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  1. How did you do in the tourney. Did you get to round 6 in any of your games with so many activations??
  2. Sorry but in pic #25 the ATST would NOT get cover. It would have to be behind the terrain to even be considered not on top.
  3. https://www.facebook.com/groups/327648404308200/?ref=group_header
  4. We have a tourney in Buffalo, Oct 6th @ Dave and Adams in Williamsville. Go to WNY Star Wars Legion on Facebook
  5. How are commandos doing in games?Are you running 2 or more? Tough for me to get over having 1 less guy compared to 5 reg troops and z 76
  6. So if a trooper is well away from a barricade does he still get cover form ATST Airspeeder or troopers shooting from above. Those units can see the bases of the troopers on the ground>
  7. Right cause command hands are going to be so critical
  8. Not sure how good these guys are going to be without sharpshooter 2. If you think about it, when shooting at long range they will never kill anything. Most of the time if you are shooting at long range the enemy will have hard cover.
  9. Still not clear on FFG new ruling on repulse and damage it takes during compiles move. I thought if it has to stop short during compiles it does not take damage if the terrain is lower than 1, like a barrier or short wall?
  10. The problem with the board above and some of the others is that your are ignoring the range 1 in-between each terrain piece rule.
  11. Since red player is a big advantage with picking battle cards should boards be set up to give a side a small advantage so blue player has a small edge. If not I feel its going to make most peeps build to be red.This is assuming most tourneys will have preset boards which I feel they should. The game is already longer than 2 hrs to play and setting terrain up would just add to the length.
  12. My unit is panicked round 2 and runs. He is still within range 1 of an objective in the Transmission scenario. Does he count for points?
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