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  1. Do any of you recommend omitting certain parts of the various expansions? (Do they make the game unfun, are they overpowered, are they too weak) I've heard that things like the Flail from the City expansion can be a bit unbalancing. Should I leave it out? Are there any characters that are too overpowered for fun games?
  2. I just picked up Frostmarch, and seeing some of the alternate win conditions makes me wonder what your experiences have been with some of the alternate win conditions. Are some more fun than others? Are there some that aren't worth playing? I guess the alternate endings are listed here: http://www.talismanwiki.com/Category%3AAlternative_Ending_Card
  3. So, first of all... how many of you have felt the need to paint your miniatures? If so, do you have any general painting tips such as good paint brands to buy, whether or not to prime the figures first, etc. What do you use to protect the minis after painting... some sort of varnish? If you do an ink wash do you have to highlight as well, or can you get away with only doing the one? (Washes seem fairly easy, I never know where to highlight). Do you try and match the colour schemes of the character cards, or do you prefer to go with your own style? I've done some repaints on my X-Wing minis but have limited painting experience in general. I am strongly considering painting up the minis from Talisman, at least to make them a little easier to find on the board and to differentiate quickly between players.
  4. Lots of well thought out answers here. I feel like the Reaper expansion fell highly on most lists and I do like the idea of grabbing some of the smaller expansions... mainly for the fact that I don't have unlimited table space. I've always been excited about The City but I do worry about some of the unbalancing effects that I have heard about while reading around. It also seems like going in expansion release order is highly recommended, so I'll have to look into that too.
  5. I don't think that it can be legal to print copyrighted material for personal use unless you own said material in the first place. It's often legal to make backups, but definitely not legal to print them off if you don't already own them. Also, it's not really for personal use unless you only play the game by yourself.
  6. Here's the Reaper card. I just Googled it and this is the first picture came up.
  7. I just recently got into Talisman and am really loving it. So far I have the base game and the dungeon expansion in paper, and all the expansions in the digital version. I'd like to know your top 10 expansions (1 being the best, 10 being the worst) and any reasoning you might have. I'd really like to get a good idea of what to pick up next and what to leave behind. I really don't think I can afford the space or money to get every expansion, so I'd really like to know the best. Obviously you don't need to do the whole top 10+
  8. The customs guys probably cracked a few boxes and can't stop playing X-Wing now. Watch the headlines for unprecedented amounts of illegal goods entering the country while customs speculates on when Scum and Villainy will release.
  9. The ability to bring the love for my favourite Star Wars ships. I don't care if the A-Wing isn't that great!
  10. Love this. I really need to see more start to finish painting videos. I have no one to teach me how to be so amazing. I have painted some ships and they look good, but they don't look great.
  11. My biggest problem with vassal is that you are working on two separate skillsets. You still learn a lot of strategy and list building, but the board sizes are so different. You learn to see things in Vassal dimensions which doesn't help as much when you are sitting down at a normal sized board. Obviously, it will help a little bit, but not as much as just playing in the normal dimensions. I just need to find a way to get a 3' x 3' monitor...
  12. I remember going to forums in the past... RPG forums... that gave you titles and pictures for hitting certain post counts. That was the worst idea ever. Give a bunch of grind-hungry RPG'ers a level up mechanic and you end up with a forum full of posts like postcount +1 yay!
  13. It might hurt things a little bit, but I kind of doubt it. I really think it would get more players into the game. The ones that come from really small communities that either lack an LGS or a sufficient player base will suddenly be able to play. Pro Players will be able to practice more, and a love of the Online game might get some people in to the tabletop version. Anyone who has played some couch co-op videogames will know that it's a lot more fun to sit down with a couple of friends, crack some beers, and play from the comfort of your own living room. Playing with a bunch of random guys online isn't nearly as cool.
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