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  1. Game tonight at Limited Figures, 6pm. We will be playing every second and fourth Wednesday. Off 29, Exit 5 near Kmart (not in the same plaza).
  2. We're planning on being at Limited Figures tonight at 6pm. For those who are there, I'd like to discuss things like regular tournaments, campaigns, big games, etc. See where what direction we want to head. Hope to see you there!
  3. I'm glad to see my thread has expanded to include all of the metro KC area. Good to know I'm not the only one playing! We will be hosting another game at Limited Figures tonight at 6pm. It's off to the side of Kmart, just off of Exit 6 on I-29. Beginners are always welcome! Even if you are just interested in giving it a try, come on out. Also, tonight we'll set a better schedule for the rest of the year, given the upcoming holidays. See you there!
  4. Tonight we'll be playing at Limited Figures in KC, 6pm. 100 points. We haven't progressed to the point of tournaments yet - right now we're just getting a regular group established. Many of the current bunch are still learning. I've been to Game Cafe, but unfortunately it's a bit far for me to be a regular (Platte City). Hope to see more of you there tonight!
  5. I actually sold it to the store for cost. Not sure if he still has it.
  6. We're having our second game this Wednesday at 6pm. Stop by, if you can -even if you've never played!
  7. We are going to start this Wednesday (today). However, I imagine that this will be more about teaching new players. As we get more people committed, we can decide on a regular night. I know about Game Cafe. Nice place, but for me, personally, it's on the complete opposite side of the metro area and therefore not ideal for regular gaming.
  8. We're attempting to get a group together for regular gaming, starting this Wednesday evening, 6pm at Limited Figures games. The address is 8329 N Congress Ave Kansas City, MO, and is in the building next to the Kmart off of Exit 6 on I-29. Once we establish a regular group and time, we can discuss leagues, tournaments, etc. RIght not there are a number of people in the area who know about the game, but don't know how to play yet. Let's get something started!
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