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    LoFT13 reacted to T70 Driver in Back from the Mt. View, California Regionals....   
    Had a great time and 5 good games (more on that in a moment).
    When the regional locations were announced, I jumped for joy, knowing I wouldn't have to drive more than 30 minutes to get to the venue (Game Kastle). So, having registered, I sat down to figure out just which list to run. Unfortunately I just couldn't come to a decision on what list to go with. Finally, on the night before the regional, I had it narrowed down to 2 lists:
    Blount with Deadeye and Tracer Missiles and 5 x Bandit Squadron with Concussion Missiles and Guidance Chips.
    Serissu with Mangler Cannon and Attanni Mindlink and 3 x Tansarii Point Veteran with Mangler Cannon and Attanni Mindlink.
    Both lists clock in at 99 points but, when I tried to assemble the first list, I found I didn't have enough Z-95s to complete it. So the Scyk list it was.
    Got to the venue and checked in. Got set up and was surprised by the number of people that actually complimented me on my list. So, on to the rounds....
    Round 1 pitted me against a Palpaces list consisting of the standard Fel, standard Inquisitor and a Palpmobile with a Sensor Jammer. After all was said and done, all that was left on the board was a PS0 Fel and 2 TPVs, giving me the win.
    Round 2 had me facing Kavil, Zuckus and a Trandoshan Slaver. I did manage to kill Zuckus before being tabled by my opponent.
    Round 3 put me against a Lothal Rebel with Hera, Chopper, AB Turret, FCS and APL, Ezra with Rage, Kanan and TLT, and a GSP A-Wing. Got the Ghost down to 1 HP before being wiped out.
    So I was 1-2 after 3 rounds and pretty much out of the running for top 16. The plan was now just to see how well I could do in the remaining 3 games.
    Round 4 pitted me against Bossk and Tel Trevura, both at PS9 due to VI. My first kill was Tel, dealing him 3 consecutive Direct Hits and then 2 different crits to finish the job. Bossk then took down Serissu and 2 TPVs. Time was called and I had one chance to take Bossk down to half health. Rolled the dice and succeeded on getting 2 hits on Bossk. Thinking that I might have scored enough to get a modified win, we totaled up the ships that were dead....he killed 75 points of mine. I killed 75 points of his. A draw. It was the best draw I had ever played. Much fun.
    Round 5 had me going up against Chewie with Kanan, Kyle, Title and EU, 2 Prototype A-Wings (one with AT) and a naked Bandit. One thing we learned is that A-Wings and Z's don't like Direct Hits. A few turns later my 2 remaining TPVs took down Chewie and gave me the game.
    Round 6 came after a hour long dinner break. I go to my assigned table and get set up. And I wait....and wait...and wait. Finally, after 5 minutes into the round, the TO called for anyone without an opponent to come up and turn in their result sheet. My opponent was counted as having conceded the match so I got the full 200 points for the game. My opponent probably dropped without telling the TOs but I like to think that he saw he was facing my awesome Scyk list and ran away screaming into the night.
    In the end, I finished in 34th place out of 96 players, 3-2-1 with a 617 MOV. Not bad for a list I hadn't played before the regional. I had a great time at a great venue. I'd also like to thank the TO's Seth, Henry, Sam and one other person whos name I did not get. You guys did a great job with the tournament. Well done and I'm looking forward to next year's regional.
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