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  1. The FFG Event Center ran a core set tournament a couple of weeks ago where a Victory using Hyperspace Assault came up. Ruling was that the game only ends if all enemy ships are destroyed, and so the Vic could be set aside to arrive later without forfeiting. However, any squadrons that could not be set aside (because of the limit of 3) and could not be deployed (because there were no ships to deploy from) were destroyed, so the Imperial player started out down 16 points. At least one of the game designers was present for that, although I don't remember who it was now.
  2. Dice may be re-rolled multiple times. I'm not sure if this card is meant to allow you to do that (most effects can only be used once per relevant trigger), but it's wording is open enough it's worth asking for a FAQ. If so, it changes 4/8 to 4/6! If not, it's still only 5 points, and you can catch multiple squadrons in a single firing arc. Edit: Somebody else had this question a couple of days ago, looks like it does not re-roll multiple times. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/176133-point-defense-reroute/
  3. The Victory's got RRB, while the AAF has RRRB, and can take Enhanced Armament just like the Vic to stay ahead. And if you can pull off an "Ackbar Slash" and drive into the midst of the enemy formation then you can put both broadsides to work.
  4. Rhymer will force an interesting squadron dance in the opening rounds. Keep him outside medium range by extending your fighter screen, but risk giving your opponent the first strike in the dogfights? Or eat the first volley to get the drop on them?
  5. And unless it's extremely acidic, or partially explosive, you're not going to get gas through environmentally sealed armor; that being the primary purpose of said armor. If they're running on their own air supply, there's no filter to get through even if you could, and the vaccum-proof variants will hold out gas just as well as they hold it in. Just because your weapon isn't unstoppable doesn't mean it's useless, though. Even when countermeasures exist, they won't always be readily available or actively in-use. And if the enemy's already suited-up and sealed-in, you're probably past the point where subtlety is going to make a difference anyway.
  6. I feel like the scale for each game is so drastically different that the sub-games would be insignificant. A whole skirmish team for Imperial Assault could be carried by a single large ship in X-Wing (heck, you could probably even fight a skirmish game inside some of them), and a whole X-Wing list is maybe equivalent to a single squadron in Armada.
  7. Just wanted to let you know I'm adding this to my sig
  8. No, secondary weapons use the primary firing arc only (unless otherwise specified, of course). Also, it's important to note that the YT-1300, YT-2400, and VT-49 do not have 360 degree firing arcs; they have the standard primary firing arc and the ability to perform primary weapon attacks outside of it. This matters for some pilot and card abilities, especially "Backstabber", Outmaneuver, and Tactician.
  9. As a heads up, the Nav Team is a Support Team (the technician silhouette); the Vic can only equip Weapons Teams (the gunner silhouette).
  10. The Bismarck chase would be much more interesting than the sinking, I think. Fleet Ambush with the Bismarck and Prinz Eugen as Imperial-class; the former loaded down with upgrades and the latter pretty bare (I know the Prinz is smaller, but a Vic can't keep up with an Imp). The Hood and Prince of Wales would be AAFs deployed in the ambush zone, with the Prince carrying more upgrades to show the difference. Then throw in a handful of Nebulon-B Escorts for the pursuing cruisers and destroyers (deployed normally) and Y-Wing squadrons for the Ark Royal's birds, and it should be around 400 points apiece. Now I really want to do this...
  11. Biggs is definitely the best pilot to simulate it with, but even if you just take two X-Wings with two A-Wings behind them the A-Wings can target lock (from Range 3) while the X-Wings, being closer and more powerful, take the brunt of the opening fire. Then the X's block the enemy in while the A's come forward and focus on the next round to deliver their payload. Two Rookie Pilots and two Prototype Pilots with Proton Rockets leaves 18 points to play with. Additions that could help: - Garven Dreis, to hand out a Focus, - Green Squadron Pilots with Push the Limit, - Intimidation, either on Greens, Arvel Crynyd or a Red with R2-D6, - Cluster Missiles, especially on Greens with Push and Intimidation. The biggest danger is actually an enemy with lower PS blocking you and preventing your A-Wings from focusing, so I'd keep the X-Wings as low as possible (Rookies) while the A-Wings are Greens with Push the Limit and Proton Rockets. The last 8 points would either be R2-D2 and R5-P9 for the X's or various upgrades or unique pilots for the A's. Edit: In Armada, you'd definitely want the A-Wings engaged while the X-Wings attack ships; the game is too large-scale to track something as minor as distracting point-defense gunners for a second or two. However, in large dogfights it will be important to engage the enemy as efficiently as possible with your squadrons. If you keep your fighters spread out so that it is difficult for your opponent to engage multiple squadrons, they will have to choose between hitting the X-Wings (who have powerful battery attacks with Bomber, but are also tough and have good Anti-Squadron dice) or the A-Wings (who have the speed to leap over enemy squadrons and engage the trailing Bombers, but who also have Counter). So X-Wings in the lead with A-Wings trailing could be effective against large enemy fighter complements by keeping the A-Wings unengaged as long as possible to preserve their speed advantage. The separation is crucial, though; if the enemy can engage both X- and A-Wings with a single squadron, they won't trigger the A-Wing's "Counter" because of the X-Wing's "Escort", but will still tie down (no pun intended) your faster squadrons which could have otherwise engaged their "Bomber" squadrons.
