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  1. This version drops the Swarm Tactics and drops a 3 attack ship to a 2 attack. This version gives up the swarm tactics and Cassian's tricks. I'm all for Rebels having good 4 ship lists (I've been flying one in extended since 2 weeks after wave 1 dropped) but everything you could do with the pre-adjustment Rebel Beef was a bit much for the cost. Now Rebel Beef has to make some choices - which these versions show.
  2. My X-Wing group has had a few different people run campaigns. The couple I have done have had the players be a loose-knit group of Scum (with some Rebel tendencies) taking on missions for different Scum factions and sometimes the Rebels (or even the Imperials, if the price is right). This game seems like it could provide some new mission ideas - and hopefully the opportunity to bring out the X-Wing ships when battles occur. This is a no-brainer purchase for me!
  3. Too bad Advanced Proton Torps aren't Hyperspace Legal. Norra and Dutch in Y-Wings with Garvin in an X-Wing each with an APTs would come close to erasing an Upsilon before it could shoot. (If you can get them all into Range 1.)
  4. Misread the cards. After setup and no "other" - Agree all 3 get tokens. 2 4 (or 5) dice, fully modified attacks and tokens for defense. Definitely tough to deal with!!! Thanks everyone.
  5. OK. A couple questions here. #1 - The Triple Upsilons that went undefeated in Phoenix is now 203 points after the points rebalance. So what changes are being made to get it back down to 200 or less. #2 (and more important to me) - How are both of the forward ships getting focus+lock+reinforce+2x evade? I can't see how the ships are getting that many actions and tokens even with the coordinate and the tokens from Hyperspace Tracking Data? Setup: Dormitz deploys. No other ships to get a focus or evade. STB #1 deploys - Dormitz gets a token. STB #2 deploys - Dormitz gets a 2nd token, STB #1 get a token. Activation: Domirtz coordinates - probably STB #2 gets an action. STB1 & STB2 get 1 action each. (TL for offense or Reinforce for defense) I can see 1 ship having TL/Reinforce/focus or evade or both ships having a Reinforce/focus or evade or TL/Focus or evade. Unless I'm missing something in the interaction (which is quite possible, as I have not faced Triple Upsilons yet), how are both of the forward STBs getting focus+lock+reinforce+2x evade? 3 4-dice attacks with this many HP is nothing to sneeze at. I just don't see how it is the first turn monster on both offense and defense.
  6. But what do you pair him with? With that buildout and Trick shot, you're at an even 100 points. Possibly add in Bistan for 14 or VTG for 6. But what else? Do you go with 3 (or 4) generic z95s, ala Paul Heaver. Do you run 2X, 2Y, a mix? Something completely different? There is some space to build with the remaining points. Where do you see it going?
  7. I'm running a Wave 1 Kit Championship tourney on Saturday for my FLGS. We chose Extended as the format for the tourney. Wave 2 looks like it will be available tomorrow. Are new ships tourney legal as soon as they are available (i.e., after FFG makes the announcement on their website that the Wave is now available) or is there something like a 10-day waiting period after announcement before new ships are legal in FFG events? Is there something in the Tournament Rules or Organized Play resources that I am missing? I'm thinking there should be a waiting period for events held at the Formal or Premier tournament tier but anything that is released should be legal at the Relaxed tournament tier, which is how the Wave Kit Championship will be run. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  8. At the current point structure for most large-base ships, that's a helluva lot of points to put into a "support" ship. Way more than I'm willing to send on a support ship in a list.
  9. Don't believe everything you hear on a podcast. I say fly whatever you want! (And I do most of the time since 2.0 came out.) 3 X-Wings are definitely playable and if flown right can beat most lists. If you're looking for the ultimate efficient uber #1 best list of all time, yes - 3 X-Wings aces are probably not it. But if you want a fun list that is competitive most of the time, don't dump your work on this. I have a 3 Amigos X-Wing list I love to fly. Do I win every game - no, but it sure is fun having Biggs there to protect Wedge and Luke for a bit and letting any one that takes too much damage fly off for a couple of turns to regen a couple shields then re-engage. And both Wedge and Luke can be monsters in the end game if it gets down to 1-v-1.
  10. Spike IT

    Kill Han

    Seismic Charges. He can't reroll at range 0-1 of an obstacle if there are no obstacles. Other than that, focus fire to take him down as quickly as possible. RD-D2 crew only repairs at most 1 HP a round. Focus fire so he doesn't have many rounds to live and repair damage.
  11. I love all the arguments!!! Some people feel a ship is too strong or overpowered and needs a nerf. Other people say the same ship is too weak and underpowered and needs a buff. Each faction has ships (not all ships, mind you) that are good and will see time on the top tables at tournaments. All factions are good and strong in my opinion. Most everything can be flown and win, if flown well. So FFG did their job with 2.0!!! A single pilot or combo may be too strong here and there at the moment. Hopefully when the point rebalance occurs in the (near) future, all those issues are resolved.
  12. As someone who plays all 3 factions and who doesn't have time to play more than a couple games per week, there is so much in 2.0 that I want to fly but haven't been able to - yet. Right now my favorite list (which is doing pretty well - some losses but no 200-0 ***-Kickings) is Norra(Arc), Wullfwaroo, Saw, and Blount. Almost all the points are in the ships - there is only 7 points for upgrades and I am still trying to tweak those. I love the synergy of the list - everything plays well together and there are some tough choices as to which is the biggest threat to deal with. Do you want to leave Norra for late game? Do you want to put damage on Wullfwarro so he can roll an extra dice? Do you take out Saw first so his ability can't provide rerolls to the other ships/ Do you take out the 4HP Z-95 that can hit hard with the right conditions and leave some other beasts to deal with later in the game? Other than the Z, each ship is in the 50-56 point range. For what they bring to the table I think the points are about right. Maybe the gunship is 2-6 points over-costed as it goes down pretty quickly, but otherwise I think the 4 ships in this list are correctly priced.
  13. I didn't think it would work, but couldn't find why. Too bad - that coupled with Roark's ability to have the ship engage at Init 7 would have been a lot of fun. Thanks.
  14. If I have a VCX-100 with a docked Attack Shuttle, Tail Gun on the VCX-100 says I have a primary rear arc weapon now and Locked and Loaded on the Attack Shuttle lets me perform a bonus primary rear arc attack after a primary front arc or turret attack. If I have Veteran Tail Gunner as the gunner on the VCX-100, it says after I perform a primary front arc attack, I can perform a bonus primary rear arc attack. With this configuration, if I perform a primary front arc attack does that mean I get 2 bonus primary rear arc attacks - 1 for Locked and Loaded and 1 for the Veteran Tail Gunner? It's a lot of points for this config, but for possible attacks it might be worth it - at least in a casual game.
  15. Was hoping it might be available at Arkham Nights.....
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