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  1. When I think about it, Leia and the Tantive IV should've jumped elsewhere and then immediately changed vectors. Rushing to Obi-wan seems kind of sloppy. Because really, what is Obi-wan going to do? Rally more senators? Lead the attack on the Death Star? All things that take a little time to set up. Why not shake the Imperials and then go to him at your leisure? The only reason I can see is the same as I said above, that the crew of the Tantive IV are so panicked coming out of the flames of Scarif that the heat of the moment carries them into rushing the mission. Ultimately that's satisfying. My only quibble is Leia is supposed to be rather cool under pressure. So I'd think her immune to that kind of rash decision making.
  2. Regarding Leia and the Tantice IV blatantly fleeing the scene of the crime... I have to imagine an official member of the Senate deeply involved in an illegal rebellion isn't flying around in a ship with only one IFF code. And of all the Rebel ships present at Scarif hers is the one most likely to have recourse for a second IFF. Sure, it's the Tantive IV. But while docked it could just as easily be the Womp Rat. I doubt the visual recognition piece. I highly doubt Bail is sending his daughter into battle, his daughter and fellow undercover conspirator, in a ship with House Organa markings. CR-90s are ubiquitous ships across the GALAXY too and in the movies whenever we see the Tantive IV it simply had a different generic color stripe from other CR-90s. It's a generic paint job. Now You could make a case that Vader/Anakin recognized it because he was familiar with Bail but even that is a stretch. Bail is one of several thousand senators. He's a major one so that helps. Honestly, I think the real give away is the Rebel crew he's cutting down are in uniform. I'd say they're Alderaanian uniforms but we see that kit on Rebel crew elsewhere. So when he boards the Tantive IV and they're all dressed the same -- let alone firing -- that's a solid connection. The real question is, if Scarif is near Tatooine as somebody cited with a source earlier, then it is likely the Devestator crew caught the Tantive IV's outbound vector. Easy thing to follow up on just in case. And when they jump in system to find an identical looking CR-90 in orbit it's a reasonable assumption it's the very same. And as Imperials they aren't going to inquire, they're going to demand they stop. This puts the crew of the Tantive IV in a weird place. Do you resist and bluff dimplomatic mission? Or do you feign innocence and allow the boarding party? After all it is just a floppy disk. Put it in a zip log baggie and hide it in the loo. But no, ultimately this is an all or nothing moment and the crew is still riding that high. You probably view it as a continuation of the battle so such a cool response isn't likely to be considered. (As for bluffing being too big a risk, I don't think so. Ignoring the command to stop "because we have immunity" guarantees negative attention and likely a boarding as well. Actual fleeing does the same, plus if you've switched back to your official IFF you just blew your cover. So I conclude a bluff is just as dangerous, possibly very slightly less so since at least there's a chance of talking your way out. All other options are a devil may care race to deliver the message.) The moment of truth is who fired first. If the ISD does then the Tantive can return fire under cover of being an aggrieved diplomatic ship acting in self-defense. Ditto for the hostile greeting party. But suppose some jumpy gunner or understandably still in the heat of battle stressed Captain Antillies gave the order to fire as soon as the ISD appeared? That would be an understandable reaction, after all, you know you're a Rebel ship fleeing a battle. If that happened then they confirmed the Devestator's suspicion at most. At the very least you just gave them cause to board you with lethal prejudice. In conclusion I don't think being "seen" did the Tantive IV in. It wasn't recognized as such, making Leia's presence confirmation or anything. I think Vader just follows their last known course and there they are. This creates a tense stand off with no good options for the Tantive IV. Riding the momentum of the do or die battle they just barely escaped, they simply view it as a continuation of the last battle and instinctively fire. Or maybe the Devestator orders them to stand down and Antilles resists, using their diplomatic cover as a desperate excuse. Either way the Imperials aren't having it. Somebody fires first and the rest is history. Leia's rebuke to Vader is just professionalism. A caught spy can't just admit they're a spy. Vader calls bull and she plays the part all the way to the end because, at the very least, she's protecting her world, father, and the cause. Leia only reveals her anti-Imperial sentiments once Tarkin makes it clear she's going to die. Likewise he can only do that because the senate is gone, something in Rogue One they admit they can't do until they have the Dearh Star complete to use as a means of control).
  3. So was the Rebel crew aboard the ramming Hammerhead just expendable? I didn't catch any escape pods going off and they're with the disabled SD all the way to the end so... And we have to assume at least Red squad hyped out because they're at Yavin for ANH. Oh and why did Vader have royal guards? Aren't they Emp specific? I get he was vulnerable in the bacta tank I guess but just figured they were Palp's alone.
  4. I knew that was Raymus, I guess I read somebody else mentioned Wedge and I thought they were referring to the space battle.
