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  1. Terrain, terrain, terrain. Make them fight the environment too! Sinkholes or geysers or melting ice cliffs or trees that let enemies get above them, mud and dirt and sand and dust get in everything geological features that interfere with weapons or sensors: reflecting lasers or scrambling auspicies. alien flora and fauna: imagine being charged by a bull the size of a tank, or swarms of venomous insects drawn to promethium
  2. That's why I am not sure. He reads it as "as many times as you want...that's why I need a rules clarification No ability can activate more than once per possible trigger. "When attacking with your primary weapon..." is the trigger, so "...you may spend 1 energy to roll 1 additional attack die" happens once.
  3. Chris, I came up with pretty much the same idea while sitting anxiously at my computer and waiting for the clock to tick over to midnight tonight. A lottery just makes so much more sense, especially given the problems that rush of registration caused tonight. At least one event sold out and then opened up almost two dozen more tickets a handful of minutes later, and a number of people were kicked out midway through (or even after) completing their orders.
  4. Exactly the same thing happened to me. I literally missed my shot at Armada worlds because I was typing my hyphenated last name. And then I went to register for X-Wing, but when I filled in all my billing information and hit submit it said those were sold out. But once I signed up for Imperial Assault there were 20 X-Wing slots open again.
  5. The [Hit] and [Crit] results would be canceled by Twin Laser Turret before he suffered them, which is when his ability triggers, so no. Twin Laser Turrets are a pretty persistent threat, but the lack of a Range 1 attack is a big vulnerability against anything with repositioning actions though. Xizor gets close enough and they won't attack at all. Autothrusters helps too.
  6. I would be interested in an increased standard point limit, and agree with those that say it would encourage list diversity. Right now you can just about maximize your defensive potential at 100 points, typically with one tough large ship loaded to the gills and either a second tough large ship or a top-end small ship. It is very hard to concentrate enough firepower against either of these to defeat them. Increasing the point limit will give those squadrons more ships too, but they won't make the existing ships any tougher. The offensive potential of squadrons will increase, but the defensive won't (at least, not as much) driving the metagame away from uber-defensive ships and giving more opportunities to other archetypes. Such ships won't disappear entirely because they still have strong late-game potential, but they will be only a part of a squadron rather than the entirety of it.
  7. Generic alphabet soup for the Alliance (1+ of each, in approximately equal numbers), Imperials I don't play much, but when I do I go heavy on the Fighters and Bombers, only a single Interceptor and Advanced each. Rhymer and maybe Mithel for characters.
  8. Rule by Fear isn't unique. Can you take multiple copies of the same skirmish upgrade?
  9. No EPT slot visible on any of the VCX-100 pilots, so no Expose, and from the title card it sounds like the primary attack is forward arc only unless the Phantom is docked. It's still a lot of dice, I agree, but bringing them to bear will be a lot harder than on the TIE Phantom.
  10. I'm waiting for a couple other campaigns to end so that I can start a medieval fantasy RPG in Tortall (from the Tamora Pierce books). The Gift (that setting's magic) is fairly intuitive and versatile, similar to the Force, so I'm trying to change as little as possible.
  11. I don't know of anyone who's actually gotten four core sets; if you're set on fielding every possible skirmish list you can find the last few units on ebay. If you already have them though, the extra models make good conversion opportunities (Sandtroopers, different officer characters, customized heroes). Or find a friend who doesn't want to go whole hog and trade him enough to get started.
  12. They are the same color as the rest of your TIEs, the actual color is a secondary concern. Personally, I think blue gives them a little more visual "pop", especially since everything else is base white or gray.
  13. Oh, come on! I just finished painting my Nebulon-Bs this morning! I was gonna put them up!
  14. No, if it gets past the step of spending tokens then it can not be Evaded. So it will go: Roll Dice; Modify Dice Add Dice (Dial or ability) Defense Tokens (Evades spent here, you have to remove ALL black crits either via reroll or via removing the dice) Declare what Critical effect you are using Deal Damage. This. Evade could remove the [Crit] result during the spend defense tokens step, but once the attacker triggers a critical effect there isn't anything that can be done. It's important that the damage from ACM is separate, and doesn't contribute to the damage pool, so Brace won't affect it either. Also, with Redirect, the hull zone you are going to redirect to is chosen when the token is spent, but the amount to be redirected only when you are actually suffering the damage. This means that ACM can blow off the last shield on the chosen zone and prevent you from redirecting any damage even though you spent the token.
