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  1. Hello again everyone, I have really enjoyed reading everyones thoughts and idea on well everything that has come up. I would like to apologize for my lack of posting and what not. I wont lie it was interesting to see that someone resposed and said it was not an error or anything. I like the Ranged (Bow) custom skill idea. I dont mean to stir the pot or whatever, but i dont see why the guy would lie. It seems like it would be more work and effort to lie and cover up the mistake then to say 'oops it was a mistake. This is what it should be' now i still dont necessarily agree that it should be a different skill, or if it is it should still have the cumbersome rating, or if it has a different skill and lose the cumbersome 3 then the regular bow should gain accurate or something. Anyways thank you everyone for the imput it was fun, Ullr
  2. Hello again everyone, Well I have the Suns of Fortune Book now and I am enjoying it very much. I was going through the book's weapons and saw a bow. I thought that was cool, but all I did was look at the chart. So now I have gone through to read the descriptions on all the items and what not and something stuck me as odd with the bow. The standard ammunition of the compound bow is a broad head arrows, but you have the option to get a little more bang for your buck with the explosive tipped arrows or the stun arrows. Now here come the confusing part. The book says if these arrows are used, use the secondary profile given on table 3-1. Corellian Compund bow Skill : Ranged Heavy Range : Medium Special Cumbersome 3 Yes there are other stuff, but those are the most important for my question. Now the arrows are the same range, but use ranged light as a skill and lose the cumbersome special MY biggest question is why does it change skill? Should it not still use range heavy and it shouldnt lose its cumbersome rating right? Is this some sort of mistake? Cause it just doesnt make any sense to me, or my roommate who also plays in our group. I would like to hear what everyone thinks or if someone just has the answers that would be great. Thank you for everyone's help, Ullr P.S. Sorry if I posted this in the wrong area, or it has already been addressed
  3. I find it hard to believe from a rules perspective that they thought it made sense to have those arrows use a different skill in the bow. I'm also hope they didn't make a blatently obvious mistake like this twice in a row, sooo.... My assumption on this is that the Ranged (Light) for the special arrow types refers to the weapon skill if you're just using the arrow (like throwing it without the bow). Still seems like a stretch. It would be nice to have some official confirmation. What about the fact that they are range medium? You would have to be pretty good at throwing arrows to hit someone that far without that bow. I think this may be an error.
  4. I forgot to mention that we will have a face character. He just isnt sure exactly what class and race he will play.
  5. Hello Everyone, Well I got the Sun of Fortune book the other day. Just in time too, my play group was just about to start playing. If the title wasnt obvious I really enjoy the Selonians. I think I may have a few idea going through my head for playing one, but to me their stat line is kinda wonky. Does anyone else think that? I am just not sure what career and specialization would fit best for the Selonian. I want to play a selonian fairly bad, and have sense they announced them for suns of fortune, however I want to make sure I will be able to contribute to my group. So far in my group it looks like we will have a human big game hunter who will also fill in our role for a pilot and a droid doctor who plans to maybe move into marauder. I would love to hear some ideas, tips, and advice from the community. Thank you, Ullr
  6. Hello there. I am in Castle Rock and i would be willing to commute to play in denver. I dont have anyone else to play with on anything resembling a regular basis. If you are interested in allowing me to join your group let me know and ill give you some contact information. i hope to hear from you soon
  7. Well first off hello everyone. I am new to gming EotE or any rpg in general. i like the idea of being a gm because i like doing the narrative, especially with this game as it makes it very easy to do it and leaves a good bit up to the players and the gm. on another note i have been reading a lot you guys have put up on these boards and I would like to thank everyone for just bout everything. Now to get to the point. I have one player who wishes to play a marauder who uses a vibro-sword, which he obtained from his mentor. We were reading up on the lightsaber, because he does wish to eventually obtain one. Long story short the book says that the lightsaber can be used with either brawn or agility if I remember correctly. My player was asking me why he couldnt use his sword with agility. He wants to be using a agile sword style. I was hoping for on some on ideas why it would be bad or good to let him make melee and agility skill when using his sword. Now I have a second player who wants to play a story teller type character. He wants to play an older human with a bunch of knowledge lore and what not. We both believe politico is a good fit for the class with its inspiring rhetoric and scathing tirade. Now this character wants two things. 1 A career skill of perform(storytell) which will use presence based off the fact that thats what charm uses. The second thing he wants it to have only 1 brawn to represent his character is old and frail now. Which I am cool with but he wants some bonus exp or a boost in another stat. How would you guys handle this? P.S. Sorry if Im posting in the wrong spot.
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