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  1. /awakens from slumber NO NEW KIT NO NEW MODELS MAKE JEK ANGRY /falls back asleep
  2. A friend emailed support and got a response of Q2
  3. preview articles...I'd like to see preview articles...
  4. Owen: I have a couple of training games under my belt. I’m also a student of Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, which should give me the edge in the battle. I’m just worried about ruining my friendship with Allen. He’s a nice guy and I’d hate to see him get dejected when I soundly defeat him. I it just me or does Owen sound like the worst...
  5. So I have my magnetized models and all the cards organized in binders but I can't decide on a good way to organize my dials to avoid a frustrating search to find what I need to play... Anyone have suggestions from how they store their dials?
  6. I look forward to another faction to own to further complicate my "who do I want to play tonight" way of life...
  7. I think reigniting the interest will be easier now with the elves and upcoming uthuk. We actually had a pretty successful night at a new FLGS for our group after the not so FLGS closed...we had a total of 6 players and a few onlookers, along with getting the employees at the store interested in the game. So just keep playing, paint your stuff it helps when the models look pretty...and be prepared to play so many skirmish games for teach people...
  8. still cheaper than a 1000pt militarum tempestus list in 40k...and that isn't the tournament size lol
  9. I feel like if anyone is the hipster in this conversation it's the people (myself included) have quasi-philosophical discussions on our special gaming beverage containers... I mean if you aren't drinking bespoke are you even drinking?
  10. I think as long as I don't chew on it I'll be good
  11. Modern pewter isn't made is lead...like my mug...it has no lead...
  12. horns are bothersome to me...I prefer my pewter mug
  13. Oh I understand the why, I just have never had Maro be effective outside of a group of reanimates...and I like having all the archers...
  14. Yeah I would run MCW+CI on the worms and if you really want fire rune floating about throw it on the archers...just in case...then ardus really gets scary when 12 damage becomes a lot more doable...I also think shield or margath is meh here...your goal should be blight to prevent any opponent from being able to roll on ardus...I'd pull maro as well...and throw in two more Archers with just CI...blighty blight blight...
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