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  1. Vortex grenade. Delivered directly to the mouth. Via a marines fist. Crude but effective.
  2. Fire. Destroys most things. If not then you are not using enough of it.
  3. No but there are amusing tales of ork stikk bombs going wrong... DH2 includes ork stikk grenades to be used as a makeshift club with rules that state of you really cock up the attack roll then well, what do you think happens when using a live grenade as a melee weapon?
  4. Illogical. A thunder hawk is environmentally sealed as is a power suit I order to function in space so this shouldn't make a difference to its speed in a measurable way without being warp heresy of some kind.
  5. Who said Necrons even needed a story? What's wrong with a few unstoppable killing machines? Besides it's not like the story they wrote for them was any good, they got downgraded from soulless evil unrelenting killing machines to pathetic empire building space tomb kings who are far to focused on petty squabbles, science, internal affairs. Goodbye lethal C'tan lore as deities/demons of evil, so long pariahs the bane of the psychic races, inertialess drives which originally would have made their ships some of the quickest got nerfed and retconned to use gates... It might as well be like giving them all feather dusters instead of melee sometimes, they just toned down the levels of mercilessness that makes them fun and gave them a personality which they did not need. The Nid's also are the killing force, why does there only have to be one force like that?
  6. Sorry, friend xenos filth. I like the more intricate and complex necron culture. It makes them more interesting than mindless killbots. Also it gives them a tragic feel. I mean, they lost their souls and became machines but are still driven by pettiness, anger, spite, hate, jealousy and lust for power. Talk about the worst of both worlds. Terminator like Necrons have a tragic past anyway, deceived and trapped in metal bodies...taking it out on organics.
  7. These are false Necrons. All of them. The only kind I will accept are the genocidal kill bots. Cold, calculating and ruthless. Not this dynasties and empires rubbish. I'm sticking with hang over sufferers who hate living things making noise.
  8. As per recent news, that almost certainly won't be happening...at least not one by FFG who have announced their partnership with GW is coming to a close. Shame...
  9. Wheres a "Dislike" option? Given that this will mean that FFG will no longer be providing GW products, will this ultimately mean this forum board and all other GW related items will cease to serve a purpose and be decommissioned though? Depends on the terms of the deal...
  10. Heresy of the highest degree! Ultra heretical! As a devout sisters of battle player, there is no problem that cannot be solved with the use of more fire. If it hasn't gone away then you are not using enough of it and should add more. Fire solves all problems, period. Restistance (fire)- Terminator armor-mechanical assimilation and full nurgle alligned See previous. Fire solves all problems, if not add more. Melta bombs, cyclone torpedos, supernova...all count as fire. We just need more of it.
  11. Heresy of the highest degree! Ultra heretical! As a devout sisters of battle player, there is no problem that cannot be solved with the use of more fire. If it hasn't gone away then you are not using enough of it and should add more. Fire solves all problems, period.
  12. I do see why it's there and it does mean you are limited to single shot with called shot or half action aim and single shot. It would defeat the purpose for called shot to be a full action since it would leave nothing for that round to do. If you were going to waste a full round doing nothing you would be better off full action aiming for next round bonus.
  13. Oh you are kidding, did they redo the space marine kit with servitors and turret in resin?! Eww...I mean resin is alright at times but lacks durability. Plastic was at least better for endurance. Well, metal was best overall which is good for me and a sisters army but...
  14. I call dibbs on the Khornate! Wait hang on this is Deathwatch, I'm supposed to act loyalist here...drat!
  15. No rumours of a second edition but the books have been missing from Amazon for quite some time. Possibly discontinued?
  16. That or something like this: https://www.games-workshop.com/en-GB/Space-Marine-Techmarine-with-Servitors https://www.games-workshop.com/en-GB/Space-Marine-Techmarine The former is plastic so probably could swap the shoulder pads. The latter is resin so may struggle.
  17. I mean I'd debate what can and cannot be dodge able since even an assassin will struggle to clear a lance blast at ground zero without slowing time but yes the new version still gets a silly number of reactions and the ability to use them. Plus I believe they have a fate point or two so its re-roll time. Also, ever tried giving an assassin the flip belt? Funny as hell watching someone spray a billion rounds a turn and miss them all. The long and the short of this though, seems like a few simple rule misinterpretations. If it's innocent and genuine mistake then should be no problem putting things back at your discretion but if intentional and they were taking the mickey then...well...bring out the legendary GM tool, the +100 unobtainium spiked power hammer of smiting. May the dice gods be in your favour and remember to tell us how this resolves or we will be sending a Lictor after you which hasn't had his morning coffee and grumpy as hell.
