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  1. You may say "Oh Scyndria, you are all wrong.. There is so many new features and.." Yep.. Features that may not make any sense/broken/F*c* the system totally.. As some mentioned earlier in this thread, the ability to hire stronger npc to support your mission.. Why even give the players that ability.. You could easily just gm'it to work, make it all scenematic etc.
  2. The newer (is that even a word?) version of the beta discouraged me and my group to buy it, cause we already had a good time with Only War. We have no problem in different systems etc. But having 2 almost identical games (system wise) gave us that reason.. In the future, we may buy it, but not around the release date.
  3. Damage output compared together, they are what almost as they should be, imo.. The difference is, as someone pointed out, deals more damage on large numbers (horde magnitude), which is quite an advantage in some situationens. Sure the autocannon will oneshot most targets, but are limited in RoF. Back in the days, Heavy stubbers were never acquired, and heavy bolters almost the same. On TT, none fields those weapons except if it has to due with Fluff of the army..
  4. Have you considered tying damage and hit location resolution to the attack roll? At the moment we're fiddling with the idea of simply not having damage rolls, but instead giving weapons a fixed base damage value plus a fixed damage value per DoS. We've also changed the distribution for Hit Location resolution, so higher attack skills have higher chances of inflicting, for example, head wounds. We just let people roll the D10 for hit location after scoring a hit. At the moment, we do also play "A song of ice and fire" - Game of Thrones style.. And they have fixed damage, almost..
  5. Well, i like my way of solving the RF. With my system, you will see a skilled warrior more often dealing a mortal wound due to his high WS/BS (which is cheaper) than some psyker or adept.. As my topic about the damage system, mine is far more deadly.. At the moment, the strongest weapon used against the team is either a heavy stubber or chain axe. The 2. shot from the heavy stubber did cut of their medic's leg.. This can be due to the first shot hitting a soft spot, only making the next shot far more fatal. My team doesn't really focus on the damage dealt as wounds, more as a describtion of how deadly the wound received is. Ofc. we note down the damage dealt, but doesn't feel like a World of Warcraft health pool or any similar MMORPG pc game. It's just easier to figure out the scenematic thing.. As said earlier, my team were surprised that their Desperado survived, even by getting shot in the eye. Sure it were mortal wound, but survived and got a bionic eye. And some insanity points
  6. I partly understand you Kuanor.. might be due to lack of english skills and my understanding. My team likes the system.. Sure a lucky shot or attack will make things far worse.. but atm. it's not some random Righteous fury rolls that does it.
  7. There is a very few tech-priests who can have psychic powers. Most of them have already given their soul to the ruinous powers, and they only do demonic rituals (think about Forgefiends/maulers, ect). But DH1 didn't allow it, at all. They are already one of the strongest careers imo, so they don't need this extra power.
  8. Yeah, I think it was actually my mistake. I guess that's what you get if your native language is not English . A little sloppy wording and people get all the bad ideas . So to make it clear, with "roughly the same damage" I meant: "their damage is capped roughly at the same level, so if one of them is useless against X defense then the other will be useless too most of the time". Or better yet: their threat level is roughly the same. And hey, no bad feelings here, our system is still under construction so any feedback is welcomed. I'm sorry too, being a bit offensive in my wording . That happens sometimes then you feel one´s words just falls to the ground. We can totally agree that they may, at some "extreme cases" have the same maximum damage, but as Lord-Nitpicker has said, everything else is not the same. I just find many unbalanced and maybe unreasonable things in your weapon/damage system. I made my own system after some hours of "cloud-thinking".. I had to find a fast, easy to learn system, that required a low level of time to figure out the damage, but still keeping the weapons damage value as much as possible the same.
  9. Scyndria: You can't double wield a plasma rifle because in our system, the Pistol Grip gives the Close-Quarters special quality and don't make the weapon one-handed. Also, remember that with the autocannon, you have a 60% chance for at least one Righteous Fury. Oh, and the plasma rifle presented in the armory section would be just S6 (as it deals 66 points of damage) on the TT and not S7 (would need to deal 70-79 points of damage). ** Well, both of those weapons still have the same strength on TT. And i rather have an insane high standard damage, than 6d10's that can give a RF. And the reason to this is - You can only confirm 1, 1 whole RF no matter how many dices you have. And just to remind you, Plasma rifles are for Battlesuits only, and they can always dual wield them due to fluff. ALWAYS. And that is one of the few reasons to plasma rifles are insane with Commander Farsight on TT. Having 7 bodyguards + himself, that would make it 30 Plasma rifle shots with Rapid Fire..
  10. I agree with you here again Lord-Nitpicker I saw the Plasma Rifle doing 2d10+40, pen 14, but the autocannon dealing 6d10+14 pen 7? They have same strength on the boardfield, but different penetration, still they are "roughly the same"? GG for having dual-wielding plasma rifles instead of using a Heavy weapon that has to be braced before use.
  11. Well, i have shown my damage system with the old beta's critical damage system. The only system that is not explained, is how you get regenerate damage suffered and medicae tests.
  12. Perhaps we're really just arguing semantics here, but if you wish to compare "raw" damage values for two weapons it would make sense to compare their Expected Values (EV), ie: Mean, Average. (In this case 19 v 23) To compare some theoretical maximum value tells you very little when one weapon will achieve this value 1% of the time, and the other 10%. This is why we speak of Damage-Per-Second (DPS) in games like WoW: Max damage means very little, you have to consider damage spread and rate of attack. Thank you sir! Finally someone speak of something that he knows of, and hopefully most of us would understand .' Glad that someone agrees with me Darth Smeg
  13. Your system is really complex. Mine is very simple compared to yours. A little bit of math and you pass on to the next player.
  14. The 1D10+2 damage is the jump from S4 (~40-49> damage) to S5 (~50-59> damage). And in our damage system, 3-4 or even 5-6 points of damage difference isn't really that big. You usually want to take the 10+ difference as most of your possible targets have damage soaks that are tiered in 10s too (for example, armor+Damage Resistance soaks up 10/20/30 of damage depending on the opponent so if you want to damage a tougher opponent then you will need 10+ extra damage and not 5-6). No, you would pick the Kom-Rifle or the Kom-Lasrifle . The weapons are actually far from balanced, I'll admit this. There are vastly superior choices (like the Photonic Ray Gun) and there is a "NPC Trash Arsenal" category. But it is intentional on our part - sometimes, a bad gun should be just like that... bad. So when a PC mows down a whole squad of soldiers with his kitted-out Assault Pulser he won't have the feeling that maybe he should loot the bodies for a barebone Autogun because it has a "balance niche" he would like to try out. I have it difficult to see this as an argument.
  15. The Lasgun and Autogun is far from balanced, as these two weapons are near the same compared to firepower. I would always pick the Lasgun in this setting, even tho the lack of special ammo. I can only agree with you here. Your maths are all right. You make the Emperor proud.
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