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  1. In. I kinda faded out a year ago, mostly because of busy life issues. Though the many FAQ's helped with the inconvenience of getting back in. I dreaded going through the most recent FAQ and updating myself on all the changes. I yearned for the simple days when what was printed on the card was actually the rule. 2.0 brings that back and FFG will have learned from 1.0, so I expect even better. I think the conversion kits are great and I will probably buy only one each. When I started out, I bought the max number of each ship you could possibly fly at 100. I quickly found I rarely ever played that way. I realize that eventually, 2.0 will have the same stacked FAQ's as 1.0 does currently. But I will enjoy the golden age in the mean time.
  2. You can fix a dullcote "snow job" very easily. Allow the model to completely dry. Then spray the "snow jobbed" model with with a high gloss clear lacquer. I have always used a cheap home depot brand. The gloss lacquer will remove the dullcote "snow job". Allow this to dry and then apply dullcote again. Taking care to be in a low humidity environment, and to do thin applications. It got to the point with me that I just do the high gloss lacquer first, and then do dullcote. I actually think it makes the colors more vivid as well as creating a fantastic protective layer.
  3. Gonna go white, but going to do some color somewhere to separate my army from others. My group does lots of mini tournaments and inevitably we will have Imperial vs Imperial matches. I love the dark grey and black lines on the FO Tank troopers and could see myself doing something like that on my whole army.
  4. That is excellent! I am working on a 3D painted set, probably borrow the idea
  5. I'll paint my mini's however I want. If some one refuses to play me because they are not the "correct" color, then I guess I would be be very happy with my decision.
  6. I am entering a tournament after taking a year or so off. I have been buying models the whole time, just not playing. Anyways wanted to play with ships I hadn't used yet and came up with this build. It's one point over so I may need to adjust. What do you all think? DASH of MIRANDA 101 points PILOTS Dash Rendar (52) YT-2400 Freighter (36), Push the Limit (3), “Mangler” Cannon (4), Outrider (5), Engine Upgrade (4) Miranda Doni (37) K-Wing (29), Twin Laser Turret (6), Tactician (2) Bandit Squadron Pilot (12)
  7. Would love to get these for ALL my dials. But since I have so many dials... I would easily be in the $120+ range to cover them all. And while not a ton of money, it is really a luxury I do not need. They look neat though. Wish they had worked out to about a buck each. I would have definitely bought them for all my ships.
  8. Like a lot of what others said, I don't feel like its worth it. I say this having purchased 4-5 X-Wing BF trays. Why? In 6 months you have to buy more to accommodate more releases. Now I just have a nice set of shelves to keep all my minis on, and when I travel I just throw everything I need in a Core set box. I taped some clear plastic over the window so nothing falls out.
  9. Maybe the Rebel Vets box will have 3 ships? Like the Scum and Villainy box.
  10. Anyone figure out if there was a regular night for Star Wars at Eastside? I guess I could call Clint.
  11. I would love to meet up and play. I have a ton of this stuff and no one to play with. I live in West Chester and could meet at any of the Dayton stores. Msanders75, is there a time/day people play at the Bookery?
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