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  1. Yes, they have to spend one turn unexhausting them, and another unstunning them.
  2. https://mtg.gamepedia.com/Life_counter A spindown life counter is a 20 sided die that is designed for the express purpose of keeping track of life totals. Magc wiki calls it a die.
  3. nope, forever...you aren't playing the card 6 times, the ability will just keep going off.
  4. The boxes are pretty tamper proof, if someone opened it before me, it would be pretty obvious.
  5. No, I'm fully aware people will own sleeves, I'm saying people are going to be unsleeving there clear sleeved cards and resleeving opaque cards for the same deck depending on what kind of tournament there is. Most people I feel will just pick the opaque sleeves and keep them there.
  6. eh i'm still using the same ultra pro sleeves i bought in 2013 from my netrunner cards.
  7. Ya, I use matte ultra pro, but I'm considering dragonshield now that I can get three decks worth in one pack.
  8. Well **** thats a bargain that i had not even considered.
  9. But A. you can use them with the game, just not in premiere tournaments. and B. Because that is the sleeves they sell.
  10. Im aware. I don't think most people will carry two sets of sleeves though.
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