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  1. A good starting point is to take the rules for a unit from one faction and use different models, using say Outland Scouts as orc tribal warriors, and Spined Threshers as the dinosaur-esque orc cavalry mounts.
  2. It was updated to be consistent with the digital assets that were made for the sequels + Solo.
  3. Building up with foam cut with either a sharp knife or a hot wire cutter (the latter outside or underneath a ventilation fan!) is a light and fairly cost-effective method of making the bulk of the hill. You can see in the photo how the board is edged with wood to protect the foam (something light like craft balsa wood is enough). Then use filler (spackle) to smooth out the cut edge and give it a more natural shape. You can just embed your structure in the hill, or have some of the hill cut separate to lift off so that you can reach inside (as Snuffy said, this'll be much more complex). For the shape of the hill, a slope at a 1:3 ratio (1 unit of height for every 3 units of width) is appropriate for most miniatures to stand on for playability. If you're only doing a table-edge slope that isn't very space-consuming (6–9" for a hill large enough to build a door into), but a hill in the center of the table needs a much larger footprint. Rock faces take up less horizontal space, but using them too much will make all of your hills into plateaus. It's best to use both techniques in combination.
  4. Correct. 1 Station, 2 Debris Fields, 3 Asteroid Fields.
  5. She may have been the daughter of Lion samurai or ji-samurai stationed there. Which would be telling in its own right; the Lion didn't just come to seize the village, they moved their families right in to stay.
  6. Excellent point. Confused react because now I'm rethinking my initial read of this story...
  7. How would you measure that? And in a game that rewards precision positioning so much, how would people react to it?
  8. Well, if you're only going to even consider ~10% of the total card pool... <shrug>
  9. I think you've mistaken me for the OP. 😉 I did misunderstand that column, but I was challenging their claim; those stats don't seem to support OP's claims about the severity of the situation.
  10. Ah, thank you, good to know! In that case it is: If you sort that list by Average Swiss Rank (and ignore entries with less than 10 lists), in the top 40 there are:• 4 Force-users: Seventh Sister, Inquisitor, Plo Koon, Anakin Skywalker [N-1 Naboo].• 5 Initiative 5+ Pilots: Plo Koon, "Blackout", "Null", Ello Asty, Corran Horn.
  11. A list of the game's most played ships starting with the setting's most iconic (and most skilled) pilots is hardly a condemnation. If you sort that list by Average Swiss Rank (and ignore entries with less than 10 lists), in the top 40 there are: • 2 Force-users: Ahsoka Tano and Saesee Tiin. • 11 Initiative 5+ Pilots: Tomax Bren, Han Solo [Scum YT-1300], Kavil, Ketsu Onyo, Han Solo [Resistance YT-1300], Hera Syndulla, Dengar, "Midnight", Old Teroch, Talonbane Cobra, Thane Kyrell. Edit: Brunas pointed out that I toggled the table in reverse for this entry, it should be:• 4 Force-users: Seventh Sister, Inquisitor, Plo Koon, Anakin Skywalker [N-1 Naboo].• 5 Initiative 5+ Pilots: Plo Koon, "Blackout", "Null", Ello Asty, Corran Horn. If you sort by Cut Rate (still ignoring entries with less than 10 lists), in the top 40 there are: • 4 Force-users: Plo Koon, Kylo Ren, Inquisitor, and Obi-Wan Kenobi. • 7 Initiative 5+ Pilots: Plo Koon, "Whisper", Kylo Ren, Lando Calrissian [Rebel YT-1300], "Quickdraw", Ric Olié, Obi-Wan Kenobi (with Soontir Fel just barely outside at 41). If you sort by Wins (still ignoring entries with less than 10 lists), in the top 40 there are: • 4 Force-users: Seventh Sister, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Plo Koon, Luminara Unduli. • 4 Initiative 5+ Pilots: Whisper, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ric Olié, Plo Koon. If you sort by Cut Wins (still ignoring entries with less than 10 lists), in the top 40 there are: • 4 Force-users: Jedi Knight, Ahsoka Tano, Saesee Tiin, Grand Inquisitor (with Obi-Wan Kenobi just barely outside at 41). • 5 Initiative 5+ Pilots: "Scourge" Skutu, Han Solo [Resistance YT-1300], Saesee Tiin, Grand Inquisitor, "Whisper" (with Obi-Wan Kenobi just barely outside at 41). So by what metric are these options overperforming competitively?
