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  1. quasistellar

    Enough ships from Star Wars: Galaxies?

    wait wait wait wait Wait Wait WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT. For years I kind of checked in on those other SWG fan projects just waiting for one to have JTL (aka BY FAR the best part of SWG). Eventually I gave up expecting it to never happen. They've done it? They've finally done it? For those not in the know, the Jump to Lightspeed expansion added space combat to Star Wars Galaxies. That in itself isn't all that noteworthy, as back in the day there were lots of good space sims. What made it really special (IMHO) was that you could walk around inside ships while they were flying around and in combat. Think about that for a minute. What games have let you walk from cockpit to turret while looking out windows at the combat occuring in real time with your ship? I mean, that's something that Star Citizen is spending a ton of resources to implement, and Elite Dangerous hasn't (won't?) implemented. Also, you could decorate the interior of your MFing Decimator with lots of swag. Decked out Decimators, Y-8s (HUGE GLASS BRIDGE!), and Sorosuub yachts were so dope.
  2. quasistellar

    What! Minis not prepainted!

    painted miniatures are the exception, not the rule. Typically, when miniatures are pre-painted, they look pretty crappy anyway. X-wing is definitely the exception in both regards.
  3. quasistellar

    Crew for Imperials

    A "fix" for the firespray chassis would go a long way towards fixing some of the imperial crew issues. Imagine something like a "patrol variant" mod or title that decreases cost by a point or so and adds barrel roll. That would be a great way to get some more bang for the buck out of the firespray as a combat capable crew carrier.
  4. quasistellar

    Mynock Squadron Podcast, Episode 62: The BEST Art of X-Wing!

    These joke crossover podcasts are barely chuckle-worthy to anyone not involved in the podcasts themselves. I know, I'm that guy right now. Just giving feedback, though.
  5. quasistellar

    Gold Squadron Pilot Y-wing Mystery EXPLAINED!!!

    It looks like the artist drew the nacelles first, and then filled in the rest. The perspective of the nacelles is different from the body and cockpit. If I was at my PC I could do a quick shop of only the body and cockpit and I bet it would fix it. Eh, never mind. The perspective is all sorts of effed up in that image, hah. Like, the body and left nacelle line up, but they're out of proportion and obviously the nacelles is way too far forward, but the right nacelles doesn't line up with the perspective. gah, the more I look at it the more terribleness I see!
  6. quasistellar

    Solo playing

    I have played solo a few times and it's a great experience. However, it does get better with more than one person due to the chance of going insane in my opinion
  7. quasistellar

    Rogue One: Doesn't K-2SO remind you of...

    Please, don't ruin this for me by reminding me of that God awful show.
  8. quasistellar

    Soilers but not what you think

    Not sure why people thought the upsilon dial would be like the lambda. There was zero chance of it not having at least a hard white.
  9. quasistellar

    Counter against 3x Defender D with Flechette Cannons

    Just fly straight at them with three x7 defenders.
  10. quasistellar

    Why Is Scavenger Crane Discard?

    They had to consider things like Dengar having a torpedo for every enemy ship. That would be bad.
  11. quasistellar

    On Nerfs And The Rationale Behind Them

    I don't think having unlimited stress is a problem. There aren't many ships in the game that can function with that--Tycho, Dengar, the Party Bus (to an extent). Tycho and the party bus are not problems. Dengar is only even an issue because Manaroo can pass actions from across the map. The stress mechanic is fine. Manaroo and the emperor probably should have had range 3 restrictions, but eh.
  12. if it cost zero points, yeah.
  13. quasistellar

    Who's your forum MVP?

    meh I hate these threads, lol. The first couple people nominated I have blocked because they post so much of the same stuff over and over.
  14. quasistellar

    Tie defender titles on the e wing...broken?

    Corran is this boogie man to people who had a bad game against him, similar to how people HATE Soontir Fel. Every time a thread pops up about E-wings some people lose their minds because OMG Corran might get cheaper or better or something. His ship is GARBAGE and if Regen didn't exist no one would use him. People also don't realize that believe it or not, Corran being so expensive is beneficial for tournament play because small ships don't give half point MOV. And taking away slots like sensors and astromech are bad ideas for fixes, because that combo pretty much defines the E-wings. Why would you take an E-wings without sensors when the T-70 exists? Fixes like that would be the equivalent of having the x7 title make the 4k red, or chardaan refit removing boost. They're just bad ideas.
  15. quasistellar

    Does TLT Jan Ors Have a Place?

    It's fun but she has a minor case of Rhymerism