  15. Mak Eshka'rey seems to be a custom-built Officer counter, and it's important to remember that Stun prevents voluntary movement or attacks outside of your activation too, so it shuts down Orders to that model entirely.
  16. Hey! If you're talking about the tournament at FFG a couple weeks ago, that was me! Again, great game! As for the original topic, I can't think of any reason they'd be limited to one of, especially since with fleet sizes going up. Maneuvering multiple large ships without colliding or obstructing your own attacks will take some work though.
  17. I always pictured it as the officers skittering around him in terror but still managing to get a useful word in edgewise; "The rebels are over here, my lord." "Right this way, Lord Vader."
  18. 1: It depends on where you thought the story should go. Saying "only a wise an ancient Jedi Master would know that" could have sent them haring off after a holocron, but it sounds like the issue was minor enough that it didn't really deserve a sidequest. A roll for an obscure but not plot-centric piece of information is fine. On the other hand, figuring out how to meditate in the Force so as to enter Otherspace would probably be worth an adventure or two all on its own, if that's the direction the group's heading (I'm not sure how important Otherspace is to your core plot). 2: You should never think of Threat as a risk. Threat (especially 8!) is an opportunity to add to the story! 3: Lots of 'em. 8 Strain is probably almost as much as a Despair, to be honest. - 8 Strain (perhaps 4 to the Jedi, 1-2 to everyone else) as they contemplate things not meant to be contemplated, and fail to wrap their puny 3-dimensional brains around the idea. - 4 Conflict representing either haunting memories from the Jedi's just revealed (i.e. retroactively added to her backstory ) previous Force interaction with Otherspace, or the potential of "unlimited power" that Otherspace Force presents. - She knows this because of some previous encounter (retroactively added) with a foe who she had never told the party about (retroactively) who was from and/or drew on Otherspace. This foe is still out there and/or stronger than anyone thought.
  19. I'll second the x5 modifier, although I apply it across the board. Most starships have enough armor that it'd take a perfect roll from small arms attacks to hurt them even then. Never ran into any problems with it, but I also run combat-light campaigns.
  20. It doesn't even matter whether or not SLAM is a "full maneuver", bomb drops trigger when you reveal your maneuver dial, and SLAM never says to do so.
  21. Being able to shoot and/or move in either order (or even to just shoot after moving) reduces the importance of prior planning and careful maneuvering, and makes it much easier to concentrate fire. The balance between attacker and defender at any given moment shifts towards the attacker, because it would require little effort in maneuvering to maximize your attack and make defensive maneuvering all but meaningless. Look at Demolisher (especially with Engine Techs). It may, every round, more-or-less choose the exact geometry of one of it's attacks. With a Navigate command it can choose pretty much any hull zone within distance 4 or so in front of it, and attack that hull zone with any of its own, and it only has to decide immediately before it performs that attack. Although you can threaten it's final position with your own ships and squadrons, and exact retribution once it has attacked, you cannot actually stop it from doing so. This is why it's so popular; it offers more control over your own attacks than anything else in the game, as well as more-or-less ignoring any effort the opponent has put into their defensive maneuvers. Instead of trying to figure out where to move to both minimize the effect of the enemy's attacks and maximize your own in the following round after they have moved; you only have to hold the maneuvering tool over the table and pick what hull zone you want to attack. Now imagine that ability on every ship. Every activation, every ship can choose what hull zone it would like to attack with it's own hull zones, and more-or-less at the desired range. If you were to allow ships to perform both attacks after moving, every single engagement would be a double-arc barrage on the enemy's most vulnerable hull zone, pretty much regardless of the skill of either player. That's gonna kill most ships in two or three activations at most, and makes all the cool defense token and command dial mechanics (as well as critical hits) pretty much worthless; since you get to throw all of your possible dice pretty much every turn, the only serious factor is how many dice you have. The game would be all about alpha strikes, and over pretty rapidly, with minimal planning. Also, squadrons would be pretty much worthless, since right now the biggest thing they offer is the pinpoint anti-ship attacks that other ships cannot perform.
  22. I've found that, despite preferring fleets that treat squadrons as an integral feature and not a disposable asset, the classic Imperial "use them and lose them" doctrine works just fine if you can force a decisive warship engagement while the squadrons are engaged.
  23. Only 10 points over a Victory II for all that!?! The increase in the fore battery armament alone is pretty much equivalent to Expanded Launchers; never mind the additional shields, new defense token, tougher hull, and second anti-squadron die.
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