  12. Stick the Victory on it's base and sight along each of the firing arc lines. They match up pretty closely with the hull angles that would cut off the line of fire from the main turrets. That extra-wide bow firing arc rolls about the same attack as both side arcs combined, as the weapons along each flank concentrate their fire. Similarly, the sighting points are lined up to keep incoming shots restricted to the parts of the ship you can actually see at that angle. They did a pretty good job with it, I'd say.
  13. Deadeye and Advanced Proton Torpedo on the other hand... Remember that none of this even costs an action, so she can still Boost, Barrel Roll, or S-Loop to her (artificial) heart's content.
  14. Well, by a PS 8 (Serissu), and a bunch of her PS 2's (who became 5's shortly thereafter).
  15. You mean your Quay? http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Quay_novelty_toy
  16. Extra Munitions is a torpedo upgrade, so you need the Slave I title to equip it. You can do two missiles and two bombs, but not six bombs. Edit: sorry about busting your bubble there...
  17. I'm glad you're excited! I am too! Maybe this will make you even more excited: Extra Munitions is a Torpedo upgrade card, not a Modification. You can take it and Munitions Failsafe already, and you still have [Torpedo] [Missile] [Missile] [bomb] to play with!
  18. Well...I'm wrong. Wasn't it just "bomber love"? And anyway, we don't know what that "TIE only" modification does yet, depending on the details it could certainly help TIE Bombers out a lot, in addition to their access to all the new ordnance. The new upgrades aren't TIE-specific, but that mod is, and the TIE Bomber is also the best existing platform for Extra Munitions; I'd say it's gotten more love than any other existing ship from this wave already.
  19. Might be getting more info in other upcoming material, and in Galaxies he was presented as the boogeyman of fighter pilots. Ooh, it might not even be one person. More of a title or something, and each pilot who kills him takes up the mantle themself. That way "Talonbane Cobra" is always the best Black Sun pilot out there.
  20. Talonbane Cobra, Stealth Device, Glitterstim. 3/5/4/1 with a focus on the approach means he's a much less attractive target, so hopefully he can keep that Stealth Device and be 5/3/4/1 the following round, where you target lock and pop Glitterstim.
  21. The tournament rules state that a match can end when "All of one player's ships are destroyed. The player with at least one ship remaining immediately earns a Match Win." Since the Nashtah Pup is a ship in every respect I can think of (ship card, base, miniature, dial, hull value) it looks like a lone Pup can still carry the game, and with a full win at that! Unless something specifically on the pilot card or an upcoming FAQ contradicts this, of course.
  22. Secondary weapons (i.e. any upgrade card with the "Attack:" header) are unaffected by all range combat bonuses, so no. Turret primary weapons (YT-1300, YT-2400, VT-49, K-Wing) are affected by range combat bonuses as normal whether attacking a target inside or outside of their firing arc.
  23. No Elite Pilot Talent. Turret Torpedo Torpedo Missile Crew Bomb Bomb. Unless an unspoiled upgrade card gives it one, which I highly doubt.
  24. At step #5 there, I'm not sure if you can gain a target lock. You can't normally acquire a target lock on a ship you already have a target lock on; since you still have Lock #4 on the defender I don't think you can trigger FCS to trigger his ability to get Lock #5. Definitely a question worthy of the FAQ though, and either way he still ends the turn with a target lock on the defender, so he can start the cycle next turn.
  25. Also the VT-49 Decimator, if you want to double your bomb. Exactly. FFG never said this was going to make munitions amazing on all pilots of all ships, they just said it was going to be good for bombers.
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