  12. Time limits in tournament games are there to keep the tournament progressing on schedule, pure and simple. There's no exclusive "right way" to play X-wing, your experience and those of competitive players are equally valid, they just exist in different contexts. There couldn't be ~500 person tournaments that play 6-8 rounds a day without some sort of restriction on the length of individual games, and both that environment and those restrictions do change some of the incentives of play in individual games. Two of the largest differences in tournament play are that the stakes of the game are somewhat higher, and that a major X-Wiing tournament is a serious test of endurance; playing X-Wing for 8-12 hours is mentally and physically taxing. The combination of these two factors makes risk mitigation more important than it would be otherwise; this is the root of a lot of playstyle differences from casual games, as improvising mid-game is a bigger risk than executing a plan you've practiced and are familiar with, and many players will focus on taking efficiency pieces that can reliably perform rather than splashy hit-or-miss effects. Plenty of other people play X-Wing the same way you do at their FLGS, including many of the folks who also play more competitively at tournaments. Forum discussion tends towards standard tournament play, though, because organized play is one of the things that drives the online community. Whatever the main competitive format is of any game tends to become the benchmark by which that game is discussed, as it is a shared experience and frame of reference that people can relate to. A standard play experience also helps make the game more accessible in some ways; for example, players can play a game at any points limit, but when your FLGS hosts X-Wing night you know you can just show up with 200 points and find a game. Even when players aren't participating in tournaments, many are practicing or planning for them because they want to improve or just enjoy the competitive aspect. It's easy to look at some discussions from the outside and be disturbed with them. It helps to remember that what you see online tends to be the most passionate and opinionated voices carrying a discussion to a theoretical extreme. Many, if not most, tournament games are not too far removed from casual ones. Players are a little more careful with their flying, but still engage each other within a couple of rounds. About half of games do go to time, but that doesn't mean they were tied; tournament scoring is a disincentive for concessions. Final salvo only matters in the event of an exact tie; I've never seen it happen myself. In short, while there certainly are differences between competitive and casual gameplay, online discussion tends to exaggerate them and highlights the worst aspects. As far as listbuilding goes, again, people can and do talk themselves into a frenzy about Jedi, regeneration astromechs, swarms, bids, etc. in search of every last percentage point of perceived efficiency. If you look at lists from Worlds, for example, these sorts of lists are common sights, but no single archetype dominates, and the squadrons still consist of iconic ships and pilots that don't look out-of-place on the table. The incentives may be slightly different in a competitive environment, but even if the game is going to end at time, you still need to deal more damage than you take, so it's not like the cards and effects favored in tournament play won't still be good at the FLGS or on the kitchen table. In fact, I'd say that in terms of whether specific game components are strong or not, larger points values like Epic games change that dynamic more than competitive play does.
  13. Those were decommissioned bombers Paige & Rose's family used for mining. Presumably the First Order just commandeered them.
  14. What about the decision to be made about what action to take? It's not like Targeting Computer gives the ship better action economy, it's just another option for the decision that already has to be made between different types of dice modification and repositioning, and unless you've got access to other dice mods, the choice to lock instead of focus is a meaningful decision to trade efficiency now for effectiveness later.
  15. Fixed that for you! Did you enjoy playing that fleet? For a full-day (and potentially multi-day) event I highly recommend bringing something you enjoy playing.
  16. ...Umm, what are you going on about? FFG's on the map, the pointer just gets covered by the blue pointer for Asmodee North America because they're in the same place. If you click on the "Studios" tab you'll see it.
  17. For WWII, I highly recommend Crossfire, by Arty Conliffe. It's a company-level game with 1 stand representing 1 squad; whoever has initiative acts with one unit at a time until they are suppressed by reaction fire, then initiative switches. It really encourages using terrain effectively and maintaining a reserve.
  18. As a non-binary person, thanks! There's several non-male people who play in our local group, but I think only one went to Regionals last year. As you mentioned in another post, gatekeeping and other toxic behaviors (or even the expectation of such) can make public events uncomfortable even if most folks are welcoming.