  18. When I'm expected by someone to turn up...ah crap. By the way, wasn't questioning your GM credentials. You say to me you can't see justification to drop a greater daemon on them. I would disagree. If, and this is depending how he is played, they are gloating or showing off about their power or boasting then the Chaos Gods may see this as an affront to things especially if they are slaying their followers or disrupting their plans. There would be no issue in terms of plot point with throwing them in to bring him down a peg or two. If not, Tzeentchian logic would mean you could do it anyway. His plans are indecipherable but it would work. You can then use this as logic to drop greater daemons and/or rival chaos lords into the mix with similar power levels. None can surely challenge them and if you give them a good mix of mutations even better. Consider for example a few custom mutated spawn of the chaos gods, a rival Slaaneshi warlord, multiple arms each with blade making many attacks a round...you can come up with something. It also doesn't have to cause a TPK either since the intent of such a lord may be to dominate the players group and open up a new plot angle for you or they may just have a grudge against them. As players infamy will rise it will cause attention to be drawn to them. In terms of Echoes of Malice, ta for pointing it out, I can see it now. I think you are both using it incorrectly. It shouldn't be a one move instakill at least not how I read it. Not for what is only a PR4 power and 400xp power. Exact wording from the power, final section: The critical word is penalty, it's basically applying a negative modifier to all skill checks but is not causing characteristic damage and therefore they do not fall victim to instant death due to 0 toughness. Now the highest negative modifier allowed is up to you, the book seems to cap out around -70 for some tests but it's your call whether you allow the full -100 or more but this means the base modifier for the test starts at -70 and can then be improved so the enemy can negate some of that with their accuracy, skills, talents etc. At no point does it ever cause the enemies Characteristic to drop and just means they are more likely to screw up next round. What you are thinking of is characteristic damage and there are few effects which cause this but they will specifically say in their effects characteristic damage. It may seem like the two terms can be used interchangeably but they really should not. One such example is the irradiated weapon quality from Tome of Decay which does 2D10 toughness damage and this will reduce the actual toughness value and if this causes it to hit zero then you are dead. You should be coming down hard on that although given how long it's been used for it is a little bit difficult to bring the rule into force. That will be left to you to decide whether you change and remove the "house ruling" you have gone for but it's something to note. With his phenomenon roll, where's he getting two sets of dice from? Unless I've misread your post and in which case I apologise. Too much blood in my actual blood stream and not enough tea. So two shots on the phenomenon table, 6-2 And now two shots on the perils table 6-3 He's pushing his powers. He's a daemonic psyker as you said which means he's adding +10 to the result at unfettered or up to +40 at push level to the phenomenon table so for the full amount this means he's got a 1/3 chance (ish) on both die even with favoured by the warp results to NOT hit the 75+ margin which will kick him onto the perils table. So far the odds are in the GM favour. Once on the Perils table many of these have a good chance of raising corruption or dealing with them but only things like Warp Lock have a chance of shutting them out of the problems but this causes corruption and locks out the next power. But yes you'll need to buff the assassins up. If they are planning a Black Crusade soon then you have every chance that someone will overhear, their plans will be uncovered and agents of the False Emperor will pick up on them and seek to stop this before it starts. Prep an Inquisitor perhaps...stupid levels of gear and power at their disposal and the ability to command any Imperial asset they need for a goal,
  19. No player is truly unstoppable. A GM can always find a way to counter everything because you have an entire universe (and even stuff outside it) to throw at a character whereas they do not. You make this world and you can therefore break it. This will be long, go into somewhat of a ramble so bear with me and please save questions till the end. One thing I note, I'm not sure where you have got the rule that says because he is possessed (tome of decay) that he is immune to the perils of the warp. As far as I am aware at most he would end up a Daemonic class of psyker which as per core rulebook mean he is immune to phenomenon but not a result which causes a peril of the warp. As far as I'm aware there are few creatures in the entire system immune to perils and those are untouchables, Khornites with their nulling tech and I think some of the named daemon princes have some resistance or immunity. If you can find me where this states he gets immunity to perils I will strike through this item. Otherwise, if that roll on the phenomenon table hits 75+ you get to use the fun table... Remember that Boon of Tzeentch will be doing damage to him after he uses the second power equal to the PR achieved plus a D5. Possibly not a lot but taking these where you can. Can't find the power you are referencing