  5. Loved the movie. Haven't been on the forums awhile because I haven't been able to buy recent waves but came back here immediately to find fellow SW hardcore fans. Quick hits: -Love the darker tone. Baze shooting that stormtrooper on the ground in the head as he starts to get up? I gasped. Anybody else catch that? -Where was the Wedge call out? People keep mentioning it but I didn't catch it. Biggs and Porkins would've been neat too but probably a little much. Maybe over the radio? That'd be subtle. Got a kick out of Red 5 being killed, haha. -Anybody else notice the poor man's dejarik game in the guerrilla holdout? It's the game from the Falcon R2 plays Chewie but with actual carved models instead of a holotable. Fit the atmosphere of poor guerillas and was a nice nod. I kinda want rules and a game released now! -I thought a few of Saw's partisan X-wings were going to escape Jedah and be called in to help Rogue One's initial stand alone assault. -Loved the Mon Cal ship where the admiral sits extended over the bubble so he can see a huge panorama of the battle. Nice touch. -The exchange between Bail and Mon was perfectly clear to me. They discus his Jedi friend and then who Bail will send, two separate people and the pronouns fit. -Found the CGI for Tarkin a little jarring and then was surprised they gave him extended scenes. A more subtle use of him would've been fine in my opinion. CGI Leia was okay because it was so short but just having her speak from behind would've worked too. -Saw multiple instances of the "Ghost" and heard the Syndulla call out. Awesome. -If the Ghost was there I'm kind of surprised the A-wings of Phoenix weren't. Has Phoenix squad finally run out of pilots? I can see not including them because otherwise why weren't they at Yavin 4 and therefore the DS battle. Just a curiosity but I'm fine with it. Officially RZ Interceptors (ie A-wings) were at the DS battle but off screen. Including them here would've been a neat way of retconning that more firmly. -When Baze cradles Chirrut's body there were several troopers firing on Chirrut prior. But then he cradles him and they give him a 2 min reprieve to be sad? Are they reloading? Then Krennic's troopers suddenly miss a ton? It was a little off. -Kinda weird the DS blasts created what looked like nuclear blasts. It was too contemporary and distracted me momentarily. -Somebody earlier in the thread said this changes the tone of ANH a ton. I have to agree. Can't wait to watch them back to back. -K2SO dies fighting off overwhelming stormtroopers but then, once he dies, they all disappear. Krennic comes down to the storage core, a hugely important area to the base and whole Empire, and all the troopers are gone? -The Imperials seemed to have a massive TIE advantage. Feel like they should've swarmed more. Also sad we didn't see the Star Destroyers disgorging TIEs. -Vader assault was glorious. I can't wait until it's on youtube to watch as a single clip over and over. -Just great. Great. Loved it.
  6. R22

    A-wing Withdrawals

    I play a ton of Tycho + Experimental Interface + PTL and Jake Ferral + PTL. My group just plays for fun so it's not like I'm looking for competitive lists. Switched it up and I played a game with X-wings and Y-wings. Oh my God. How do the rest of the alphabet fighters do it? It felt like crawling on my knees and elbows. Like I was flying a boulder with a fatty liver or running with ankle weights. Except they're full body ankle weights. And my shoes were steel toed boots. While running in mud on a planet with 3x the gravity of Earth. I needed to spin an A-wing maneuver dial for a few minutes after the game just to clean it out of my system. I may need help.
  7. You both know that it's the same actress that played Mon Mothma in Episode 3 in 2005, right? Yeah, but her scenes were largely (entirely?) deleted and, in keeping with that of course, she wasn't a major figure -- let alone appearing so prominently in the trailer. So really she's being noticed more now. Plus isn't she in a the same garb as ROTJ now, which she wasn't before? I could be wrong. The point being that you're right and I remember now having seen her before, but she's just so much more of a feature now that I suspect people such as myself are paying more attention to her and thus being struck by her likeness more than we would've (as history shows) when she was a perihperal character in a deleted scene in a movie whose focus she was, shall we say like Tatooine, the planet its farthest from. That's all. =) Eh, I suspect she's just been caught causing trouble in a Rebel controlled sector. Insurgency or not, once under their auspices as an individual I'm sure that's a big deal. Plus her record isn't one of an Imperial patriot who can expect to be freed by the Imps if they liberate the prison/Rebel sector. She'll just be another troublemaker. So the offer is one of parole for service. And her record does seem to suggest she's looking for a cause ergo... A mild plot point but one I think can be easily addressed once in movie. Looking for politically accurate and true to life civil powers regarding the individual and the judiciary system in a brief trailer of a science fiction movie? You ask too much man! I'm sure the complexities of establishing a nascent government while waging an intergalactic insurgency against an evil empire led by space wizards will be addressed in the extended cut. ; )
  8. The remark that she is the "new Han Solo" is obviously just a casual remark that she is playing a loner/scoundrel type, not an actual admission of being a female replacement of what was originally a male character since both her character and the entire story arc she is appearing in occur prior to Han Solo's introduction and existence in the Star Wars universe. So the entire alledged wrongdoing of "turn[ing] our men into women" doesn't work since there was no original man to be "turned into" a woman. Now if you want to allege that the complaint is predicated on the EU male character of Kyle Katarn who, again in the EU, stole the Death Star plans being the supposed man "turned into a woman" then that makes a bit more sense. Except we know they've reduced the EU to inspirational material and little else. Except we know R1 isn't going to be a Dark Forces movie. Except literally nothing but the basic plot of the Rebellion needing to steal the DS plans is being used and even that isn't taken from Dark Forces: the director and producers are on record saying that the idea came after noticing the singular line in the ANH opening title crawl mentioning "rebel spies." So if you know all that, as you must because the demotion of the EU material is widely known and Hollywood would never make a movie --especially for a franchise like SW that is being kept under wraps as much as possible-- based on a video game whose plot is already known, then it seems peculiar that you somehow still think Jyn Orso is in anyway associated with a pre-existing male character. What, you think they throw out all of the Dark Forces script except Kyle, while not using his name or even the story he exists in, and then they turned him into a woman? Just don't see the grounds for complaint unless you're just complaining about the recent trend of putting women in leading roles, which seems likely given your reference to the all female reboot of Ghost Busters and implied supposition that it failed due to its all female cast (as opposed to it being yet another tepid reboot in a long sequence of reboots that fail to do well). So if you just don't like seeing women in leading roles, or even just action roles, then your complaint makes more sense. I disagree with it but, as far as opinions go, the bar for them making sense is lower and allows for it. But don't conflate Jones' comments as some sort of admission that her character was initially --- let alone rightfully in a fictitious universe -- a man and somehow was "turned into a woman." Come on, dude.
