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  1. I have no idea how this would play out but it sounds f@#king brilliant.
  2. I made a chapter called the Guardian Angels. Successors of he Blood Angels, they were a second-founding, although everyone else heavly disputes this as even the BAs have minimal records on how they came to be, just that it IS a 2nd Founding. They hail from a Feudal World where knightly orders crusade around being all knightly and peasants till the land and kings fight each other for causes both grand and pointless, all very medieval. The GAs recruit from the pages of the orders who show the most promise. Their chapter cult is one of ABSOLUTE honor and charity. They believe that the point of a Space Marine is to defend the common people from the various hungry aliens in the skies. The issue is they have rather badly flawed Gene-Seed: Hyper-Stimulated Omophagea, Oversensitive Occulobe, Mutated Catalepsean Node. This basically means that they are driven to eat flesh and drink blood, they have to keep their helmets on in sunlight, and they swing between narcolepsy and insomnia, leading them to fight ever harder to keep their good name. Interestingly, their almost-overwhelming desire to devour flesh and drink blood seems to curb The Flaw a wee bit. They have a VERY strange chapter organization: They have no Apothecaries as each one of them receives extra training in such medical work (this leads to a thousand marines with Combat Lifesaver training and can retrieve Progenoids, but few can perform any REALLY advanced duties of an Apothecary), they also have 21 Companies (12 Assault Companies, 4 Tactical Companies, 4 Devastator Companies, 1 Veteran Company, no Scout Companies (trained as Squires), no Reserve Companies) Their Traditional Weapon is the Power Sword/Astartes Shield combo, though this is wieldly only by those worthy to receive such a glorious weapon. They rule directly over their homeworld, using their power to ensure conflicts (and the status-quo) remains. They are also a Death Cult, because of the depression they begin to feel because of their flaw and the burden they have chosen to shoulder (they believe the entire Imperium depends on them and they refuse to tone down their galaxy-wide operations) The Inquisition likes to make surprise visits to their ships and Fortress-Monastery. Some within the Ordos think they have something to hide, and they do: One Inquisitior found the chapel they do their Death Cult rites in, and found himself part of the "festivities"...... How did I do?
  3. I do dispute this though and disagree with you. Exterminatus tier weapons have their place either as a threat to your enemy or as a tool to be used. It pleases the gods and many of them don't care whether it was done either on the ground in a mass battle or by having someone enact a ritual and press a button. Either way, billions of Imperial souls are lost screaming to the warp as a planet is burned and ripped apart in their names and will surely result in their favour for such actions. Furthermore, a Champion does not require the huge legions either. Who is the greater servant of chaos and the true champion? Would it be the Chaos Lord who strides across the battlefield in his terminator armour, wielding a dark blade in the name of the gods, covered in the boons of his dark masters and laying waste to the Imperium's finest in a climactic war with millions falling around them or is it the humble unsanctioned psyker who explores too deeply into ruinous tomes, his mind a conduit for new ideas and theories about the warp and allow that seed of Chaos to take root on a new homeworld and spread as he tells others of what he knows and thus the creep of corruption and decay spreads slowly and quietly? I know who would deserve more prestige in such a situation. At the end of it, Chaos wants worshippers, devotion, souls that are theirs to claim from it all. Ideally a living one is more use to them than a dead one. I do t totally disagree with you on any point. I do though, tend to live by a single axiom. "Power is not what you can do, but what you can make your minions do for you." I typically play really domineering types, so this may color my thoughts on the matter.
  4. Super weapons?? No no no. You dont need overcompensating big guns. You need armies. Supplies. Ships. Planets. Champions don't need giant bombs, they need hordes at their command to lay waste to worlds in their name and fleets to move them closer to the next slaughter. Exterminatus does not please the gods the same way a titanic world ending battle with millions of warriors soaked in blood and flooded with emotion.
  5. Now now Robin. We know what flag you fly.....
  6. That's why I equipped my Veterans to be Flamer heavy Orks still die to templates when three flamers roast the same guys!
  7. Because nothing quite says "FEAR THE WRATH OF HIM ON EARTH" like an Ogryn coming at you with pink bedazzled armor glinting in your eyes as he pulls the triggers on the Ripper Gun he has, liquifyimg everyone around and leaving you a sobbing mental train wreck.
  8. I don't think you understand how happy it made me to read this pile of zany absurdity
  9. You could also petition your master before a mission, and make the case that a certain cybernetic would be SO useful to that mission you feel it would be a sin to NOT get it! That worked for me at least.
  10. When as Heavy Gunner with a malfunctioning Heavy Stubber with tyranids incoming you swing your heavy stubbed like a club, burning the hell out of your hands and killing more bugs like this than when you were shooting. When this gets you two medals in one action.
  11. I see all these wonderful souls to turn to the truth, but my laptop hates roll20! I am a GM for BC which is also my favorite line by far. Based in Missouri of all places. Does anyone have an alternative to roll20?
  12. They now have a few quintillion humans looking to stick it to chaos however they can. Just....asking nicely. Through gritted teeth.EDIT: Smartphone, huh? Ya tink auto corect is funy do yeh?
  13. I would watch that so hard. But I would also wait until at least four seasons came out on DVD or Netflix so I could watch them all at once XD
  14. Its like some horrible twisted sitcom XD
  15. Sure, we can corrupt a Kroot physically. What about making them genuinely turn to the gods though?As for Tau, its more about novelty than any real attempt to make Chaos Tau. And Dark Eldar? I always wondered why one didn't just run to Khorne or Nurgle or....anyone else for that matter. I mean, surely someone would like to stick it to Slaanesh, right??
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