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    Collection for sale.

    Green Dragon is still there but they don't carry X-Wing. The base is pretty devoid nowadays. Our military is chaos now. I see a few NAVY kids here and there but not too many and nobody had anything posted on the boards the few times I checked around up there (there's a MTB trail I ride up there. Wannamaker. I'm also former MIL so I checked out the base when I moved down here. Mostly the [fail] NAVEX.) There's a hobby store in Mt. Pleasant but it's all R/C and models. Little bit of Warhammer but it was covered in dust. West Ashley has a shop but the only "table top" stuff they had was.... Pokemon and MTG. I even checked out the 2 D&D groups for kicks. X-Wing just has zero popularity down here. I had to buy all my stuff off Amazon. Something ain't right about a place that has no skate parks, no elevated terrain, is on the coast but has no surf and no liquor is sold past 7pm or on Sundays.
  2. Logic

    Collection for sale.

    I agree with the alcohol idea although it's hardly necessary here in the south. And unfortunately, there are no gaming stores around here. There's a couple hobby stores but not very close and they don't carry X-Wing or much table top gaming items. Mostly R/C cars and models.
  3. Logic

    Collection for sale.

    coastal south carolina. NOBODY plays here. I have searched everywhere. it's a bummer too. really cool game.
  4. Logic

    Collection for sale.

    I'd like to know where you guys buy your X-Wing items from for so cheap then. If I can't sell this collection I'll be buying more and trying to convince a few friends to get into it.
  5. I apologize if this is inappropriately placed. It's been a while since I've been here. I'm selling my X-Wing collection. It's on eBay right now. I would have posted something earlier but I really forgot about the forums. Selling it all because frankly, nobody play sin my area. At all. It's a cool game but the kid lost interest and it's been sitting in it's cases for months. Details are here. Auction is about to close but i'll probably repost it. Thanks for looking. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Star-Wars-X-Wing-miniatures-lot-/121278229558?pt=Games_US&hash=item1c3cbeec36
  6. Logic

    Star Wars Quote Game

    You guys are all forgetting the most important quote of them all.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zf8aBFTVNEU
  7. Logic

    Hotz Artworks Mat

    Hack Matz would have been a better name...
  8. Logic

    Hotz Artworks Mat

    I can tell from those pictures that he didn't use the same felt for mine. What I got was loose knap felt and a sh*tty paint job. If he wasn't on the entire opposite side of the continent from me i'd put in the energy to take this further than the wonderful internet burn. He does this "professionally" so i'd expect something better than what I got.
  9. Here's a link to a lot of them: http://manmadediy.com/users/chris/posts/2769-how-to-make-diy-star-wars-snowflakes-free-templates
  10. Logic

    Hotz Artworks Mat

    The felt he used with mine is extremely loose and nappy. I would have used the tighter felt. I'll be catching corners of baseplates if i use this mat. Guaranteed. This piece of junk isn't going point five past any speed.
  11. Logic

    Hotz Artworks Mat

    I most definitely posted this to inform as many people as possible. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't pissed though. I wasn't expecting the almighty glorious mat of mats but this is ridiculous. I won't burn any more energy on Hotz and as much as I can justify spending $37.00 on a great many other things, i'll chalk this up to an experience expense. My REAL gripe is that Hudsonrunabypass put his eBay mats up 24 hours after I made my purchase with Hotz and I was soooo tempted to cancel my payment and order Hudson's through eBay. But after thinking about it, I wanted to see what Hotz would send out. After all, he makes platform mats and scenes for a living... TL:DR Do NOT buy from Hotz Artworks.
  12. Logic

    Hotz Artworks Mat

    After 8 weeks of waiting I finally received my $37.00 mat from Hotz Artworks. What a waste of money. It's an un-squared, cheap piece of felt with some spray paint on it. I could have done this myself for a lot cheaper than $37.00. Seriously disappointed and irritated that I wasted my money on this. I feel ripped off.
  13. about a thousand times better than anything i can do. great job!
  14. On a side note, it's hitting the 2 month marker since i ordered and paid for my Hotz Matz mat. This thing better be the nicest mat i've ever seen....
  15. I play on a 5th of bourbon. wait... what?
  16. Logic

    Smelly gamers . . .

    "OI! Dude! You stink. GTFO!" And that ends my interaction with Gamer Funk.
  17. Definitely be patient. Wave 1 will be available very soon. Do NOT pay the crazy prices places like Amazon and Ebay are asking for Wave 1 ships.
  18. As careful as you can be, acrylic is brittle and it will always be an issue. I'd rather have non-clear delrin pegs. I think the (pie) connectors are unnecessary as well. I understand the need to keep it simple but I think FFG needs to redesign their peg system big time. I have been using fast acting acrylic glue to repair mine. pretty soon they'll all be glued. heh.
  19. Logic

    game mats

    HA! I just realized this but i've never paid for an item on ebay when it was stated another currency other than American dollars. is there some sort of automatic exchange through ebay or paypal? Man, i suck at the internet....
  20. I like it! Great job. I'm about to do the same with my ships just to make them all different from one another.
  21. the lack of engine glow is something that really peeves me on these. all that detail and they skipped the engine glow. so even though i want the faded look on the markings i want to add i should still varnish on top of them?
  22. I'd like to add some detail to all my ships. Nothing super detailed but basic single color markings. Stripes, chevrons, circles, etc. Just to differentiate between ships easier. It's been a loooong while since i've done any model work. What's a safe paint to use on these miniatures? How do I want to thin out the color so it's not just a thick band of solid color? I'd like to keep the existing detail of the miniature and just add a bit of color. Any advice is appreciated.
  23. if there is going to be a time limit on the games then there should be a time limit for each player in each phase. you can't have one without the other and have a system work effectively. otherwise follow the rules as stated. 2-3 minutes left? no time limit for a player to finalize their choices in any current phase? stall the clock. win the game.
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