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  1. verdantsf

    Magic seems like it's set to low damage

    This, big time. In a previous urban fantasy campaign and the current high fantasy one I'm GM'ing, magic has consistently been top tier damage, while still providing incredible versatility.
  2. verdantsf

    Magic seems like it's set to low damage

    Indeed :). @Wisconsen has been magically smiting enemies left and right!
  3. verdantsf

    Magic seems like it's set to low damage

    It really depends. One of my players with a starting character roasted a vampire with an 18 damage fireball + 6 Burn. 4 Willpower + 2 Implement + 12 Holy Damage (6 successes x 2).
  4. The party's investigation leads them to Nerekhall, where malevolent magic once held sway:
  5. verdantsf

    Shapeshifter Talents

    This is one of those cases where it's important to have a conversation with players regarding campaign expectations regarding roleplay vs. rollplay. Especially for a system like Genesys that combines crunch with a narrative focus, roleplay is an important consideration that helps balance otherwise overpowered game mechanics. In my campaign, Shapeshifter is one of the few character choices that require GM approval. Anyone who chooses it will need to treat it as a significant part of the PC's RP and not just a combat gimmick.
  6. verdantsf

    Mass Effect

    There are a few, but Singularity posted above is definitely my favorite!
  7. Recording of Session 1b, the canon entry from this weekend's three runs. Made a mistake with the Blast rules at the end, but also forgot about the ongoing boost die from burrow gnome militia training, so it all evened out.
  8. verdantsf

    Some questions on creating my character and skills

    If your character is female, maybe she was first born, but not the first born son. Perhaps to prevent conflict, her father gave her an important mission that necessitated her leaving for the north.
  9. verdantsf

    Some questions on creating my character and skills

    @Richardbuxton's idea of your character being a prince, rather than lord, allows for a lot more flexibility in terms of your adventuring career. Greyhaven is a LONG way away from Zanaga, and if your character had just become leader of the pride, it's odd that he would leave for an extended absence immediately after. While the campaign will eventually head out of Terrinoth into other lands of Menarra, it's going to take a while.
  10. Yup, I've reworked the adventure to fit a starting party. Also, thanks to SWRPG, I always do open GM rolls. With the Narrative Dice System, it's fun to collaborate with the players on unexpected results.
  11. Great! FYI, the current 5th player joined after another had to drop. We still have a week to go, so you might still get in. I'll add you to the wait list. However, if there's enough interest, I might run a second session. Keep an eye on the Discord channel for more updates.
  12. Google auto-translated the time when you went to the event page :). It's Noon - 3pm US Pacific for me.
  13. Here's the campaign FAQ and character roster.
  14. verdantsf

    Any other pre-made adventures for Genesys Fantasy?

    You're providing fonts and Genesys symbols for the Word Template or style guide for Setting documents thread. In your own words, "this is a LaTeX package to typeset documents in the format of the Genesys RPG published by Fantasy Flight Games." I see Croaking Sirocco and the fanmade products you're helping with as a good thing for our community. I'd love to see more fanmade adventures shared, just like how Edge of the Empire has a massive compiled resource thread that includes tons of free adventures.
  15. verdantsf

    Any other pre-made adventures for Genesys Fantasy?

    It's free.