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    baldwookiee reacted to Yaccarus in The Complete Species Guide   
    The Complete Species Guide v5 is finally out! As usual everything is in the Google Drive Folder, (which has been rearranged slightly) including the individual pages, the PDF version, and the OggDude's Dataset. The Fancy Graphics version is on hold for now, as I'm still waiting for a response from thedearth2. For those who haven't been keeping up with the changes on the individual pages, v5 features 110 new species and is the first version to feature Canon species. Other highlights include featuring every species from the Ultimate Alien Anthology, New Essential Guide to Alien Species, and the Ultimate Species Menagerie.
    As we look to the future, I intend to begin working on v6 in the next few days. v5 is a checkpoint to update the PDFs and Dataset, but it will not be the end. I regret that v5 took so long, and I intend to make future updates smaller but more frequent. The best is still yet to come, and I have big plans for this resource beyond today. Enjoy and stay tuned.
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    baldwookiee reacted to Daeglan in Mandalorian - Spoilers inside, don't read until watched   
    Well you kind of did ask. Shrug.
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    baldwookiee reacted to Vondy in Please Stop Calling them Grey Jedi.   
    People who misuse the word literally drive me figuratively insane.
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    baldwookiee reacted to P-47 Thunderbolt in Mandalorian - Spoilers inside, don't read until watched   
    Mayfeld's face made it look like they did! 
    The classic. "Well, um... I had it all under control! I didn't need your help!" 
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    baldwookiee got a reaction from P-47 Thunderbolt in Mandalorian - Spoilers inside, don't read until watched   
    They should have realized how outclassed they were when he took out those droids.  There they were pinned down and not able to do anything against their opponents, while he sneaks around, and behind them, and takes them all down on his own.  
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    baldwookiee reacted to HappyDaze in Finally found a reference about distances in Terrinoth   
    That's still tame compared to the SeaWorld commercials that showed pods of orcas flying over the countryside. Those things are deadly threats, especially if you're wearing a tuxedo.
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    baldwookiee reacted to Donovan Morningfire in Quick question about minions...   
    "Do not fire at Will, he is my first mate.... FIRE AT THE SEA DUCK!"
    - Don Carnage, one of the (IMHO) greatest villains to come from a syndicated animated series.
  8. Haha
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    baldwookiee got a reaction from HaphazardNinja in Finally found a reference about distances in Terrinoth   
    If you thought a flock of birds flying overhead was scary, just think about a flock of horses overhead.  There must be a roaring hat business there.
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    baldwookiee reacted to Kyla in Resisting Order 66   
    Again, as I said, you're speaking from the standpoint of a viewer of the movie, and not as a character in the movie. I can personally guarantee that in all probability every single US president and most likely all foreign leaders as well, have issued orders that are illegal within their country or the global court's rule of law, but none of it matters, because no one has any evidence or reason to believe they have done so. The same holds true here.

    Order 66, when given in the context it was given, and with the knowledge that anyone receiving the order would know, was legal. Your pedantic "question" (which is actually an accusation that I would refuse to admit Palpatine was capable of possible wrongdoing) is pointless, because the act of committing a crime must be proven in a court of law, and that cannot happen until he is captured, arraigned for trial, and tried. Prior to that, he can be accused of a crime should reason and probable cause exist.

    It's easy for you or I, as a godlike, omniscient observer from outside the movie, say, "Oh, right, Palpatine is really behind the Separatists, and a Sith who wants to destroy the Jedi, so what he did was manipulate the situation and he's totally the villain breaking the spirit of the Galactic Republics laws..." but that isn't the point that was being argued. The point being argued is whether a good soldier would follow the order as given, and to answer that question, one can only take into consideration the information available to the soldier at the time the order was given. The answer to that question is that the order, as perceived to be understood, and at the time it was received, would be a lawful order.
    According to the new canon, the whole republic is only 1000 years old (https://www.starwars.com/databank/galactic-republic), created after the "100 years of darkness" that saw the Jedi battle the Sith. While it isn't inconceivable that the constitution of the Republic would mention the Sith in some capacity, there is absolutely nothing that confirms it, nor even suggests it, and likewise, nothing exists showing the Jedi Order to have any powers to terminate Sith either. Unfortunately, neither of those can be factored into the argument, because of this, though, to be fair, if we are operating from the perspective of the characters in the movie, as my argument was based, neither of those would matter because no one who was living outside of Anakin and Palpatine knew they were Sith. So regardless of the truth of the matter, there was no one to know when the Order was given.

