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  1. verdantsf

    Adventure Module: The Malady Melody

    Adobe InDesign with assets shared by Drainsmith on the FFG Discord channel :).
  2. verdantsf

    Fan Written Adventures

    Here are several from the multi-GM campaign I was in: Shadow of the Broker Adventure Modules
  3. verdantsf


    Great job with this! I love the blend of mechanical effects and flavor!
  4. verdantsf

    Any longer campaign experiences so far?

    My current Genesys campaign is only 13 adventures in, but the SWRPG campaign I ran went for three years, with 150+ adventures and 200+ sessions. Most PCs were 1000+ xp, but two were 2,000+. The beauty of this system is that you can have groups with wildly different xp amounts, which is inevitable in the open, meta-campaigns that I prefer. However, even more important than the total XP characters have is how they use it. If someone is a highly motivated min/maxer, a completely broken character can be created well before the 300 XP mark. Emphasizing roleplay, not just rollplay, where character choices follow an emergent storyline, rather than simply what is mechanically advantageous, adds quite a bit of longevity. For example, my character only has a Presence of 2, however, I've invested in both Inspiring Rhetoric and Inspiring Rhetoric, Improved. He's not the best leader, but I roleplay it as him using negative reinforcement to get people "inspired." Character: "Really? You're tired? Should I fetch your slippers?! My eyes see an orc, but my ears hear an elf. Get a move on!" Me: "Rolling for Inspiring Rhetoric to add a boost die on top of the one already given through unskilled assistance. We need to keep marching!" Doesn't always work, but it's fun and gives my character something to do outside of combat hack & slash. I've been in plenty of campaigns where characters never stray from stacking advantages onto their best characteristics. The beauty of Genesys is the narrative dice system, so even on a failure, fun things can happen! Compared to GM'ing other systems, keeping things challenging for the PCs has been a lot easier. Add an extra rank of Adversary here, lower Crit Rating there, sprinkle in some Vicious, voila!
  5. verdantsf

    The Trouble with Tricksy (and How to Fix It!)

    My campaign has the overall rule of not being cheesy with RAW. That's prevented things like this, as well as a host of other shenanigans I've seen with other campaigns.
  6. The guild tries to strike it rich with the mysterious precious stones of the Starfall Forest.
  7. verdantsf

    Genesys Master Resources List

    All set: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/279164-adventure-module-the-malady-melody/
  8. Per instructions to create a thread for inclusion on the Genesys Resource List, I present The Malady Melody, an adventure module for Realms of Terrinoth 😷. As a magic-resistant pox ravages the Free City of Tamalir, tales spread of a musician who can heal with a song...
  9. verdantsf

    Genesys Master Resources List

    I'd like to submit my Genesys fantasy adventure module, The Malady Melody, for inclusion here. Thanks for maintaining this list, SJ!
  10. verdantsf

    Any other pre-made adventures for Genesys Fantasy?

    As a magic-resistant pox ravages the Free City of Tamalir, tales spread of a musician who can heal with a song... The Malady Melody, a Genesys Fantasy Adventure
  11. As others have mentioned, Al-Kalim is a good, lore-friendly spot for non-European PCs and is where my character hails from. He was raised in Vynelvale, though, since the campaign is still very much a standard Western Fantasy one at the moment. However, the long-term plan is for custom areas far off the current map that will provide adventures in African, Asian, and Mesoamerican settings.
  12. verdantsf

    Dungeon Delving and Loot

    I've considered random loot, but for now I'm concentrating on items that are story-related. I've been focused on plot-heavy adventures, but I do like a good ole dungeon crawl every now and then. I'm running a mash-up of Genesys and Darkest Dungeon sometime soon, and will include random loot in that one.
  13. verdantsf

    Clarification on Signature Weapon

    Supreme states Rarity 9 or less, though.
  14. verdantsf

    Clarification on Signature Weapon

    For a second, I thought the same thing, but the clarification is specifically for the Supreme version of the Heroic Ability . The special attachment at chargen is still only active when the Heroic Ability is activated.