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  1. LordCrow

    Red Riding Hood

    well, card says to move enemy to you after finishing move ,so it's before your action phase. If you move enemy to your place then this enemy card takes one spot of adventure card, so you can't draw another card. Even if it allows you to level quicker it's still not reasonable to have her because you may have much better benefits from card taken from pile. To be honest is one of those "not thing through" fantasy flight invention cards... some house rules could be useful , like example: you shouldn't consider pulled enemy card as taking a adventure card place. Also this follower should be not allowed to be ditched just like that...
  2. You should really try some 4th edition. 2nd edition is really cool and I even enjoy 3rd edition but some of the mechanics and extras really add a cool factor never before seen in Talisman. Yeah, I am bummed they bumped some of our traditional characters, but this is the best overall edition of Talisman yet. By far. I used Strange Eons to print character cards for some of the missing characters in the game and use the miniatures from 3rd edition, some Ral Partha minis and other warhammer minis. Making character cards is EXTREMELY easy. Just print on thick card stock double sided or you can print on thinner stock and tape or glue together...... I tried 4th edition and I am really dissapointed... for me there is too many wrong changes they made , also a lots of errors in card mechanics, skipped text on adventure cards/character cards which leave players to figure out how to use mechanics(common mistake when using Assasin character skill Assassinate)... I also dont like these cheap not painted figures(they are probably the reason of removing soo many characters from the game), also the balance between enemies and items/followers is different than in 2ed edition....now after few first rounds I am already full of items and have to start leaving them on the board because mule is nowhere to be found(I am not sure but in 2ed editon I could buy mule in the village...)also fate tokens???game is already very easy why making it easier?......no point really to write all those mistakes here... I did it on boardgeek forum and I was bashed by 4th edition "fanboys" who even never seen 2ed edition.... I still play 2nd edition which is much better game more balanced without exploits like using thief as a caravan item hauler what is only annoying not fun... for me this new version of talisman lost his soul somehow... Of course I understand young people here who play this new talisman because they never seen previous version, so for them this game is amazing because they cant compare it to old one...I spent my whole childhood playing 2en edition and it always be board game nr.1 for me. The biggest issue I got with this 4th edition is the fact that FFG took content from old basci game + 4 expansions and splited it into like 8-10 expansions to 4th edition...(dont know how many of them there is..4 main expansion plus few card decks...) all of this just to increase profit.... Now wait for 5th edition ..which is going to be not compatibile with 4th edition and...it means you will have to buy all new expansions once again this is called bussiness....
  3. Barbarian I have no clue why FF removed this character from basic version of Talisman...but..well...they stripped game from many cards.... unfortuantelly my nr.1 character is among them.... And yes, I still play 2nd edition...which for me is only real Talisman game.
  4. I am playing Talisman since 2nd edition, I started like 15-20 years ago, and here are rules I use: any fight in outer region - use k6 dice any fight in middle region - use k8 dice any fight in inner region - use k10 dice This solved for me problem of being overpowered... also few other changes: you can buy mule in the village for 4g and he increases your capacity by 8 - but you can own only one mule(this restriction will reduce the situation when some silly people used thiefs to create caravans of all available mules and stealing items from all players in the same time making them impossible to obtain new mules).(I dont remember exactly but in 2nd edition you could buy a mule in village? and he got 8 capacity for sure), In 4th edition there is far more items in compare to monsters in a adventure deck so having 4 items capacity and very small chance to get a mule(just marketplace) was really very silly idea from FFGames... character carrying limits depends from strength: str: less than 7 7-9 more than 9 items: 4 5 6 (max) also when coming to a space with other character first you have to resolve all other card encounters there or board text(in opossite to official 4th edition rules). It will give a chance weaker characters to still survive situation when someone is chasing them...example if you go to forest where other character is staying, you have to roll first and if you will loose 1 turn then you will be not able to encounter this other character. also when killing other character you cant have his followers, they are being discarded except mule and the mercenary if you pay him(thats a logic-no serious follower would ever join you if you killed his friend;) ). another change is when using armour, logically you can use two or more different pieces of armour during the fight, so if you loose then you have one roll for each item separetely. Of course you have to use logic here... example warrior when using two weapons cant use a shield in the same time....nor you cant use two different types of helmets or chests... Also armour do not prevent loosing life when fighting creatures using craft attribute(including players). I really dont like the idea of Mule being a follower now instead of item(mesmerizing mule to join you???? thats just silly....) I was thinking about threating him as an follower of item type, so basically from the point of view of spells he would be threated as a sort of item which walks by himself so he is not included in capacity limit but he can be taken after loosing a battle and he could be stolen or acquired by a acquisition spell .... so basically like in 2nd edition. PS. Yes, I am adventure type of player I can only feel sad when some people think that playing Talisman is like playing race game.... fun from playing this game flows from exploration....gearing up, creating stronger and stronger character and then.... one day.... meet with other characters in one big fight,..... so there can be only one........
  5. LordCrow

    Leveling speed

    It s a shame that Relic havent been designed more for exploration rather than rushing to inner tier and ending the fun. My rule is effect of old habits from old edition of Talisman I played during my chiildhood around 20 years ago where with friends we used to spent 4-5 hrs exploring fantasy world. For me increasing time of leveling makes game longer challenging before you will go into inner tier which is a bit dissapointing since you cant lose there (except certain scenario rules) you cant be stopped.
  6. LordCrow

    Leveling speed

    After playing few first games what I do not like is the fact that characters level very fast what means they become powerfull very fast, so I implemented some house rules to slow down leveling (after all there is only 12 levels) and make game more challenging. Cost of leveling should increase with time, its obvious that getting from first to second level should be much easier than from tenth to eleventh, so: level: cost: 0 --> 1 6 1 --> 2 6 2 --> 3 6 3 --> 4 7 4 --> 5 7 5 --> 6 7 6 --> 7 8 7 --> 8 8 8 --> 9 9 9 --> 10 9 10 --> 11 10 11 --> 12 10 This is how I am plying it. In my opinion is a bit more fun when we level characters longer rather than just walking around with maxed levels already and one shot any enemy . People can test other variations of this idea like example even more slowing down leveling process: level: cost: 0 --> 1 6 1 --> 2 7 2 --> 3 8 3 --> 4 10 4 --> 5 11 5 --> 6 12 6 --> 7 14 7 --> 8 15 8 --> 9 16 9 --> 10 18 10 --> 11 19 11 --> 12 20 (with barely 6th level I finished sucessfuly a game with this system) enjoy .
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