    Having seen every episode of both the original Tartakovski Clone Wars and the new Filloni Clone Wars, I can say that the Sith weren't discussed outside of the Jedi and the Chancellor (well, Padme knew because of Anakin) and it's not really clear if the return of the Sith was totally to be believed, as the order was considered extinct. Yoda and the Council knew far more about this than most, because the series gets into some really deep dives into the metaphysics of Star Wars, but towards the end of the series, Yoda himself starts getting the hairy eye-ball for his theories and beliefs.
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    baldwookiee reacted to Kyla in Resisting Order 66   
    Again, you and I have the luxury of knowing what happened in that room because we saw it. No single clone trooper would in any way have access to that truth. As only living witnesses could explain the events, none of what you quoted would be told.

    As far as what Mace did, he went with the Jedi to arrest Palpatine lawfully, then was attacked by Palpatine, and fought Palpatine and disarmed him, turned his lightning back upon him until he was exhausted and called Anakin for help, then Anakin told him Palpatine needed to be arrested, but Mace said he was too dangerous and needed to be killed. 

    At that exact point, he no longer was acting in accordance with law. Even US law states that you are not protected by self-defense (even cops) if you kill an unarmed and surrendering foe. Palpatine very clearly states, "please help me" to Anakin, implying his defenselessness. Now, whether or not Mace was acting lawfully (which would, had he survived, been decided by a court of law) let me be clear that from the perspective of an audience viewer I in now way am claiming he was wrong. He absolutely should have killed Palpatine, and he was 100% trying to do the best thing for the galaxy and the Republic, but that doesn't matter in the context of whether Order 66 was a lawful order or not. Because he didn't kill Palpatine, he died. He got killed by the only other "Jedi" that could tell the story as true, as we the viewers saw it. The second that happened, we cannot in any way, shape, or form, assume that anyone else in the universe would know what happened in that room unless they were told or saw the security footage for themselves.
    What the canon explanation for the events as described by Palpatine was is this; Mace and his Jedi cronies stormed into his quarters, attacked him and ravaged his face, almost killed him, succeeding had not Vader arrived just in time to save his life and kill them.

    Not a single Clone Trooper (except maybe the Coruscant Guard that were loyal to Palpatine personally) would have seen that footage or known what happened. So, when Palpatine made up the tale that the Jedi tried to kill him, he wasn't lying (even though they had a damned good reason to do it), and so the idea that Jedi were traitors to the Republic, as far as anyone would have known, was a reasonable possibility. In that context, a soldier on the ground couldn't have called the order unlawful.

    From there, he created the Empire, and converted the democracy into a dictatorship, and so the only sane response of the people was Rebellion, that's how we get a lot of good movies, but it doesn't make the Rebellion legal, just right. The law is a poor judge of goodness. Slavery was legal, segregation was legal, neither of them were right, and they were both ended thanks to a lot of good people doing illegal things for the right reasons.

