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  1. if this game was just a reskin of CoC i would be thrilled, because CoC is a LOT of fun!
  2. if you read my post you will notice I said ANY character or cartoon targeted at children, which would include all of your examples. The difference is what AGE group is targeted, there is more danger with charters and cartoons targeted at younger audiences.
  3. Ah that went right over my head! Sorry about the chastisement, it stemmed from a prevailing sentiment I have observed that a lack of avatar somehow makes less of member (I never use avatars, just my own preference in how I use forums).
  4. I knew terror when someone with less than 10 posts and no avatar on, was on a forum for Xwing disrupted a conversation about Xwing by talking about some fanfic minis game based on our beloved Xwing system using STAR TREK of all things! It's such a pet peeve of mine...(insert humor here). Plenty of people have pointed out how you've been rude/offensive/close minded/etc... we don't like that much around here and would appreciate it if you'd keep it out of these forums. Number of posts and an avatar are not a good indication of someones merit ... why bother mentioning it? Especially since you talk about the forum not being close minded in the next few sentences. I do, however, in general agree with your point.
  5. My biggest problem with taking any children's cartoon / character and embedding it into an more mature setting is that children then get attracted to that setting thinking its based on the cartoon / character. Now this is not really a problem with star wars per say, as it is very kid friendly, but becomes a big problem when such things get associated with horror, violence, or more sexual themes that are not kid appropriate.
  6. The netrunner click tokens have been modified, there are links to the updated designs. The final netrunner tokens set should be released soon.
  7. Lots of updates including reduced international shipping and new products.
  8. new licensing agreements are in the works, we will get the announcement soon! I am keeping my fingers cross for some LCG licenses.
  9. I just picked up my copy today. I have never played AH, but at least what you are describing is more of a probability calculation rather than luck as the decks is finite and you know what you are looking for as well as what has already been played. You can therefore mitigate and influence the probability by going after clues you are more likely to succeed on at any given moment in time. This in turn reduces the cards and ups the probability for other clues -- seems on first glance that its similar to upping your stats for various checks until you feel the risk is acceptable. Admittedly I haven't played a game yet so dunno if what im saying is "reasonable" to do in the allotted turn amount.
  10. also according to this youtube review: the tokens were being used at worlds (I have no idea if this is actually true as I was not there), but assuming it is then FFG already knows about this venture and probably would have sent the C&D a long time ago. His main retail website has been up for a few months and was not officially opened for business until now.
  11. he has licenses from other companies, he may have one from FFG or at least their blessing. So you cannot claim they are "deliberate copies" as there is no evidence one way or another.
  12. I don't make them, i'm just a backer. The boxes appeal to my tastes as I don't really take my cards anywhere, I play at home and would like a more durable / nicer storage solution. I mainly posted to help spread the word for those that might also be interested.
  13. I just backed this kickstart for the netrunner click tokens and the card storage chests. It was just announced that during the kickstarter campaign they will release a full set of tokens. Their click tokens (and tokens for other games) look top notch so I am excited to see what gets produced. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1144387021/board-game-storage-chests-tokens-inserts-and-more
  14. we actually don't know how common or uncommon this is. I would guess uncommon, but the forum population, I blieve, is small compared to all players of x wing. I should double check my own. You should be able to find people with extras as was suggested.
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