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  1. Hi there, I currently own the basic starter set and was wondering what would be a good event-location-character ratio. Some decks seem to be very character light in this set. I know that there is a 3 copy limitation on each card but beyond that not sure what to do. Please let me know. Thank you
  2. Has anyone considered or actually used metal washers attached to the underside of the miniature base for weight ? If so, what did you use as your glue and what size washers did you use?
  3. How viable is this ? I envy Tie Swarms, I really do. The closest I could think of so far is the A-Wing swarm. But has anyone tried an X-Wing "swarm" ?
  4. Thanks guys, I dont feel too bad. My opponent won both games so my unintentional cheating didnt really have a huge impact on the game. I will know better for the next time.
  5. I dont like the Gunner upgrade. Might just be my luck. But for the gunner to kick in you need to completely miss. And I was managing exactly 1 point of damage on each attack today. It was just bizarre. So it seems to help only if you roll extremely poorly...imo
  6. Hello, Played Boba Fett with engine upgrade and push the limit today. Long story short lost both games. I am not sure if I did this right. I would move my ship, turbo boost, and then turbo boost again via PTL card. I thought you can perform one action, and a free action in one round. Now looking closely at the rulebook it seems that I cant do that since it is the same action. So, no turbo-boosting twice ? Please let me know. It didnt help me in the end but I would like to play this right.
  7. Mishgun2k

    Gunner upgrade

    Thats great to know! Thank you
  8. Mishgun2k

    Gunner upgrade

    Got Slave 1 today. So does the Gunner "kick in" after all the rolls were made and modified on both sides ONLY if the attack resulted in no damage? Card text says when you miss with an attack. I understand that hit=actual damage point that went through evades and shields (hull damage). So a missed attack means NO hits of any kind were scored and the Gunner will let you make 1 more attack ?
  9. thats a good idea actually! And to cooment on why exactly I have those ships - very limited local supply, so I buy what I can get my hands on
  10. We played a few starter games. A demo with basic rules and 3 missions using advanced rules.
  11. I am looking for help with building 2 lists for my wife and I to play with each other. I am terrible at list building and worry that one list will be more powerful or unfair than other. Please help me out. Here is what I already own 2x Starter Set Tie Fighter 3xTie Interceptor 3xBomber Lambda shuttle 2x B wing 3x A wing 2x Hawk I was thinking 100 points, but maybe on account of us being beginners we should do 50pts?
  12. I see now...okay thank you very much. I was going to put a blaster turret and recon specialist on my Lambda. But now I think I will keeo the HLC
  13. Just got my shuttle today and was wondering about HLC. It is an expensive upgrade, and it forces you to turn crits into regular hits. Am I missing something? Is this actually good ?
  14. Mishgun2k

    Stealth device

    I keep hearing about it and know what it does but I don't know what pack does it come with? So far none of my ships have one Also is there a way to look up what pilots/upgrades come with each pack ?
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