    Laws must be constantly challenged to maintain their validity and security, being modified or struck down when they seek to protect the public interest. If you believe that the law is always right and cannot be misapplied or manipulated to protect the guilty, then, sir, you genuinely and objectively scare me. 
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    baldwookiee reacted to Donovan Morningfire in Could a structure exist in hyperspace?   
    Am I the only one thinking the crew of the Cygnus from The Black Hole?  Albeit without quite so creepy an origin?
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    baldwookiee reacted to DarkHorse in Career Guide   
    I find these a pretty good one line summary of the 36 EotE career specs available. Not the most serious assessment but gives an idea of each.
  14. Haha
    baldwookiee reacted to Mark Caliber in Funny inside joke without context   
    Do they?  But, ironically you are nailing one key point on the head.  The player playing the Fragormaniac (I may not have the correct Latin term so feel free to elucidate) is indeed a new player.
    However, on top of playing a fragormaniac, she had a valid argument and (more importantly a) convincing argument.
    The team was on a mission and decided to steal a very large ship (Action IV) so that they could get ahold of a very large quantity of hyperspace fuel, enough to fuel the entire Rebel fleet.*
    Time was an issue and the team decided that the best course of action would be to steal said Action IV from the Corporate Sector Authority (CSA).  It was close and what kind of moron would try to steal that much coaxium from the CSA?  Impossible.  Right?  I mean they might have pulled this off at Kessel, but some jerk had already hit them a couple of years earlier and security on Kessel was bound to be worse.  (Right?  But I digress).
    So the plan was to head to one of the outlying CSA worlds, snag a ship and then quickly hyper over to Bonadan with the stolen ship so that they could sneak onto the Action IV.
    As the crew kept going over the math and with all of the ships that were going to be stolen in the near future, one of the problems that they kept running into was that they only had two pilots (because I forgot about the Hoz being a former TIE Fighter pilot and a loaner from Fighter Ops, but because The Hoz was there are a gunner he wasn't involved in most of the planning the PC's didn't realize that the could have possibly held onto this extra ship.  HAD the Hoz been in the planning they might have realized that they had enough pilots to man all three ships . . .  However they were still going to be VERY light on total crew anyways).
    As it was there just weren't enough pilots for the whole heist so when the Fragormaniac announced that she was going to blow up the ship, there wasn't much to object to.  Besides the Hoz loves watching an empty ship blow up just as much as the next guy.  Furthermore, the crew WAS able to get the first CSA ship off world without too much trouble and to cover their tracks, the team atomized the ship.
    Because the . . . <sigh> Fluffy Duck has a Ghost transponder all they really needed were the transponder codes so that they wouldn't stand out too much when approaching Bonadan.
    * Don't do the math.  I don't care if the fuel needed to move a loaded Action IV ISN'T enough to get 2-3 dozen warships out of a contested region, far enough to secure enough Coaxium for a subsequent jump to Hoth.  IMSWU it happened and the players are happy with their success.  It was a rough tough mission but the PC's pulled it off.  
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    baldwookiee reacted to HappyDaze in Anyone else having problem with the ceritificate on this forum?   
    Perhaps the certificate is On the Boat.
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    baldwookiee reacted to Absol197 in Working on an NPC: Force Mentor   
    You could always have the mentor be a non-sentient cactus.  That'd solve the problem of the mentor being too powerful.
    ...Was that just me?  Okay then, I'll see myself out.
    You see, it's funny because this is a thing I'm doing with a current character.  Seriously =) .
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    baldwookiee reacted to Absol197 in Trends, Statistics, and Predictions!   
    Okay, so!
    Final verdict: assuming the May 9 release date is correct (which it appears to be at this time), here's how Rise of the Separatists ended up shaking out.
    The total production time was 272 days from announcement to release.  This is in fourth place for longest book, behind Ghosts of Dathomir (370 days), Fully Operational (391 days) and Cyphers and Masks (405 days).  So while it did take a while, it's still not nearly as long as it could have been.  We were nearly 100 days quicker than the bronze-medalist!  And only 9 days longer than the very first "delayed" book, Strongholds of Resistance (253 days).
    However, it did get the record for longest time On the Boat, beating out the previous record-holder, Cyphers and Masks by 21 days (230 as compared to 209).  Although it did skip the At the Printer step, so it's possible that step got rolled into its time On the Boat, making it appear to be longer than it actually was.  I do wonder if Rise had spent a month At the Printer before going On the Boat, would people have been slightly more lenient about the delay?  Dunno...
    But that has been your statistics for the day!
