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  1. I believe Howard Taylor, the creator of Schlock Mercenary paid with his kids. Unless it's Dan Wells. I occasionally confuse the two due to their work on Writing Excuses.
  2. Aminar

    How to fix HWK 290

    I'd love a Hawk fix. It's already one of my favorite ships to fly. Twin Parts are really all you need. Just fly out on the edges of the battle. Blast away. It's one of the most relaxing ships to fly. It just meanders around the edge sniping and buffing.
  3. Helps with that peripheral vision issue. Maybe this ship is the interceptor prototype. Given the relativistic speeds involved in space combat your eyes are the last thing you should rely on. That's why ships have sensors. This has nothing to do with Star Wars. The speeds they're combat functions at are far too low, and there has never been so much as a nod to time dilation in Star Wars. The have been references to Ties limiting visibility however. Work in their universe not ours.
  4. I love Firesprays. They require a certain level of build efficiency though as they don't take non-defensive upgrades well. But used as an attack sponge, they're great. Rush in. Get close. Tank 7-9 damage, hop over the enemy and let the other 60ish points to go town on what's left as they have to pick me targets of take 60 points up the backside.
  5. Assuming the star is still in the regular dimension and not stored in some variant of hyperspace.
  6. I find character death as motivation obnoxious. Han's story is now heartbreaking. He gets just... Nothing good happens for him. At all. And it left me feeling empty. That one of the greatest characters of all time basically gets no happiness ever. And then he dies to motivate other people. I get that he's old. I get that he could bog down later movies. But there's a whole lot of ways to fix that without leaving his whole life as a pit of suck. Otherwise it's great. But Hans death is more to fit narrative structure than anything else and I HATE that.
  7. Aminar

    mkII tie engine.

    I can't think of any specific instances in my head, but I'm sure there have been times where I would have preferred a green 3 bank over having to do a 2 green bank to bleed off stress. It's worth a point IMO. But is it worth 7 points? Well+ on Night Beast... It's not worth it on a swarm. But that doesn't mean never on a tie.
  8. I've never understood the Blue on Blue hate. It's just another strategy level. And frankly it fits enough of the stories to make sense. Rebel on rebel involves some pirates. Imp on Imp is warlords battling it out. Besides which... It's a strategy game. Not a storytelling game. So yes, I play both sides. And I enjoy Blue on Blue.
  9. HAHA this is probably the best explanation of what these things are. I always laugh at whatever silly cutaways and design layouts companies and people produce for these things because most likely the original artists were just trying to produce something cool looking on a low(and dwindling) fx budget. Not to say that they didn't have an idea of what the things could be, but they were more concerned about budget and telling a story through aesthetics. The audience filled in the rest. I always thought the NB was a cool design idea (makes me think scrappy chunks of stuff slapped together by some rebels in secret) but seemed silly and weak next to a ISD. I guess that was the point though... the contrast. But the interpretations are fun, regardless of whether the designers intended functionality.
  10. A good way to take those black dice out of the game is to simply fly away from them & open up the range. That being said I've been using a 3-gladiator list since wave 1 was released. I love the Gladiator. I do too. But it's one of those things where you recognize its weaknesses better after playing it and realizing everything it needs to work.It needs Engine techs. It wants To have the move shoot title, but only one can have it. It works best with Screed. It needs a missile upgrade to perform at its best.
  11. It's not broken. Just good and easily modifyable. It's fastish, adaptable, toughish, and murder at close range. But it requires some expensive upgrades to make work well. 24 or so points of them. But without preplanning and strong manuevering it can appear broken. But Black dice, while deadly, are a huge liability.
  12. I thought you were going the pun route here, and was gonna offer my condolences. Glad I don't have to. Although if I buy many more ships I may be back to announce that ships did break an engagement(unlikely... But not impossible.)
  13. I really like the stock Frigate, but since I'm going to have two I'm thinking of doing some modifications to the second one. The first one will be left mostly unmolested. Although I'm tempted to put a bunch of little bubble/nodule things all over it (like the ones on Mon Cal ships). The main thing keeping from doing it is finding/casting enough identical nodules to pull the look off. I'm sure if I took a stroll through a crafts store I could find some kind of oval gemstone-y things that would work. My biggest issue is actually that the nodules make storage obnoxious. I don't mind how they look, but there is no good way to put that thing down.
  14. I'm debating cutting them from the guppy. But the Nebulon design is great.
  15. What it boils down to is that your initiative bid is important.
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