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  1. Maybe it's a faction of obstacles.....
  2. Interesting, but I don't think it's going to happen. It' makes sense for a role playing game to have citizens, but I don't think it makes sense in a spaceship dog-fight game. I having trouble thinking of ships and pilots for this.
  3. Thank you! Your squad builder is brilliant. It completely changed the way I think about building squadrons.
  4. I just saw this topic just now. I've had similar discussions about making an app before and have caught flak from friends on why I haven't made one myself because I do development for iOS and Android for a living. There are a lot of great ideas that I had never even thought of that you guys have come up with. I have one that I thought would be handy and that is the rules and FAQ in the app. BUT, before you get too far you need to think about the legality of this. FFG, Lucasfilm and Disney own the rights here and if you don't have their expressed written permission then you are wasting your time. It's not just use of the name X-wing, it's all of the names, of the characters, ships, weapons etc.. If you submit this to Apple it will be rejected in their approval process without permission, and yes they will check. You could put it into the Google play store or another Android store and it would be up briefly, that is until they receive the cease and desist letter which will come quick. I'm really not trying to rain on anyone's parade, I want this as much as the rest of you. But you really need to start with getting permission first, otherwise you might be wasting your time. Do we have any law professionals that can/will work on this?
  5. Yeah, I have thought of this too...but I was thinking one side would try to invade a planet, then have to get through the enemy fleet (Armada), Then get through the fighters in the atmosphere (X-wing), then fight on the ground (Imperial Assault). That's a good idea too. You could so different scenarios for different locations. Empire invades planet A, Rebels escape planet B. There could be a list of different game types: Invade/Defend Escape/Contain Hit and Run Rescue Looting
  6. What could be more demoralizing to your opponent than getting beat down by a pink Firespray?
  7. Han, Chewie and Lando could all be considered available for that faction. Perhaps in a future wave we will get them, they do have to think ahead. BUT, by that logic Han could also be an Imperial pilot if you want to dig into the EU. It could happen.
  8. newmagrathea

    New to game

    Look on Amazon or Miniatures Market to get ships for the best prices, you'll consistently save at least $4 per small ship, and save about $7 to $10 per large ship.
  9. There could even be an escape battle after an Assault game. Probably an x-wing game using the rebel transports. Hopefully they will come out with huge ships for the Imperials, if not then probably just use rebel transports as an Imperial ship.
  10. I think that as long as they are not the same location it shouldn't be an issue. The outcome of each battle would effect the next battles I would think. Another thing that would like to work in is scum and villainy. Maybe give them strategic locations that could be claimed or expanded.
  11. My friends and I are already kicking around ideas of doing a campaign using all three games. Anyone else also have this idea? Obviously we have to wait a little while for the games come out and get the full details of how they play so we can set a structure/scoring system. Some of the overarching concepts we were thinking about were: Selecting a specific pilot in X-wing as your pilot. Increasing point values for skirmishes won. Depending on the skirmish point allotted, it could be a large x-wing game or a small assault game. If the attacking side wins near a planet then it goes to an Assault game Thoughts?
  12. That is pretty cool, I always liked Interdictors. I need to get on Vassal, I downloaded it and set it up but never used it. I need more free time to play.
  13. Yes, if you where wanting to make your own fan fiction Star Wars movie you now have a even bigger supply of props in various sizes.
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