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  1. LemonheadPrime

    Campaign balance 2 heroes vs 4

    We did forget about some of the hero's movement abilities, so I concede that the mission perhaps is not as hopeless for a 4 man team as it looked to us. I'm glad the campaign feels balanced to you guys. We will keep on going. Thanks for the answers.
  2. LemonheadPrime

    Campaign balance 2 heroes vs 4

    It's nice to hear there are also downsides to playing with 2 heroes that we hadn't considered. I'm glad to hear that the consensus seems to be in favor of 4 man. That is enough for me to want to continue playing with 4 heroes. Thanks for your input.
  3. Hello Bought the Imperial Assault main game and is currently playing a campaign with friends. I had expected that the campaign was designed around 4 heroes, because the solution implemented to make 2 or 3 heroes possible seemed inelegant and potentially able the throw the balancing off. In particular, having a single hero be able to move 4 times during a round felt to me like it could pose problems. So we are playing the campaign with 4 heroes now, and unfortunately quite a high number of the missions we have played, seem to have the problems with the movement I was worried about, but to my surprise, the balancing seems skewed towards 2 or 3 heroes, and not toward the 4 heroes I thought was the 'default'. Many missions seem to challenge the heroes with reaching a certain point on the map (door, terminal, etc) within a certain number of rounds, a challenge with seems to be much easier with 2 or 3 heroes. It culminated last night, when we played the 'Wanted' forced mission that Spoiler for 'Wanted' Asks all heroes to leave via an exit behind a remotely-opened door that closes at the end of each round. This means that the last hero to leave has to use an 'Interact' action and move 6 spaces in the same round. Something that is much, much easier if that hero has 2 activations that round. End spoiler (sorry, could not get the spoiler tagging to work) So I am wondering How much of the campaign is skewed this way? (only seen 6 missions so far, I'm thinking we might just be unlucky) Has this been fixed with the expansions, or do the campaigns in the expansions have the same problem with mission design? Should we just play the campaign with 2 heroes instead? Does it seem more balanced this way? We were planning to play all the campaigns in order, but this problem with the base game has cooled our enthusiasm considerably. Thanks in advance for any input.
  4. LemonheadPrime

    Previously activated system

    By the rules, no. You can't activate the system again, so you can't move ships into it.
  5. LemonheadPrime

    Tagge's action card and the advanced tactic rules

    The rules state to draw the cards from the discard pile and add them to your deck. I think the new intention of that card is to use it to reload on tactic cards halfway through a game, rather than giving you an edge in a single battle.
  6. LemonheadPrime

    Still worth picking up?

    I notice you have a Twilight Imperium avatar, so I'll say that a short review of this game would be 'TI for 2 players'. In other words, you should buy it.
  7. LemonheadPrime

    Are Rebels better?

    I only play with 1 friend, so I believe we learn a lot from each other, and may have overlooked specific strategies. We feel empire is quite overpowered (due to our playstyle, not actual balance) so I'm interesting to hear how you win often as rebels. The main problem for us is that almost no matter what, the rebels just run out of time and lose to getting the base destroyed. Specifially we have problems completing objectives as rebels, as the first 3-5 turns often go without completing any objectives, and there just don't seem to be enough time after that, almost no matter what the rebels do. The rebels often play with one less leader, due to always having one captured (due to infiltration most of the time) How do your games fare?
  8. LemonheadPrime

    How would you call the result of that game?

    It was close though
  9. I don't get it, how do you get the shield bunker there from the start? It's not on the list of units you start with.
  10. LemonheadPrime

    How does attacker block damage?

    I assume you mean with the expansion rules, if so:
  11. LemonheadPrime

    Rule question - system activation

    Says who? That's what the action allows you to do, but there are other situations in which you would want to activate a system. 1. To strengthen another leader's future mission attempt in the same system. 2. To fortify your future opposition to an enemy mission you suspect will be attempted in this system. 3. To play around action cards that block you from opposing a mission with a leader from the leader pool. 4. To stall for time. 5. To bluff any of the above. The rules says nothing about that you can't activate a system if you can't move there. The FAQ says nothing about it, even while clarifying you can activate without moving. I see no reason to think that you can't activate any system you want. And how would this interact with the location of the rebel base? I am allowed to move units from it, so would I be allowed to activate the system where my base is for example? Imposing this rather arbitrary restriction on activating, of which there is zero mention in the rules, is not only inelegant, it also removes the tactical and mind-gaming options I listed from the game, and I think that would be a pity.
  12. LemonheadPrime

    First time play questions.

    You cannot roll more than 10 dice for a mission, rules reference page 9.
  13. LemonheadPrime

    Loyalty and Subjugation : Gaining and Removing

    I feel the way the subjugation marker is placed on top of the loyalty marker is an inelegant solution, there should have been a second "slot" for the subjugation marker. When a marker is placed on top of another it seems to imply it cancels or suppresses the other one, and to count loyal systems you actually have to look at markers that are obscured by other markers, which makes it seem that subjugated systems are no longer counted as loyal to the rebels. A small thing, but when you're not completely on top of the rules, you can get this wrong (we did).
  14. LemonheadPrime


    Hey The rebel mission card Misdirection reads Attempt in any system that contains an Imperial unit. If successful, choose 1 of of your leaders. Imperial leaders in the leader pool cannon be sent to oppose that leader's mission this round. I assume that after the card is played, if the Rebel player attempts a mission with the chosen leader, in a system where there are already Imperial leaders present, those leaders can still oppose the mission?