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  1. If you're craving cyberpunk adventures in New Angeles, but haven't found a group, check out End User, an Android open campaign! It follows a “participate when you can” approach, where anyone who is available to GM or play can step in for weekend adventures under the Beanstalk and beyond. Think of it as West Marches-lite. Several months ago, an app known as Crewzr popped up in New Angeles. While ignored by law enforcement as yet another random addition to the countless hook-up apps popular in the city, Crewzr has more in common with rideshares. However, instead of matching hovercar drivers with riders, Crewzr matches skilled professionals across multiple disciplines for dangerous, often clandestine jobs that pay well, and at least on the surface, benefit the common people of New Angeles, rather than the corporations. It has also been observed to match independent clones and bioroids with humans who are at least ambivalent regarding their rights, rather than actively hostile. It is unknown who created or maintains the app, but the service and the professionals it matches are highly regarded. Campaign Discord Campaign FAQ
  2. verdantsf

    Dresden Files

    I haven't seen anything specifically for The Dresden Files, but @drainsmith's Something Strange could easily be adapted to fit.
  3. verdantsf

    Questions on clones

    Yup, exactly! The ambiguity is perfect for an adventure hook 😁.
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    End User: An Android Open Campaign

    LF1M player for Saturday, March 23, Null Hypothesis III: Limbic Resonance The truth behind the legend of the yuki-onna holds the key to thwarting the Ripper's accomplices... Campaign Discord Campaign FAQ
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    Bioroids: Combat Skills - Hurting Humans

    Oye beltalowda! The novels have 2 bioroid detectives, Floyd and Drake, who routinely use synap pistols to apprehend criminals, so inflicting strain is definitely okay 🤖.
  6. verdantsf

    Questions on clones

    Officially, clones are sterile. However, like @HaphazardNinja mentioned, if the clone was specifically made to replace a person, then it could very well have that limitation removed, along with the usual behavioral conditioning, like being submissive to humans.
  7. verdantsf

    Adventure modules for GMs with no time?

    Here are two modules I wrote: The Malady Melody, a full adventure for Realms of Terrinoth Crossfire, a mini-adventure for Shadow of the Beanstalk. I'm currently working on a three-adventure series that includes Crossfire.
  8. Ran my campaign's first Network encounter. I kept it pretty simple overall with just 2 subsystems, but I like how robust the new rules are and look forward to constructing more thorough encounters.
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    End User: An Android Open Campaign

    LF2M players for Sat/Sun March 9 & 10, Null Hypothesis II: You Don't Know Jack The Ripper has been captured, but complications prevent the news from coming to light. With the NAPD unable to publicly exonerate Kevin AP7007, riots break out as Human First rallies the people of New Angeles... Campaign Discord Campaign FAQ
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    Character making checks for the team

    When it's a social check, outside of a full social encounter, I just let the team face handle a single check. I think it makes perfect sense that one person can speak for an entourage, especially when it's to get into a club. "Don't worry, they're with me!" When it's a Stealth check, I have the entire party roll, then pool the results. I got the idea from SWRPG, though there it's only extra successes can cover a failure. I like to keep it simple and just pool the total results, including advantages/threats. The sneakier PCs help cover for the mistakes of the less sneaky ones. "Shhhsh! Keep your head down!" Here's a clip from my most recent game using this method. I also use this for Investigation checks (I never purchased No Disintegrations, so I don't use that method). I allow the group to spread out, montage-style, and choose one skill they're good at, roll and roleplay the results, then pool everything at the end. Bad rolls represent false leads and unsubstantiated rumors, but since they're leveraging their best skills, it's generally weighted in their favor even with a Hard difficulty. For the two groups I ran through my adventure last weekend, both came out with net successes and solid leads in the case.
  11. From Worlds of Android, page 69: "The affluent, those who work particularly high risk jobs... often choose to maintain a clone created from their own DNA... and legends persist that the richest risties may simply choose to transplant their brain into the healthy clone's body."
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    Let's Talk Timeline

    I don't have the book on me atm and don't remember the relative dates, but iirc the completion of the beanstalk is mentioned as **35
  13. verdantsf

    Shadow of the Beanstalk errata

    Oh, hah. I cntrl-f'ed BMI. Just went with the acronym my player mentioned and didn't think to spell it out, derp! That's what I get for alt-tabbing while at work and not reading the previous entries more closely. Regardless, thanks for this list!
  14. verdantsf

    Shadow of the Beanstalk errata

    The BMI is incorrect; you have to spend a maneuver to “go deep.” -- Sam Gregor-Stewart. Thanks, @xaisoft!
  15. Iirc, the starter kits in Terrinoth were all a deal, with values above the default 500. They allowed characters to begin play with thematic gear that would cost just a little too much otherwise. One of my players (thanks @Khesh) noticed that this is not the case for Android, where most of the career packages fall short of the default 1,000 credits. Here are the numbers for all the careers, thanks to Snurf from the Genesys Discord server: Academic : 715 to 820 Bounty Hunter : 800 to 910 Con Artist : 800 to 820 Courier : 755 to 785 Investigator : 850 to 1010 Ristie : 920 to 1000 Roughneck : 620 to 800 Runner : 950 to 995 Soldier : 870 to 925 Tech : 790 to 1025 tldr; the career starter packages are not a deal for thematic gear, but rather a device to speed through character creation.
  16. I don't think it's really something that needs solving per se. I just brought it up because I told the players in my campaign, "hey, don't buy your gear separately with 1,000 credits, it's a better deal to go with the starter packages." I was wrong and wanted to give a heads up here, since it's an easy assumption to make.
  17. Oh, for me, it was just more of a surprise due to the difference with Terrinoth where it was ease-of-use & a discount. No big deal overall, though. Plus, the 1,000 credits in SotB vs. 500 in Terrinoth sure is nice.
  18. verdantsf

    CRB updated on DriveThruRPG

    I JUST convinced a friend of mine to give Genesys a try and he bought the CRB last night. I hope he got the updated version!
  19. Here is Sam's response: The starter packages are designed both to help point players in the right direction when selecting gear, and also to provide a quick series of choices for people who don’t particularly like to spend a lot of time focusing on gear. We don’t expect all of them to add up to 1,000 credits, as we were more concerned with making sure characters had an appropriate selection of starting gear. If you’re worried about maximizing the value of your starting gear, then you certainly should use the 1,000 credits given to you during Step 7 (if you take a favor to take additional credits, you should also not use the starting gear options, as it will not take your extra money into account). I get where he's coming from. I would have preferred kits that erred on the side of a bonus, especially for newer players, but 1,000 credits is plenty to work with.
  20. Whoops, I misread your question and thought you meant modifying weapons for vehicle scale. However, with Genesys, since it's so open, it's really just a matter of adding the weapons as you see fit. I would just go with whatever makes sense that doesn't make vehicle vs. vehicle combat a cakewalk.
  21. Page 223 of the CRB.
  22. verdantsf

    End User: An Android Open Campaign

    The group finally settled on a campaign name, thanks to our clone netrunner Clark "0tak00"! As a nod to the app that links us all together, it also hints at the danger from the unknown entity overseeing the whole operation...