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  1. I think the funniest part about Eldar units in the German version is that they made up Eldar words for things that wouldn't have worked well in German. Hagun Zar for example is the German-version term for Witchblade.
  2. Works for me. Thoughts on low-tech weapons? I think they are severly underrepresented.
  3. 1. I'd rather turn it generally into a function of the hit roll, maybe with bonus dice expanding the trigger range to model that sweet headshot feeling 2. Nice idea. Even quick agents should have some delay. 3. Signed. 4. Define Pistol class with global Close Quarters. Also a suitable disadvantage for Light Weapons might be -20 to hit, -20 to evade next round, -30/-30 for Heavy Weapons just to model the possibility in a pinch. 5. No multiple attacks with Heavy Melee? 6. Make the weapons useful in the first place. They have no range, no damage, no rate of fire and no real bonus except for being silent. At least the crossbow must deal more damage and have mre range with 2 full rounds to reload. Explosive arrows should really do some diddely to be viable and lower range. Modified high-tech arrows with Mono or so. No fear to make them actually useful! Also one could mount small devices on them. Like scramblers, transmitters, microphones, etc. 7. A bit more of a difference would be nice. Maybe a special effect. 8. As the only one among the simple damage effects with a downside, that's a good point. Also Manstoppers should be renamed to Armor Piercing. Because that's what they do. 9. I like carrying stuff. All the stuff. 10. Please! Downsides to decking oneself out in armor! 11. Signed. 12. Signed. 13. A step system weighing damage against volatility, maybe? 14. One could tie them in with Subtlety? Heavy armor is not exactly subtle.
  4. Interesting concept, but I think this would cause a great lot of micromanagement for the GM. Accommodating divergent sensual input would force the GM to keep track of who can or cannot perceive what at all times. Let's say you have a group of five, three of which have augmetics with quirks. Now the GM has to work overtime simulating electrical hallucination and stuff beyond the perception of humans in three variations while doing what else is needed. So you would either mostly ignore it and it would only be a plot device when convenient or you cripple the flow. On the other hand, making it so (cheap) augmetics only get quirky when actively used for some test, then this might be very interesting in the game.
  5. This is something I very much like about The Dark Eye 4.1. Such drawbacks can give characters a lot of flavor or even be completely debilitating if amassed. The greatest problem here is, missing limbs or organs are very easily replaced, making them a very appealing tool to wring out just a few more XP. So what you have are character flaws and background problems which make for possibly tough problems for the GM if they are not very, very precisely and thoughtfully integrated. I would propose to go with the tradition of 40k Talents and make them into compounds of socially negative character trait with mechanical benefit (see Paranoia), only the negative effect should have more than narrative effect but actually constitute some kind of problem ingame. With the negative effect effectively giving you XP and at the same time unlocking a special Talent deriving an advantage from the condition, costing XP. Like, for example, choosing to be a choleric makes need to pass WP tests not to go apeshit when provoked but channeling that rage gives you berserking as a free action. There could be a wide range of negative conditions that provide a foundation for a useful ability.
  6. Things to get rid of: The wound system. I can hardly say I ever saw a damage system this badly constructed. It makes automatic weapons a method of 'softening' a target without much actual damage, which leads to the same problems as with DH1, just now you hope for a 10 so the next guy can kill the enemy thanks to the little wounds you accumulated. Also it leads to a shitload of effects you need to track. I would suggest an HP system with a threshold calculated from Tb and possibly 'HPb' above which even the first hit can generate critical effects, making Fury entirely a function of the hit roll to avoid the problem of high damage rolls producing Fury which makes spraying interesting. The talent trees. Seriously, who would think it was a good idea to make people buy unrelated stuff so they can get what they want? Remembrance in the current form. An all-in-one knowledge skill is an incredibly dangerous weapon as characters could potentially have any intel up their sleeves when needed. Just determining what a character should be capable of knowing demands much from the GM. Uncapped stat advances. There is only so much you should be capable of advancing. Maybe make it a resource. Like three advances per level max., one advance per stat and cap the overall number to invest in one stat with one or two higher for focus stats. The shotgun. This iteration of a historically pointless weapon is by far the most bizarre and pointless. Things to keep: Unified skills. It makes life much easier if you can count on skills applying to more than one narrow use so you are capable in a field, not a single activity. Weapon effects depending on more than one stat. Still, some kinks in there like scaling Pen with Strength. Things to build upon: The AP system. In its current state it is really dull and offers little effective options, especially since anything more complex than pulling a trigger seems to require a talent. Some actual options here and it could be far better than the old system. Chargen. It is nice, no question. The way it's made makes for a very compact way of presenting all the options you have. But it needs at least one more level to choose from and more flavor in terms of items, quirks, abilities etc. you acquire. Things to include: Range modifiers. Seriously. A useful shotgun. But that appears to be a general problem in these RPGs.
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