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  1. +1 and please let it be more than 10 moons.
  2. One more question regarding the hazard deck. Cosmic Guardian says: 1) Is this effect applied before and/or after card modifying effects like Graviton, Mirror, Tripler or Wild Human?
  3. I have my doubts whether this FAQ will be released anytime soon, but for the sake of completeness I would like to copy over this fundamental question that was discussed on BGG: Cosmic Conflict rules say: 1) When is a hazard card actually drawn, immediately after a destiny card with a hazard warning is drawn or at the beginning of the alliance phase?
  4. The follwing is quite confusing: 1) If Loser declares an Upset against Industrialist it seems that Loser almost always wins, because if he wins the encounter, he can "allow Industrialist to win" and then "after all other games effects are resolved" turn this loss into a win. Since Industrialist was allowed to win, he cannot add his attack card to his stack. Charming, but is this interpretation correct?
  5. 3) Reborn's description says: "you may use this power to draw a card.", but unlike Remora omits "from THE deck". Was this done intentionally to allow Reborn to draw from the Rewards deck or is it an oversight? (I think it would be overpowered.)
  6. Still playing through all aliens, two related questions came up tonight: 1) If both main players reveal identical attack cards, does The Claw choose from whom it steals the planet, if they are identical to the card on its sheet? (Probably, what other options are there?) 2) If one main player reveals an attack and the other a Morph card, does The Claw choose from whom it steals the planet, if the attack card is identical to the card on its sheet?
  7. Whoever compiles the list of questions should definitely study this thread, it lists and tries to answer about a dozen of important and tricky ones: http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/897933/unanswered-questions-of-cosmic-encounter Saves me the time to repeat them here. For me the most intriguing are those regarding the flare usage of Super Cyro, Super Human and Super Vulch. Three of the other questions, those about Temporal Anomaly, The Invader's extra encounter and Wild Sadist flare were asked here by rjb, too.
  8. I assume that rifts you give away do not explode since "giving" is not the same as "taking". If it were the same, playing Philanthropist would be even more powerful than it is already. Exchanging hands is somewhat a special case, therefor I am interested in a ruling on Trader the most.
  9. 1) What happens if you use Leviathan Wild flare and choose one of Pygmy's planets to be exchanged? Does the planet that enters Pygmy's home system become a Pygmy planet resulting in the evacuation of the surplus ships and does the leaving planet lose its ship limit? You could argue the answer is No, because Pygmy's power description says: "there can never be more than four ships on any of your planets", but not "home planets" and a planet changing its size is hard to imagine. 2) Same question as above: What happens when The Claw steals one of Pygmy's planets.
  10. Smooth session, only one question came up tonight: 1) If Fungus captured Vacuum's ships and this stack is sent to the warp, can Vacuum use his power?
  11. From Cosmic Incursion rulebook: "Additionally, if a rift card is taken from a player’s hand (but not discarded), either as compensation or as the result of another game effect, the rift detonates..." A more detailed description what exactly the other game effects are would be helpful, most interestingly: 1) When Trader exchanges hands, do the rifts of his new hand detonate?
  12. 1) Are the the nine flare cards Chrysalis "discards" after using its power placed on the discard pile or removed from the game? (more or less a rhetorical question aimed at errata for Chrysalis) 2) When Spiff crash lands a ship, can Fungus capture it? Fungus' power explicitly says: "game effects that would save ships from the warp, such as Zombie's or Healer's power, cannot prevent this" and Spiff's power seems to be such an effect. 3) FAQ 1.0 establishes that Shadow uses it's power for each destiny card drawn even if the offense draws more than one. Just to make sure: does this apply to Disease and Poison, too?
  13. After reading an old rulebook a couple of timing questions came to my mind: 1) Does a Kicker multiply a card value before or after the effects of card modifying powers such as Calculator, Gaviton, Mirror or Tripler? 2) Does a Kicker multiply a card value before or after the effects of flares such as Wild Calculator or Wild Gambler? 3) When flares such as Wild Calculator or Wild Gambler are played in an encounter with card modifying powers such as Calculator, Gaviton, Mirror or Tripler which effect is resolved first? Does the standard timing rule apply? What if one of those flares is played by one of the aforementioned aliens? Interesting side note: Tripler wild flare is special in this regard, it says: "before any other game effects are applied".
  14. In one of your sessions we too were uncertain how to interpret it. "After the encounter ends, play resumes from where it left off." is confusing. This interpretation makes a lot of sense to me: http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/786483/butler-wild
  15. Questions from tonight's session: 1) Can Kamikaze use its power multiple times during the planning phase to sacrifice one ship at a time or must all ships be sacrificed at once before drawing any cards? (See also question 9 from one of my previous posts.) 2) A main player is asked by Seeker who is an ally whether he will play a specific card and answers yes. Then his opponent Visionary requests him to play a different card which he also has in his hand. Which card must he play now? 3) FAQ 1.0 establishes that after you play a flare, it re-enters your hand "immediately after resolving its effect". Unfortunately it is ambiguous in some cases: a) When are the effects of Wild Philanthropist, Wild Plant, Wild Butler and Wild Warrior resolved, after lending/stealing a power or else starting the extra encounter or at the end of the encounter? b) Do all flares that say "for the rest of this encounter ..." remain on the table until the end of this encounter?
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