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  1. As I said up-thread, the last time FFG actually did make a public statement about some action they had it was regarding a product which was outright defective. It's an unreasonable position for you to hold because companies typically do not publicly comment about trivial legal actions.



    As far as you quitting, well, you've been a site member for six days and the sum total of your contributions have been to ***** about how horrible it all is. Bye.


    Well with only jerks like you left in the community I'm glad to go.  Later.

  2. well, always better to curse the darkness than light a candle, isn't it?


    Kinda ironic you saying that when FFG been keeping the rest of the community in the dark by not saying anything at all.  I've already put all my FFG products for half price on craigslist.  It's been long enough without a word that I don't think the company even cares about it's customers.

  3. That's certainly your opinion to have.  I have a broader view where a community is a gathering of people where there is shared activity or exchange of ideas.  I don't feel a lack of a proper forum or strategy articles makes it any less of community than the other places you mentioned.


    If the API was the problem why not just work with the Netrunnerdb to change to lower quality scans or just disable it someway?  Just ramming in a C&D letter seems like a really lazy hamfisted approach by Fantasy Flight.

  4. Such a stupid reason to quit a game. If you really liked the games the companies acts to protect it's property would not make you quit. If you like the game then play it.


    I disagree.  You're taking a very narrow view of the situation.  A huge reason people play these LCGs is for the community that springs up around them.  In case you didn't know, Netrunner requires an opponents to play.  Everyone who so loves this game wants to encourage more people to get into the game so they'll have more folks to play with now and in the future.  If Fantasy Flight is taking actions that are actively breaking these communities apart, it sets a very clear message that the company is more interested in protecting their IP than ensuring that the people who buy their games have the resources to enjoy them fully.  I don't see how choosing not to support a company that doesn't have it's customer's best interests at heart is considered a "stupid reason."

  5. It's really sad that Fantasy Flight decided to shoot itself in the foot like this.  Netrunnerdb.com is simply trying to grow the netrunner community and ultimately Fantasy Flight's bottom line by offering alternative deckbuilding and sharing options.  The fact that Fantasy Flight decided to sic it's lawyers blindly makes me think a great deal less of them.  I'm personally boycotting all Fantasy Flight products and encouraging everyone else I know in my community to do the same.

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