  9. R22

    SW Rebels Custom Card

    That's why I gave them an ability that buffs unique pilots, a la primary cast characters, at their nameless generic expense.
  10. Really I just want the movie to made with as much care and turn out as well as that casting choice for Mon Mothma. If the movie is as good as she is then all will be well. Be the movie the deserves her casting!
  11. Yeah, I'm also/was hoping for a SPR style movie but I think this is as close as can be done without sacrificing the family friendly status of the franchise, what with gore and all. But the Christopher Nolan Batman movies were PG-13 and had a nice grit to them. I'm hoping for something like that. (I'd *love* a Nolan-esq Star Wars movie.) Unfortunately I suspect it won't be quite that dark. But this looks like a decently close attempt. Be a nice surprise if the team takes heavy losses. I swear if everybody makes it except for one old man who sacrifices himself I'll be ticked. This is the PERFECT opportunity to introduce some solid characters AND kill them off for a darker tone because we never see them again in the OT.
  12. In terms of Rogue One, does it have to be a Core Set? Remember that it's an anthology movie and DIsney plans to have at least one per year for the next several years, interspersed with the new trilogy movies. What is FFG going to do, release a Core set every year? That would flood the game with cheap ships. Take the new Han Solo movie slated to be next, what, a THIRD Millennium Falcon with some young Han Solo PS8 ability? Granted Rogue One seems to fit the game better than a biopic film. So why not a Rogue One expansion, like Aces/Veterans? What would be interesting to see is if the movie retcons the origins of Rogue Squadron. If they do then the this would be the perfect time to release an X-wing fix and introduce Rogue Squadron pilots, both from the movie and the EU along with one generic Rogue Squadron pilot. Treat it like Most Wanted, lost of cards reinvigorating ships whose models we already have (T-65) and then a few new ships (the U-wing and TIE Whatever). Core sets should be reserved for the introduction of whole new eras. Otherwise the Aces/Veterans/Most Wanted style expansions are the perfect way to incorporate new material from future movies without making more boiler plate ships. In the new Han Solo movie for example I'm sure there will be other ships, characters, and villains. Release those ships (be it for Scum or whatever) and maybe a few new cards for the YT-1300. Otherwise the very same overlap in content and characters that links the movies will mean duplicate stuff in game. FFG doesn't want that. So expansions that focus on new material, while adding a few new cards to bring in new stuff for existing ships without doing the models again, makes sense. Granted Heroes of the Resistance did a whole new Falcon model. But I feel like they went with it because it was *technically* different (lame new sensor dish) but also because those new characters are going to be with us for 3 total movies. They aren't just a one off so it justifies getting a revisit.
  13. With the W10 release of the Quadjumper I found myself thinking that we're starting to see ships that could be used in a civilian capacity, like set pieces. The Corellian Conflict expansion for Armada also introduces structured scenarios. Wouldn't it be neat if there was an expansion, like the Scum one the retooled several ships, that allowed for civilian ships and added some scenarios? It could include a couple new miniatures and have scenarios that were generic and faction specific. We already have: -Quadjumper -CR90 -GR75 -YT-1300 -YT-2400 A few more could create quite the scenario pack. Maybe include civilian crew, new civilian pilot cards, cargo and missions, and various local space authorities (Corellia, Coruscant, Kuat, Aldeeran, Tatootine, etc).
  14. Couldn't get the ability text in the proper font but otherwise this feels accurate:
  15. Haha, I love the mild exasperation implicit in this tweet. But come on, you had to know this was going to be a concern. EDIT: Although I'm now struck by the tragic irony that the hashtag is "X-wing," the most iconic ship in the 'verse with swing wings, and those models don't have folding wings. Where's the JUSTICE!?
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