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  1. I think Rebels are sort of dull but not bad. I dont want to fly Selflessness B-Wings with Biggs, but its a quite good list.
  2. Another person with the same problem reporting in, really frustrating and felt like the hours we put into learning and starting a campaign last night were for not. Sent an email. We even tried to do what Vazzucious recommended but going back through the first mission gave us the same blank campaign screen and no items or xp
  3. See here I was thinking this would be about the abysmal Dark Souls board game (which also further proves that what works in a single-player video game doesn't always translate well to the table top).
  4. I've previously seen people suggest "medium" bases be rectangles (1x2). If a ship is wide (K-wing, Firespray, Punisher) and can barrel roll, do it like a Large ship. If it is long (Arc, U-wing, IG-2000), it barrel rolls like a Small ship. I liked it. Creates a lot of interesting design space with their firing arcs, too.
  5. ATC specifies "you" which in X-Wing rules lingo means that specific ship (Vader). But it's QD's ship spending the target lock, so I thought that circumvents the wording making ATC still work. Or am I parsing that wrong?
  6. Not sure what exactly your original scenario was. If you were asking, can Vader spend QD's target lock to reroll his dice and then also add a crit from Vader's own TL the answer is yes. If he was trying to use QD's TL to add a free Crit the answer is no.
  7. The chive? What is wrong with you, man?
  8. I feel like that "You're Not Wrong, Just an A-Hole" meme would fit here.
  9. Ive been flying three Siener test pilots with prockets and title and a Hux shuttle. Very fun!
  10. I only like Bombardier if you are running Conner Nets. They can shoot out sooo far!
  11. varthanna

    Marking Dice

    I used a blue sharpie to make the irises on my focus sides blue. Supes easy.
  12. Having been to two SC's recently, almost every list was at 99/100 except the 95 pt Dengar/Fenn, so there you go.
  13. Evergreen Tabletop Expo is on Listjuggler now. 23 players Winner was Blair Bunke with: Howlrunner + Crack ShotBlack Squadron Pilot + Crack ShotBlack Squadron Pilot + Crack ShotBlack Squadron Pilot + Crack ShotBlack Squadron Pilot + Crack ShotZeta Leader + Crack Shot(100) 2nd was Bryan Taylor with: Palob Godalhi + Attanni Mindlink + Twin Laser TurretAsajj Ventress + Attanni Mindlink + Latts Razzi + Rigged Cargo ChuteFenn Rau + Attanni Mindlink + Concord Dawn Protector + Autothrusters(100) Avery (lost to Bryan): Contracted Scout + Extra Munitions + Plasma Torpedoes + Inspiring Recruit + Guidance ChipsContracted Scout + Extra Munitions + Plasma Torpedoes + Inspiring Recruit + Guidance ChipsTel Trevura + Attanni Mindlink + Gonk + R5-P8(98) Jonas was in the Top 4 with a 4 ship Rebel list. Not up yet but the pic looked like Biggs, Rex, stresshog, and a T70 ?
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