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  1. I don't know who you are. If you want money, I can tell you I haven't got any. But I will find you. And I will miss you.
  2. Thoughts as I'm going through Waves 9, 10, and the Epics that have cropped up. ...Oh dear, they've changed the tools I used to format these things. ACR-170 Stats and Dial are reminiscent of a Y-Wing. Torpedo-Crew-Astromech is interesting combination. Small ship with an Firespray Aux arc? That's interesting. Vectored Thrusters: Expert Handling was one of my favorite upgrades. Have it in another slot! Alliance Overhaul: Uhh... are you ever going to not run this? It's a free non-unique title with no downsides I can see... R3-Astromech: Nerf your attack modification potential to definitely buff your defense. Clearly designed to pair with Gunnerish effects. Surely saw play on Y-Wings with TLT, but was probably too fragile. Seismic Torpedo: "...Then Remove the Obstacle". . WAT. Tail Gunner: "Because the YV-666 didn't need the buff". I will still point out that the rear-arc is almost always more powerful than the fore-arc, because with the natural drift of the game, it's easier to aim, and to correct the aim thereof with actions. Like barrel-roll on small ships. Also hurts C3P0 and Baron Fel in one swipe, so maybe helped shift the metagame to a less tanky sort. Pilots No generic? Sad. 50% chance to destress on move? Nice. Doubledips on Greens, and allows chance for actions after a Red. Using your precombat action to arc-dodge works a lot better if you're the underdog in the fight. I'd recommend an Inteligence Agent on this one (though Lando's real interesting). Oh hey, they still really like trying to synergize with "Dutch" Vander. Wexley = Ehh. On a ship with better guns, I'm invested. Ultimately, the ship is interesting, but I don't think it's format shaping. Special Forces Tie Expansion Tie Fighter, Tie Fighter /fo, Tie Fighter /sf.... How many times can they say it's a Tie? Looking at dial and stats, I think I'll stick with my original recipe. If it weren't for the Aux Arc, I'd straight prefer the Bomber. Collision Detector is nice if you're not using your System slot for anything else. It's not just training wheels; it lets you fly more unpredictably. Spec Ops Training is now a title. Y'know, not a thing that makes pilots more elite. Just paint on the wings. Sensor Cluster is really nice in conjunction with Absurdofocus builds. Sadly, the Moldy Crow cannot use. Ooh, Quickdraw and Backdraft are lovely little minxes. Protectorate Starfighter Ooh, a 6 pilot negligable upgrade ship. This ought to be interesting. ...I see they fixed the problems with the Kiraxhz. This thing is PUSHED. Oh, and the two upgrades help it with jousting. Fenn Rau naturally rolls 5 when at R1, and I still prefer Old Teroch's ability. But then, I'm a bastard. Shadowcaster A rotating aux arc? ...Not gonna lie, I actually remember thinking this would be really cool to build around back in the day. Black Market Slicer Tools : Much better than Saboteur. But then, so are moldy cheese sandwiches. Works rather hilariously with the stress-cannons, but I doubt that managed to be an actual build. IG-88Dcrew. WHAT. You can't just... and in the same wave as the Starfighter? Was this the Spring of Scum, or something? Okay, 88Dcrew isnt the only game changer in this box, is he? Imma need to digest some...
  3. Well, first is a re-mentioning of the "Nope" button (wherein you use Advanced Sensors to activate Daredevil or Push the Limit before you execute a red maneuver, to purposefully alter your move) has apparently received a major buff (circa December 2016). Old news to y'all, but I'm gonna reiterate how crazy good this is, before diving into the multiple sets of new pilots/ships/upgrades. But More Madness is definitely on the agenda .
  4. I haven't looked at the forums since October 2015 (Wave 8!), because my playgroup had completely collapsed several months prior. Now, however, my FLGS is taking the place of the re-seller who was my previous source and host of the game, and I am excited to get back into it! So: What'd I miss?
  5. Everybody shame the power gamer! *looks for his bell* I see a Furball tournament, and I show up with Regen, or Rebel Captive. I WILL survive to the end-game at full health, tyvm. However, there is one more power upgrade that I hadn't considered above: Ion Cannon (with or without the Turret). Nothing quite like saying "Hey guys, here's a tasty snack in the middle of the table for you!"
  6. Now, if we're going with a complete ban on unique upgrades, at 30 points.... I'm either going with a Royal Guard (Fel Build, or Lone Wolf + Initiative rather than PTL), or a Green Squaddie, with PTL, Wired, Autothrusters, and a missile? I don't know. 30 is too many points for most generic defense-builds, and too few for generic combos.
  7. Fortunately, this is currently only available on two ships (B-Wing and VCX). The former is relatively fragile, and the latter doesn't have the ability to grab Push the Limit... although it could go with Lando/Leebo/Saboteur + Experimental Interface....
  8. His own. Vader Crew is very flavorful of Empire Strikes Back. You know, when he's all "I don't care if it's structural, I'm gonna throw it at Luke".
  9. Quick query: Have we learned anything about Systems Officer, or the new pilots that aren't Tomax or Maarek?
  10. Drea + Overclock + Attani is interesting, particularly with PTL or another self-stressor.
  11. Not a dumb question, and yes, that is correct. Each action can only be performed once per turn. However, if you are assigned a focus or evade token by an upgrade card or pilot skill, that's different from performing a focus or evade action, so you can potentially get multiple of the same token. Thanks. So, in this context, if Valen Rudor barrel rolls as his chosen action during the movement phase, then is shot at (and survives), when he wants to do a free action he cannot do another barrel roll. Is that right? Absolutely correct With Rudor, I recommend grabbing an Evade as your first action against higher PS pilots, just so you can arc-dodge one after the other attacks.
  12. Watch it in both, with one delayed by a part of a second. Worth the experience.
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