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  1. Banned lists are only for offical rules play anyway. Nothing stoping you from playing it outside of tournaments.
  2. Both starters and 17 packs. Got Luke, Commanding Presence, Launch bay, FO stormtrooper, Jango Fett, Hired gun, Padawan, Sith holocron, On the hunt, Outpost, Survival gear x2, Promotion, DH-17 blaster, Datapad, Infantry grenades and Jedi robes. All in all not bad, but little short of characters to do too much with.
  3. Black Knight Games in Hamilton, Ontario. The waiting is killing me. http://blackknightgames.ca/2016/10/13/star-wars-destiny-launch-party/
  4. I think its the dice that are going to be more expensive then the cards. For most characters people will want the option to run 2 dice with them, leaving you with an extra card with no dice.
  5. Wouldn't worry about it much, I've been speaking English my whole life and it still gives me headaches sometimes. So many rules and so many ways to break them.
  6. I've never actually posted a picture on these forums, so give me a bit to figure it out. I use anodized aluminum with saw cut ends so there isn't anything really for the dice to catch on and the metal is soft enough that it doesn't mar the dice...so far.
  7. I make my own chainmail dice bags. So that's an easy problem for me =)
  8. Also just saw the thing on rotation. Other then being a completionist is there a point in getting the earlier expansions?
  9. I was looking into getting into the lcg but after going through all the expansions, am I too far behind to really get into the game. I read the sticky and am not too worried about getting competitive right away but I am worried I will never catch up.
  10. Location: Hamilton, Ontario First game: TBD Been collecting since wave 1 but there isn't a whole lot of people at my FLGS that play. More of an x-wing crowd. Got a couple guys interested but working nights makes it hard to get to game nights. Reasons: Love space combat in general and star wars just makes it sweeter.
  11. ErrantKknight

    Shield coins?

    While a little douchy, that would be amazing to see .
  12. ErrantKknight

    Shield coins?

    Yes one is a game and the other was career based but they both put time, effort and money into doing well at something they enjoyed. I'm not really a tournament player(kids and stuff) but we have a couple guys who regularly place in the majority of local and non local tournaments, should I look down on them when they bring their swag back on casual nights? If people are jerks then don't like them for being a jerk. But no one should be put down for doing something well. Especially playing a game.
  13. ErrantKknight

    Shield coins?

    When did it become a bad thing to be proud of your achievements? My wife has 2 university degrees proudly displayed on our wall. I don't, so does that mean I should shame her or get mad at her for what she has accomplished that I haven't? While it's a game it's not different. Those guys put time and effort into winning those coins. They should be congratulated for their achievements, not subject to ridicule for doing well at a game we all play. Where is the problem with excelling at something?
  14. A guy won our store champ running 5x green squad with chardaan refit, test pilot, adaptability, autothrusters and crackshot. It was impressive to watch. With all the turrets there that day, those autothrusters worked overtime.
  15. If my memory serves me right(no promises), the A-wing was designed by Jan Dodonna and a rebel engineer. Don't know why they changed it. Was a totally original rebel build.
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