  19. Considering dozens of human beings and hundreds (if not thousands) of human-made objects have orbited the earth capturing images of it in various ways from every possible angle, that such images are freely available online for anyone with even a passing interest, and that even ancient societies could achieve remarkably accurate understandings of astronomy through observation, patience, and careful record-keeping... I don't think a slow-motion youtube video will change their minds. ?
  20. Would definitely be worth reading!
  21. Sounds like there's a good story there! Mind sharing?
  22. I would highly recommend making it clear to your opponents that you are a new player, and make it clear that you're interested in learning the game and having some fun first and foremost. Large-base turret ships are not something that I would recommend in an introductory game for any number of reasons. That's not to say you can't learn to handle them (you can), or that they're bad play experiences (they don't have to be); but they take the game in a direction different enough from a small-ship dogfight that it's probably better to leave them out initially unless you're interested in diving directly into mid- to high-level competitive play.
  23. I vaguely remember a line about how allowing something to happen through inaction is worth half of what it would be if you did it yourself. Mid-move right now, so the book's packed away somewhere. So 4-5 if they actually have a reasonable chance to intervene. Kinda depends on how actively evil you're portraying them as well (at least from the PC's perspective). If they're actively participating in pogroms against non-humans, or have posed a direct threat to the PCs in the past, it might be lesser. I try not to fix absolute good or bad labels on actions, "Conflict" is just that; could the characters be conflicted about it? For this, I'd definitely say yes they'd get at least a little, but context matters.
  24. Lot more to break on flesh and blood human than a skeleton. Also, I vaguely remember reading somewhere that the reanimates aren't just "puppeted" skeletons like most settings have, but are actually the spirits of the original soldiers raised into new frames again and again, like 40k Thousand Sons. If that's the case, they've got centuries of combat experience and are more magical constructs than physical creatures.
  25. I never had players using both Ascension and Deathwatch simultaneously, but have had Deathwatch NPCs alongside Ascension PCs and a long Black Crusade campaign with both Humans and Astartes. The XP equivalencies they give are surprisingly accurate, and a small difference in XP or effectiveness is not particularly noticeable. The important thing is that the challenges facing the PCs should not always be easily overcome by close-range or melee combat, which is where the Unnatural Characteristics of Astartes characters are most obvious. Just like with any campaign, as long as each player has their own opportunity to shine and the challenges presented are at least within reach of the others; there shouldn't be too much of an issue. Player A should be no problem. Sororitas can stay within shouting distance of Astartes combat-wise while offering a lot of secondary abilities the Astartes don't have access too (although I wouldn't recommend a Chaplain, since that would probably step on her toes). Inquisitors can be pretty nasty too, but will be much more about their capacity for intrigue and power they command. Player B might be an issue because of his interest in Dodge, specifically. I had a player take an Assassin all the way through Dark Heresy as an Assassin and then into Ascension as a Vindicare. Between Agility, ranks in Dodge, Unnatural Agility, and other abilities he could make 8-10 95-or-bust for Dodge rolls each round, which is pretty frustrating from a gameplay perspective in designing a combat encounter that could possibly threaten him. Anything that could be Dodged, he would; anything that couldn't, he complained about. Just so you're aware, there are a couple of talents and combat actions that reduce the opponent's ability to Dodge, particularly in melee; and generally attacks that the PC is unaware of they shouldn't get a Dodge against (I forget whether or not the Vindicare ability overrides that). I can't speak to Cohesion or Solo/Squad modes, but Ascension-level Dark Heresy characters will be extraordinarily lethal in their preferred means of combat, and will probably outstrip the Astartes in that specific field. So if Player B is a Vindicare, another player who is a Space Marine Scout who wants to sneak and snipe as well will feel overshadowed. If he wants to sneak and wrestle enemies down without letting them sound the alarm, he's probably good. Against Hordes the Vindicare won't do much, but will probably be hunting higher priority targets anyway. A Sororitas will probably do just fine, and I expect an Inquisitor would as well, although both are somewhat in danger of being swamped in melee without the Unnatural Strength and Toughness of Space Marines. For Fear, a Sister or Inquisitor should have plenty of options to mitigate it, and will probably have multiple Willpower upgrades anyway. A Vindicare is more at risk, but that's probably a good thing, since it'll counter his great single-target offense. Remember that failing a Fear check does not automatically put you out of the fight, many results will just degrade your performance. I've you've got any other questions, feel free to ask.
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