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  1. No. I did see a demo. Because I attend game fairs.
  2. Brilliant if you can pull it off. Insane otherwise. So it's probably both.
  3. dvorm

    SWX58 Still missing

    Operating expense is a bit too high for me. Guess I'll pass on this one.
  4. Are you certain of that? I am under the impression that the "highest selling miniature game on the market" is from a company in Nottingham.
  5. I'd bring a huge bat. Maybe it intimidates him to let me win.
  6. You don't need to use your action to perform the free barrel roll action. You need to use your action to perform the expert handling action. Some history might explain the current phrase. There were three versions of Expert Handling: The first variant allowed a barrel roll. That barrel roll was not an action. Vader was able to barrel roll twice. The second variant was online in the FAQ for about one hour. It read barrel roll action. Vader was the only pilot able to perform the entire expert handling action. Then FFG created the current variant: Free barrel roll action.
  7. A ship can perform one action during the perform action step. Free actions are in addition to that action. The header Action: requires you to spend one action. In order to use expert handling you need to spend one action which is probably the one action allowed during your perform action step. One part of expert handling is a free barrel roll action. So you perform a total of two actions. One of them is free. Without the word free on that card you'd need to spend two actions to use expert handling. Which is not an easy thing to do unless your name is Darth Vader. A barrel roll may start on top of an obstacle. Neither the end position nor the maneuver template may overlap one. Expert handling cannot be used at any time. It requires an action to activate. You can use it when you have the option to perform an action.
  8. No it does not. Counterexample: The non-immediate Vader resolves prior to the immediate gunner.
  9. Rules Reference p.13: Each ship is limited to one modification. Huge Ship Rules p. 1: Huge ships count as a single ship consisting of two bases, one ship token, and one or two Ship cards.
  10. "Immediate" effects resolve prior to non-immediate effects? That is a common assumption. Which is proven wrong by counterexample: The non-immediate Vader resolves prior to the immediate gunner. For all intends and purposes "immediately" has no meaning at all.
  11. Exactly. Nothing wrong with that. I play chess for a couple of decades. If you need a game to go your way during the last round of a tournament (in addition to winning yourself) you are screwed. If you did not win during earlier rounds you are not good enough. That applies to both swiss-system and round-robin.
  12. Great! I spend my stress token. And my damage card. Any time I like.
  13. Most people cannot read aurebesh. You'll probably get away with any text.
  14. You can even spend your TL to reroll zero dice when attacking DC. Not sure if you ever want to do that.
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