either (or abilities), echoes of malice. Have you got the book and page reference? I can't find a way to counter this if I can't find the ability but that seems like it would be incorrect or misused. So yes, if you can give me the page and book I can look. One of the creature traits may be able to counter it somehow. How to counter and kill/brutalise a power gamer: Chaos Stuff Power levels for this guy are on par with daemonic enemies so let's look at a few and how we can use them. All daemons inflict a -20 penalty to all enemy Willpower tests while in range. It's non negotiable and will whittle some of that high bonus away. Take a fateweaver and modify it slightly perhaps? Daemons are fearless themselves so they should have no issues here. If you also think his Psy Rating hurts, take a look at the rules for a Lord of Change. Base PR: 9. May use any Tzeentchian power without test and gets 1D5 DoS for doing it so go Boon of Tzeentch there so looking at PR14 off the bat. Now for the finale, the Lord of Change, once a day, may add a number of degrees of success equal to his intelligence bonus. This guy's bonus is also 9 so that's a max PR of 23. Good luck beating that. You can then use the same back on him with that Echoes of Malice (which again, still can't find). Bloodthirster, it's almost always going to hit, it's got warp weapon so will cleave through his terminator armour and with the sheer number of attacks it could dish out then it's still got a chance of going through. Give it the Obsidian Star from the Tome of Decay Daemon princes wargear list (p71) which means that all psykers nearby have to half their PR, force weapons don't work and it grants a really high save resistance. Nurgle assets are also effective. Consider using enemies with the corrosive weapon quality. As long as it hits it will erode armour each time. Eventually you can negate it entirely which leaves you on the toughness and natural resilience which should be easy to deal with using toxins or just brute force. Xenos Filth Tau Railguns...need I say more? 3D10+15 damage or +30 for the vehicle variant. Slug enough of those at someone from far enough away and he'll have to fail some saves eventually. Guided by pathfinders for closer up will aide in the hit chance. Everyone's luck has to run out sooner or later. Skyray missile barrage may also be amusing since the range of that is obscene. Good for when you want to have them vanish inside of blue goo Ork Shokk Attack Gun, a funny item from the old 4th ed codex and yet to be brought up, it had an amusing mechanic that when attacking you rolled a random effect. On a double six you would obliterate whatever was under the blast radius without an armour save as it would vanish in an orb of unreality. C'tan Shard, little bit underpowered for my liking from Deathwatch outer reaches but I guess it'll do. They have toned down the natural weapons from the old days of ignoring armour/fields but the abilities make up for it to a degree. Imperial Scum Your best chance of countering this could be to use the Ordo Malleus and indeed a Grey Knight. However...don't use one out of the book as I believe they are far too underpowered for what these guys should be. Instead consider making one using player character creation rules. Consider him neutral whatever upgrade he takes, flavour many of the existing rules mechanically to match a servant of the Emperor and not a heretic and give around about the same XP. Give him a well armed set of abilities as well, good PR, force weapons, hexagramic wards on his armour etc. You would probably be throwing a veteran tier against him. These chaps are able to outdo daemons so one heretic should be a cakewalk to this guy and his entourage. Otherwise considering using agents of the Ordo Hereticus. Dark Heresy Second Edition (p296) has a great statline and abilities list for a Sister of Battle Canoness support character. While lacking in a straight fight, her abilities list make her brutal. The best ones for example: DH2 Enemies Without (p40) also has rules for some of the agents of the Officio Assassinorum such as the Callidus Assassin. They have also been really nice in Fantasy Flight of keeping the Callidus phase sword true to traditional ideas. Effectively the phase sword cannot be blocked. At all. Ever. Damage caused by the weapon ignores ALL armour, force fields and similar defences and it cannot be dodged or parried at all, even by a weapon with a power field. Goodbye terminator armour and force field, now you just need to whittle away at the HP. Not easy but doable. No current stats for a vindicare as far as I know but using Ascension as a baseline, their special ammo can either ignore their force field and any psychic defences or daemonic toughness (throwing them back to armour and normal) as well as knocking them out for a round, doing silly levels of damage and tearing with a higher crit chance or more damage and higher pen as well as ignoring his TB. However with a high level of accuracy, penalties to dodging the rounds and a good unseen vantage point this guy can just pepper with shots. Finally for the assassins, yes it is a blank, just go with a Culexus Assassin. There are stats for some within Rogue Trader Navis Primer (p117). You may need to adjust it substantially to modernise it but these things are supposed to be a death sentence to anything psychic. First off, untouchable so goodbye to using anything psychic against it within around 10 meters. Next, the Animus Speculum is intended to deal massive damage only to psychic targets and do nothing against