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  1. Sad to say Fenn (HS) is no longer viable but Krassis Ion Cannon is 🤯 Base list as follows, get Maul/PerCo and u are good to go: Sunny Bounder (27) Krassis Trelix (65) Ion Cannon (6) Boba Fett (85) Total: 183
  2. how do you feel about these upgrades? “Duchess” (42) Predator (2) Fifth Brother (9) “Vizier” (45) “Countdown” (44) Predator (2) Hull Upgrade (5) “Pure Sabacc” (44) Ruthless (1) Shield Upgrade (6) Total: 200 Outmaneuver + TC on Duchess looks nice also. Countdown + 💣 has been a thought.
  3. If you are into 4 ship squads: “Vizier” (45) Major Vermeil (49) Darth Vader (14) Turr Phennir (44) Snap Shot (7) “Wampa” (30) Total: 189 11 points for crews or shields, 0 bid is your goal 😹
  4. Reapers have been my jam for the last couple of months and it’s the most fun I’ve had in ages. Vizier and Vermeil paired with a third ‘easy’ ship to balance ailerons works well for me. Current iteration: “Vizier” (45) Major Vermeil (49) Darth Vader (14) Countess Ryad (82)Lone Wolf (5)Heavy Laser Cannon (4) 199
  5. It looks great 🚀 maybes: - add composure to the Major as if it fails burners’ action can get F+TL to deliver torps like a boss. - foresight on Vader to make it more scarier if ignored
  6. Currently looking at 4 ship builds, base is: Major Vermeil (49) Darth Vader (14) Scarif Base Pilot (41) Soontir Fel (53) Targeting Computer (3) “Wampa” (30) 10 points for candy you really want something to draw aggro away from the Major and Vader crew is a must.
  7. Hola, is someone interested in vintage evade tokens ? Willing to trade away: 2014 original regional evade tokens * 8 2014 metal badge summer 2014 metal badge winter any 2.0 scum conversion kit dial + generic pilot few 1.0 tokens and promo cards Looking for: 1 original die from regional 2014 (green and red) Vermeil pilot card in any language but spanish and english. (and if it exists any Vermeil promo/alt art) Located in Barcelona, Spain.
  8. played 4 games today against republic aces with: “Pure Sabacc” (44) Outmaneuver (6) Fifth Brother (9) Shield Upgrade (6) Major Vermeil (49) Darth Vader (14) Seventh Sister (9) Soontir Fel (53) Predator (2) Shield Upgrade (8) Total: 200 Outmaneuver is good vs. jedi and naboo, that SU on ”PS” can be crucial, imho trumps burners if you play patiently and be behind rocks with evade + force. Major hits like a truck* and Elusive could be really good (those 1 sloop are 💖), Vermeil is so good, it balances “PS” as threat. Next iteration will give Soontir burners to run away even stressed with a 5 forward boost or line up bulls eye after sloop: “Pure Sabacc” (44) Outmaneuver (6) Fifth Brother (9) Shield Upgrade (6) Major Vermeil (49) Darth Vader (14) Seventh Sister (9) Soontir Fel (53) Predator (2) Afterburners (6) Total: 198 Super fun list with lots of tricks and maneuvering. * will start a new thread with Vermeil on extended, paired with named Phantoms should be fun EDIT- spelling is hard
  9. Looking for ideas with “PS” as it feels like a Fenn Rau-lite. Yesterday at the kitchen table had fun with Echo/”PS” (Predator, Fifth Brother, Afterburners)/Vader but my next tourney is hyperspace format. I like having same init so Vermeil comes to mind. ‘The Plan’ is to send Vermeil & Fat Soontir head on to draw aggro away from “PS” who flanks/stays behind rocks for the first engagement. “Pure Sabacc” (44) Outmaneuver (6) Fifth Brother (9) Shield Upgrade (6) Major Vermeil (49) Predator (2) Darth Vader (14) Soontir Fel (53) Predator (2) Shield Upgrade (8) Hull Upgrade (7) Total: 200 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 How would you build a squad featuring “PS” ? (must use Fifth Brother gunner upgrade)
  10. Thank you all for sharing, will try this asap: Kylo Ren (76) Hate (3) Advanced Optics (4) “Midnight” (43) Predator (2) Afterburners (6) “Blackout” (63) Predator (2) Total: 199 Sad for 1 point can’t get trick shot on Blackout but I want AO Kylo and same PS.
  11. Been playing with shiny new models but Marksmanship + Autoblasters Boba must be strong. Boba Fett (85) Marksmanship (1) Autoblasters (2) Also, Fenn 🔥 Fenn Rau (68) Fearless (3) Then two options, the easy: Lando Calrissian (29) Predator (2) Tactical Officer (6) Total: 196 The one I’m digging (💖 force): Lando Calrissian (29)Maul (12) Total: 200
  12. Sense is cheap for what it brings to the table if you build around it. At R1 is free which means you can keep harassing one target without spending force. My current iteration has CLT Mace as the sense carrier and Ashoka to react to the revealed dial (her ability is bonkers). No bid so any of the 3 ships can act as blocker as usually my Anakin will move first. Uber flexible squad, stress is not an issue with Ashoka coordinating and if the block is a success CLT will trigger: Ahsoka Tano (47) Delta-7B (17) Anakin Skywalker (62) Delta-7B (20) Mace Windu (45) Sense (5) Calibrated Laser Targeting (3) Total: 199 In short, I don’t feel Sense works in isolation but it really shines as a core ‘trick’ in some squads.
  13. I’ve been flying against those ships with slightly different load outs, baseline is: Ric Olié (42) Crack Shot (1) R4-P Astromech (4) Anakin Skywalker (62) R4-P17 (5) Delta-7B (20) Obi-Wan Kenobi (47) Delta-7B (19) Total: 200 imho Delta-7B is mandatory and those droids are great for staying on target. My take on this archetype is less ace-y: Ahsoka Tano (47) Delta-7B (17) Mace Windu (45) Sense (5) R4-P17 (5) Delta-7B (18) Anakin Skywalker (41) Passive Sensors (3) R4-P Astromech (4) Proton Torpedoes (13) Total: 198 (Ashoka and Anakin are personal favs)
  14. “ Before you reveal your maneuver, you may spend 1 to barrel roll (this is not an action) “ is a lovely ability, instant favourite. Two barrel rolls, pre-movement stress-who-cares barrel roll... I think going full throttle/ daredevil / R4 is a small investment that pays off. With torps I’m a bit more clueless. Passive Sensors + 1 might be enough to land a good Proton Torp but ... We can mitigate this issue with Plo* so let’s focus on the sprites: Mace Windu (45)Heightened Perception (3)R4 Astromech (2)Delta-7B (18) Mace, as Anakin, clocks at I4 so HP will be helpful against lots of things. We all love Mace so he stays. To further mitigate initiative issues and block with my super-repositionable ships I’m inclined to use Sense and to trigger it at Range 3 the best carrier might be Obi for that extra Obi-Wan Kenobi (47)Sense (5)R4 Astromech (2)Delta-7B (19) If we are to play the blocking game maybe a R1 torp > R3 torp ? Anakin Skywalker (41) Daredevil (3) Passive Sensors (3) R4 Astromech (2) Adv. Proton Torpedoes (6) Total: 196 196/200 *Plan B: switch Obi for Plo (probably sense out), add HU to Mace and give Anakin proton torps? Ideas/comments? === Force
  15. hola 👋 if you want more than one I’d go with Deltas and pair them with a good third ship. If you add Soontir you get a classic list, I’d use trick shot Echo (Phantom) because it’s a bit more fun...
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