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  1. Current identities reduce influence by 3 for a five card reduction...maybe 50/18 in the other direction?
  2. I'll second the 'define your goal' advice. One hole I frequently find myself falling through is spreading myself too thin, and I think taking a step back and deciding what a deck is focused on helps make cuts. Give a deck a goal, and it definitely helps. Tag? Kill? Tax the Corp? Tax the runner? Rush agendas? Break through? Destroy Ice? These are just a few examples, but once you choose a category, make yourself have an extremely good reason for including any card that deviates from the plan. Best of luck!
  3. Thank you kindly! My FAQ isn't handy and the PDF is miserable to hunt through on this computer. Much appreciated folks! :-)
  4. Thank you Grimwalker. As an additional Q along the same lines (Hudson fascinates me), if the Runner has his choice between three-four cards and indicates one that is an agenda, do I then have an open window to rez Ash, Red Herrings, etc. before the access or must I rez before the choice is made?
  5. Say a runner runs on a remote server protected by Hudson, and they are limited to a single-card access. Between the two cards available are an upgrade with a high trash-cost, and an agenda. They choose the facedown upgrade and cannot afford to trash, and I have chosen not to rez. When the upgrade is returned facedown, do they now have the benefit of knowing which of the two cards is an upgrade, or do I have the choice or re-arranging the cards in the remote server?
  6. Agendas are a particular card-type (the middle of the card, right hand portion). Only cards that are specifically agendas count towards point requirements and limitations. Director Haas is an asset, and would not count at all towards these requirements. No other card other than agendas count.
  7. Collected: Your Pop Culture Headquarters in Fort Worth most Tuesday nights at 6 along with facebook group 'Dagobah Denizens' at https://www.facebook.com/groups/DFWStarWars/ for organizing events.
  8. I think that we MAY have an answer this Spring. During an interview with Eric Lang yesterday he mentioned two projects for FFG. He understandably couldn't say anything about theme, IP, or whether it was an LCG or not (I asked) but he did say FFG would be releasing details on one of the two projects he's working on with them in three or four months. Considering his past work with FFG leans heavily towards LCGs, I think the chances are high.
  9. Hey Hida, do you happen to have Facebook? We have a group called "DFW Dagobah Denizens" (https://www.facebook...ps/DFWStarWars/) that may be interested to hear about this.
  10. I'm a bit of a new player, but one thing I notice is that I'm pretty sure you can't drop two Sith Holocrons in one turn anyway, since they are Limited. That doesn't strictly answer the stacking question though, and I've only just started so I'll find out as well.
  11. Well now that I pay attention, I see the requests for a Doomtown LCG. I guess I'm not the only one interested!
  12. Just as the title asked, whether original or through some acquisition of an old west license, would you play a western-themed LCG? I play Netrunner and Star Wars, and while the mechanics are great and fluid for both games, I confess the theme is what originally drew me to both. In an industry saturated with fantasy and sci-fi, do you think an exclusively western-styled (six-shooters, gangs, train robberies, sheriffs, etc.) game with solid mechanics would do well?
  13. I play Netrunner regularly there, but there isn't a dedicated Star Wars group yet. A few of us recently found each other though, and Bryan made the facebook group I linked above. We're in the process of organizing, and anyone is more than welcome to join in.
  14. There are a handful of us, and our budding little community is growing. Here is a facebook group recently made, "DFW Dagobah Denizens," that is steadily growing with Fort Worth / Dallas Players. A few of us played at Collected near TCU this past Saturday. https://www.facebook.com/groups/720281094666516/
  15. ::EDIT:: I don't see a way to delete my thread, so I'll just edit it. The inability to get in contact with the store was due to the recent purchase of the store that left us without contact information. We finally got ahold of them, and they were quick to provide some answers. Please disregard! FFG confirmed via e-mail that it is indeed on Nov. 1st in Arlington, and though the store hasn't 100% confirmed yet there is an indication to that effect. ::EDIT::
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