others and the version in RT has the Warp Weapon quality, so ignores armour. It'll need a boost of power though to stand up. Etherium which means you'll need a willpower test to attack him each round, psyk out grenades which inflict willpower damage in older versions... Additionally all agents of the Officio Assassinorum all usually count as fearless (or equivalents of) so no chance of being scared off. They have often silly high levels of agility and the rule of being able to avoid any attack irrespective of source (within reason mind you as per my other rant) and are masters of blade, bolt or blaster. Agents of the assassinorum have been dispatched to deal with primarchs and greater daemons. Don't forget the Imperial arsenal of null rods, witch bolts, psyk-out grenades or if you just want to be an absolute heartless bastard here are a small sample of items which you can use to perform a one shot kill: Deathwatch Core Rulebook p152 - Vortex Grenade/Vortex Missile Fail your dodge save and you go bye bye into the warp. No current rules - Tesseract Labyrinth No current rules in place but if you fail to avoid the effect you are forever trapped in a pocket dimension. Deathwatch Core Rulebook p151 - Stasis bomb Fail your save and you are stuck on the spot for a number of rounds unable to act. Good to let everyone set up. Last Option - Corrupting Your last way of dealing with him is to let him kill himself. He is a possessed character so if his corruption ever reaches 100 and he does not purge himself of that daemon then he is dead. The daemon manifests and is free in this realm for a while. The higher the corruption, the easier it gets. If you can therefore find ways to continue to boost his corruption such as by failings, loss of infamy, even nastier warp mojo, then you can use that to push someone closer to death faster. They cannot gain apotheosis while the daemon is within them and it will have to be purged at some point. This will be a long and drawn out process and cause permanent stat damage once complete.
  20. Actually I find your assumption even more insulting. Not once do you mention The Imperial Guard/Navy (since I'm not renaming them to Astra Militare, bugger that) are the most valuable fighting force in the entire Imperium and do more good for it than the Marines, Sisters and the Officio put together. They fight daily wars everywhere. They fight for as well as die for countless worlds, locations and items. Their numbers are immeasurable and while they lack the pomp and ceremony that everyone else gets, it is the daily struggle of the guard that keeps the Imperium functioning. This is why they are nicknamed as The Hammer of the Emperor. Space marines cannot be everywhere, they are stretched too thin for this and thus it is the bravery and resilience of ordinary humans which keeps the borders that little bit safer. Even if their only purpose is meat for the grinder, they die in service and with bravery. They may not have the training of a marine or the strength or the equipment but the thing of note is that there are millions of them for each marine and all it takes is one lucky shot guided by the hand of the Emperor. The Imperium can commit many of these into the slaughter without risk. These are your true protectors of the Imperium against the threats and all of the rest are the support for these forces.
  21. Ah an argument over Sisters. Excuse me while I get settled in. Can't say I'm a fan of repentia personally, I just don't seem to like them that much. I personally enjoy the old versions of Seraphim with their exclusive version of the Hit and Run rule to allow them easy withdrawal. Before the new codex their codex specific rule overrides the general rule. Drop them into a hoard, twin handflamers, assault, withdraw before being nuked.
  22. Exactly! THIS is the single thing that I love about Sisters the most. Plus, every once in a while, the Emperor's power manifests in them with tangible results. I wish I could give you more than 1 like . . . Living saint ftw of course...I do need to use the sisterhood more often. At the moment they are having a constant argument with a leftover force of Tau and five marines of the Emperors pointy sticks. Back on point though, a sister can stand up to similar situations as an Astartes since their impressive faith, tenacity and resilience as well as a bucketload of some really nice faith powers (especially if you home brew a few from their 3rd edition codex. They won't be your best front line fighter in every situation but when you need some specialist anti-heretic/warp/daemon stuff they will be in their element.
  23. I think I know what's scarier though, marine versus sister. Sisters of battle without question. These are people with the same lack of fear that a marine has, similar arms and armour and a fanatical devotion. When something with only human capability has the same fervour and combat drive as an armoured guy then that takes some serious fem-cojones.
  24. You're right. They have the authority, but they don't have the power to support that. SM can say NO, whacha gonna do? Stare angrily? Then the Inquisitor goes to his Lord Inquisitor, and he goes to Watch-Captain or even Chapter Captains/Masters and the shitstorm begins. Oh exactly they can refuse or be difficult and force it to go down official channels. This has been used in the past as a delay but in the end the Inquisition will get what it needs one way or another. See for example the Space Wolves...that didn't end well for either side.
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