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  1. Re-reading the question, I don't think I understood the questions's complexity originally. I agree that the intent of the rules seem to be that fleet supply is only checked after all the ships have arrived at the destination, so I think your maneuver as suggested is legal. The rules state this in 34.1: Units that are moving through systems do not count against a player’s fleet pool in those systems. An official clarifications is given in this thread https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1854794/fleet-supply-during-movement : the fleet supply doesn’t count while you’re moving, it only cares about where you’ve stopped.
  2. Rule 84: When a ship moves, it may transport any combination of fighters and ground forces, but the number of units it transports cannot exceed that ship’s capacity value.
  3. "One in a million" lasts for 1 roll, and is then returned to the game box. Why? because that's how action cards work. They have an effect which is resolved, and then done. Your friend is inventing card text for it to work the way he says. Compare the text to the text on "target the star destroyers" which you also mentioned. That card specifically states the effect is persistent over multiple combat rounds, "One in a million" does not. Try reading through the action cards and consider how massively powerful they would be if their effects just lingered forever. This is not how action cards work. Do what the card says. Don't do what the card doesn't say.
  4. Hello! Section 87.7 of the rules reference states: If multiple players would simultaneously gain their 10th victory point, the player who is earliest in initiative order among those players is the winner
  5. Yeah that's what I thought. Thanks for the quick reply
  6. Hello I was thinking of buying the huge ship conversion kit, but I am uncertain of how many I need to buy. I am under the impression that the conversion kit comes with new transparent plastic bottoms for the ships, which I need to play them in 2.0. Am I correct in assuming this, and how many ships does the conversion kit allow me to play with at the same time? My friends play at my place with my stuff, so I am looking at possibly needing to be able to play with 4 ships at the same time.
  7. Hi again Yeah, off the top of my head I couldn't remember the terms this game uses. I meant loyalty
  8. Subjugation is not related to the loyalty of the system. The rebels getting 1 reputation in the system does nothing to the subjugated status. Subjugation is the result of imperial units there and that hasn't changed so the system stays subjugated. The Rebels cannot build or deploy to this system due to the presence of Imperial units.
  9. Thank you for your detailed answer. I'm glad the game isn't as simple as I thought it was.
  10. Hi guys I'm a huge Star Wars nerd, and I was looking forward to the release of this game, but after reading preview articles about it, and seeing the live playthrough FFG did on Twitch, I got the impression that there was almost no player interaction in this game. I have the impression that everyone just plays a solo game, and eventually someone will reach 10 fame and the game is over. It seems really odd to me that you can't attack each other, and I have since completely given up on this game thinking it wasn't a "real" game. Can you even call something where you don't interact meaningfully with each other a game? Recently I came to think of the game again, and browsing through this forum, it doesn't seem like anyone else is bringing this topic up, so I was thinking if I may have judged the game too harshly. Do you interact meaningfully with each other in this game? Can people gang up on the points leader for example to take him down? If not, why is this game fun? Every other piece of entertainment is constantly competing for me and my friends' time. Is there any reason to play this game over Rebellion or Twilight Imperium for example? Thanks in advance for any input
  11. Right now in the squad builder, I can select extended game mode, create a new rebel team, add Luke Skywalker in an X-wing, and select the "predictive shot" force upgrade for him. However looking at this site https://xwing-miniatures-second-edition.fandom.com/wiki/Predictive_Shot it seems to me that this upgrade card should not be legal for the rebel alliance. Am I misunderstanding something, or is something wrong somewhere? Aren't upgrades supposed to be faction-specific now? The same is true for "brilliant evasion"
  12. We did forget about some of the hero's movement abilities, so I concede that the mission perhaps is not as hopeless for a 4 man team as it looked to us. I'm glad the campaign feels balanced to you guys. We will keep on going. Thanks for the answers.
  13. It's nice to hear there are also downsides to playing with 2 heroes that we hadn't considered. I'm glad to hear that the consensus seems to be in favor of 4 man. That is enough for me to want to continue playing with 4 heroes. Thanks for your input.
  14. Hello Bought the Imperial Assault main game and is currently playing a campaign with friends. I had expected that the campaign was designed around 4 heroes, because the solution implemented to make 2 or 3 heroes possible seemed inelegant and potentially able the throw the balancing off. In particular, having a single hero be able to move 4 times during a round felt to me like it could pose problems. So we are playing the campaign with 4 heroes now, and unfortunately quite a high number of the missions we have played, seem to have the problems with the movement I was worried about, but to my surprise, the balancing seems skewed towards 2 or 3 heroes, and not toward the 4 heroes I thought was the 'default'. Many missions seem to challenge the heroes with reaching a certain point on the map (door, terminal, etc) within a certain number of rounds, a challenge with seems to be much easier with 2 or 3 heroes. It culminated last night, when we played the 'Wanted' forced mission that Spoiler for 'Wanted' Asks all heroes to leave via an exit behind a remotely-opened door that closes at the end of each round. This means that the last hero to leave has to use an 'Interact' action and move 6 spaces in the same round. Something that is much, much easier if that hero has 2 activations that round. End spoiler (sorry, could not get the spoiler tagging to work) So I am wondering How much of the campaign is skewed this way? (only seen 6 missions so far, I'm thinking we might just be unlucky) Has this been fixed with the expansions, or do the campaigns in the expansions have the same problem with mission design? Should we just play the campaign with 2 heroes instead? Does it seem more balanced this way? We were planning to play all the campaigns in order, but this problem with the base game has cooled our enthusiasm considerably. Thanks in advance for any input.
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