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  1. I agree. It's probably one of my favorite films of all time. It was just great the entire way through. It's really upped the stakes for the new Star Wars films. They are going to have some fierce competition in the GotG franchise. The dialogue is all smartly written too. It's real conversation, not awkward movie scripting.
  2. Hey Oggdude. I downloaded and installed the new version. (Manual Install from Google) Now when I click "Character Generator" from the launcher it just flickers but doesn't load anything. The same thing happens when I try to load it without the launcher. I'm off to work for the night, but I can try to add more info Tuesday.
  3. Norton, yeah, I didn't explain it all that well, but what you describe is how I play GtA. So if you GtA, the shields you choose to fire at is also the enemy weapon arc you are in. This way maneuverable ships can get on your tail where you "can't shake them", but you can boost rear shields to help against their attacks. This also make having a wingman realistically more important. Funny thing is, this is how I interpreted the rules as a whole, so it's how I have been playing it all along without realizing it wasn't clearly that way.
  4. When it comes to outflying, that's when chase rules take over. (If you are taking about running away.) If I were to "houserule" 1 thing, or just wish for a change in the book, it would be to combine the Pilot skill description and the GtA action, by adding that a successful use also allows the pilot to choose which of the enemy's fire arcs he is in. This is how I play it, & the only rule tweak I see needed to make GtA work more like I imagine it should in real life. (To me, the rules and the FAQ already say as much, but I can see how it could be made a lot clearer.)
  5. Yup, that one. Once again, denial. Okay, to become more civil, why is the game "broken" on Speed, but yet your houserules don't change this? They only add unneeded complication to the system. Why the up in arms attitude about the A-Wing, which is really a glorified TIE? TIE's 1 advantage is that they are super agile, yet they blow up all the time in the films. Why is Speed the end all, be all of the dogfight? Also, why do many of your examples use high piloting or gunnery as a negative example? (Saying that Handling is meaningless as piloting gets higher,etc.) A great pilot or gunner SHOULD be able to compensate for a less than perfect fighter.
  6. How is constantly saying dickish things to begin any of your replies to anyone being not a ****? All you have done in this thread is tell people they are wrong and the game is broken. You just did it two posts up! And no matter that every time a rule which takes care of any complaint you have is pointed out, you just dismiss it as not good enough or "narrative." Earlier in this thread you showed you have no idea what air groups, combat missions, and dogfighting is actually all about. Instead of ever saying you were wrong, you just backpedaled and continued to argue. People are continuously pointing out why you don't get it, but you just keep saying the same stuff anyway. I'm not going to perpetually repeat it, just read the thread over again. (And sensors are crap in Star Wars. They are shown depending on visual detection often.)
  7. Dude, come back when you understand the game and your not such a total **** (because honestly that's all I've seen you act like here.) You're just yelling like a child now. Your houserules do nothing but prove you just don't get it. (And no game is perfect, but man you sure think you are.) You don't understand how anything in the real world works in these situations, and yet you don't want to emulate the films, so you're really just arguing to try to prove how right you are that the game most of us enjoy is somehow wrong because you say so, and here's a load of really unnecessary Houserules. Honestly, if this thread was called "houserules for starship combat" I would never have looked here. But it says the game is broken, which is just plain ignorant. I should have known to just let you prattle on in this thread and continued to ignore it.
  8. You are overpowering the advantage of Speed. Speed is not inherently an advantage in combat. Maneuverability is. A good marksman can hit something travelling in a straight line at high speed as well as something moving slower. This is especially true when you consider that your continuing argument is that nothing else matters (when in fact it does, you just refuse to play the game that is in front of you). When nothing else matter (because, who needs narrative), a fast ship is always travelling exactly towards or exactly away from an enemy ships guns, which means it is no harder to hit than someone sitting still. By your own rules, Speed means nothing. If Speed meant so much by itself, they'd be strapping guns on drag racers and fighting tanks. Maneuverability adds to piloting rolls, which add to the ability to move through obstacles, GtA, oppose piloting checks, etc. Boosts add advantages, and advantages can make it harder for the enemy to hit you. Fast ships only really on "narrative" because you ignore every rule that pertains to them. Should the rules REALLY make fast ships impervious? Why would the rules even include firing arcs, opposed pilot rolls, etc., if you were not supposed to incorporate them? It's just crappy GM'ing to ignore those things and want a rule for every single circumstance. The dice are narrative. You can't get around that FACT. I totally understand you are looking for a more tactical game. I just don't understand why you are assuming this should be it?
  9. StarWars.com says the A-Wing has pivoting cannons on each wingtip, so the Fire Arc should be forward and back. Why is the A-Wing the galaxy's greatest fighter again? Oh, it's not. I see nothing saying it has any advantage beyond what the rules give it. It's maneuverable, it can get places fast. That's pretty much it. Sure, if you negate firing arcs, piloting rolls, GtA + Evasive Maneuvers, Sensor ranges, & the narrative system (yes, I know, you hate the word narrative... sorry, it's part of the system) then it looks like it gains nothing from it's speed and maneuverability. However, all those things exist... so, why are we on p.14 of this same argument? Going by the same logic, a super agile small character in the personal combat rules is also getting totally screwed when they run across an empty field shooting at you. Big armored guy has the exact same chance to hit agile small guy per range, speed, and size. It's only the other interactions of Agility, Talents, GM use of Boost & Setback to fit narration, etc., that give agile shorty any advantage. Luckily, all these things are part of the rules.
  10. For cases of Force user vs Force user, I let the opposing Force user roll their Force die and cancel the original users Force points with their own. I hope all these things are answered officially in F&D.
  11. I understand your pain as well. I'm mid 40's and have to take my glasses off to read the book, even though they are bifocal. Not so bad sitting and reading it, but awkward at the table. I think it needs to be slightly bolder or darker. The 13th Age book is a great example of a perfectly readable rulebook.
  12. Why would they all use them? Why did everyone panic when Luke shut his off? Luke hitting the target without his computer wasn't to show how crappy the computers were, it was to show Luke using the Force. Bullets don't travel at the speed of light either, but you can't dodge them.
  13. "I have you now... as soon as I... what the crap is a Charms Bar? Where is the Start button?"
  14. Artteach, I agree with people expressing themselves and having different tastes. Narrative is certainly not for everyone. However, the OP's OP claimed that the game was broken and he was gonna fix it... which just isn't true, nor is it even much of an opinion really. His ongoing attitude wasn't really one of exchanging ideas. As for targeting computers, Luke famously shuts his off for the trench run, so they definitely have them. I also have to assume that's what Darth Vader is dialing in every time it shows him in the cockpit.
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