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    baldwookiee reacted to Screenmonkey in Spreadsheet I put together that provides - Compiled Species (official and unofficial), Careers and Specializations, Talents by Career/Specialization; Specializations by Talents   
    I hope it benefits you all. Posting here in case you do not look at the Compiled Resources List in the EoTE forum.  Current through Allies and Adversaries, and will maintain as more books release.
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    baldwookiee reacted to Dafydd in Republic vs Imperial credits   
    Where are they going to be stealing the credits from? If it's somewhere that has to keep a large stock of hard currency on hand, like a casino, then they could be walking into the middle of a massive fraud on the part of the owner. If most of the reserve in the casino vault is actually worthless Republic credits, with only a small amound of Imperial credits to provide a veneer for anyone who inspects the vault and cover minimum operating costs, then things could get really interesting.
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    baldwookiee reacted to RLogue177 in Talent Compadium   
    I put this one together to help me keep track of things when I'm building the spec sheets. Maybe it is of use to you.
    Compiled Talents spreadsheet
    Sheet 1 is the list showing all the specs that have each talent, if a talent is passive/active, ranked, a Force talent, etc. Sheet 2 is the descriptions minus the symbols. I need the Rise of the Seppies book to complete some of the notations of the new talents.
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    baldwookiee reacted to Donovan Morningfire in Star Wars IX Teaser... Don't screw this up Disney.   
    I'm in.
    Granted, I'm one of those apparently mental cases who genuinely enjoyed The Last Jedi and never bought into the "Disney murdered my childhood!" bollox, so I'm not exactly a hard sell when it comes to new Star Wars movies.
    Curious as to the meaning of the title, but sincerely hoping that Abrams doesn't retroactively turn Rey into a long lost Skywalker descendant.  Perhaps she decides to adopt the name for herself, not unlike claiming a title?
    Does seem that we're getting Luke as a Force ghost and perhaps posthumous mentor.
    And it was cool to see Billy Dee Williams chuckling it up at the helm of the Falcon.  And of course, the laugh at the end...
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    baldwookiee reacted to SFC Snuffy in Anyone else have this problem with signature abilities?   
    I almost snorted tea all over my monitor when I read this!
  23. Haha
    baldwookiee reacted to Ghostofman in Anyone else have this problem with signature abilities?   
    No it does not seem silly when you put it in context.
    Look at something like Spending a D-point to introduce a Fact vs. the Utility Belt Talent and you'll see where this is going. In one case you can do something with GM permission. In the other you can do something within set confines whether the GM likes it or not.
    Now look at most signature abilities and you'll see a trend there too. Most Sig Abilities essentially say "Pick a specific problem or encounter, spend two destiny points and make a check, and if successful this problem or encounter is significantly easier, dramatically altered, or can be bypassed entirely.
    Now put the two together.
    Rousing Oratory: While the GM still has to approve what you're doing and the end result, the core attempt and the difficulty are set in stone. The Mandalorian extremists want you to go on a side quest to recover the buttplate of Mandalore the Flatulent before they'll agree to provide the distraction you need to slip past the blockade. Convincing them otherwise would normally be an "Impossible" check, so you go for broke and ask for your Rousing Oratory instead. GM agrees, and now you've got a dramatically reduced difficulty to work with.
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    baldwookiee reacted to Kyla in Jedi Order, 6000 years old?   
    The actual line is: "For over a thousand generations the Jedi Knights were the guardians of peace and justice in the Old Republic." Keep in mind that he didn't say the Jedi Order were the guardians ... only that the Jedi Knights were. Pablo Hidalgo is very aware of the words that Obi-Wan used, and I have a sneaking suspicion that the Jedi Order and the Jedi Knights are not the same thing. I think the behavior of Qui-Gon Jinn was representative of the backstory that they were going to expound upon; that being of many different viewpoints of the Force amongst the various factions of Jedi Knights that the "Prime Jedi" distilled into a single uniform code of conduct, thus creating the Jedi Order as it is now. Qui-Gon's focus on the Living Force being one of those earlier ideas and one that often put him at odds with the rest of the Order.
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    baldwookiee reacted to Donovan Morningfire in I want to be able to go to a store ask for the Star Wars RPG and they can point me at a single book called the Star Wars RPG   
    Yep.  And since the three book model proved to be fiscally successful for FFG, it's not likely they're going to change course and try to cram everything into a single rulebook.  WotC took that approach, trying to have their corebooks cover the prequel era, the OT era, and the NJO era, with the Saga Edition catching it the worst in terms of barest of bare essentials.
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