions make it seem as if they're opposites of one another. Do you think I could have both on the same hilt? Also in regards to two handed combat: If I use my newly crafted hilt as the primary weapon and the shoto as the secondary I would make a standard lightsaber check with the difficulty increased by one. How would I account for the Accurate 1 on the shoto hilt? Would that just be added to the check even though it's the secondary weapon? Thanks for the help.
  4. Unfortunately I'm in a different state than my LOTR cards and will be until next week. You all will most likely have a chance to play it before I do. I really wish I had time to play it through at least once, but I just didn't have the time. The location that came out was the "Raven war camp" I believe. I can't remember the time effect on it, but I feel like it might have dealt damage to characters. I could be completely wrong on that though. I remember the new enemies were like other dunlandings and had effects on them that dealt with cards in your hand. Just a caveat to this post and my other post, I can no way guarantee all my info on the quest is correct. I took a very brief look yesterday and I'm trying to wrack my brain for all the details. I could be wrong on some of this stuff, but I think I'm right on most of it.
  5. Some people just can't be happy... I bought my pack came home, and then immediately left on a trip for Christmas. I didn't have time to upload every single card in the pack and I figured the player cards were more sought after. I no longer have it in front of me, but from the brief glimpses I took of the quest I can tell you: Its difficulty level 7. It has three stages. A boss and location comes in during the last stage. You have to clear the location to damage the boss and you have to kill the boss to win. The locations have time X with various effects. There is a "raven deck" made up of raven clan enemies and it had its own discard pile as well. There is a Chief Turch (spelling?) Objective ally. It looked to have a good balance of enemies and locations. That's all the time I had to look at it before I ran out the door.
  6. Ok that's what I thought. I've been having some trouble getting through this in my campaign... Can't seem to get through that first stage.
  7. I've been searching for an answer to this question, but can't find any solid information so hopefully somebody here can help. The first quest stage states that enemies get +2 defense and can't be engaged, and to skip the encounter phase. Does that mean that I can't use card effects to engage enemies? Things like Knight of Minas Tirith or Hammer Stroke have no effect? What about the location that states I must engage an enemy to travel there? Can I engage through that card effect, or can I not travel to that location during the first quest stage? This quest had been kicking my butt, and I want to make sure I'm not making things way harder on myself. Thanks all.
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