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  1. Did they make the change to fit Rebels continuity? I remember the Interdictor from early WEG days, and got excited when I saw its use in Rebels, but I remember thinking: "Hey...that's waaaaay bigger than the original Interdictor! That's like Star Destroyer size!"
  2. Well that has to be one of the most obscure profanities! I just went searching and discovered on Urban Dictionary that "skeeting" is a form of, ahem, natural birth control. But that's something I didn't know 10 minutes ago - like you, I thought it was a gun sport, or a slang term for a mosquito.
  3. One of the best analyses of A.I. I've seen. Worthy of Philip K. D ick, KungFuFerret! (EDIT: I can't believe the censor wiped out the name of one of the greatest sci-fi authors ever...*sigh*)
  4. This! Oh, so this! I've never understood the fan obsession with Boba Fett. He made one clever move in anticipating Han Solo's "stick to the side of the star destroyer" manoeuvre, then moved in to engage a lightsabre-wielding Jedi at melee range, then got taken out by a blind guy with a stick!! He really wasn't that good!
  5. I think there are a lot of shades in between, though. One doesn't have to have "Game of Thrones" / sanitised.
  6. Yeah, you're probably right. Scary, really...
  7. I've always been amused at how Lucas claims his movies are "kid friendly". Why? Because they have a bit of light comedy and the odd fart joke? They also contain: incest overtones, sexual slavery overtones, multiple graphic amputations & dismemberment, a man being graphically immolated, beloved characters dying, and the enslavement of sapient beings. I love them - but if you think about it, they're not "kid friendlY' just because they have no swearing of "Game of Thrones"-esque sex scenes...
  8. I vaguely remember in the novelisation for "A New Hope" that Luke is "thinking about a dog he once owned", and Obi-Wan murmurs something about a duck being taught to swim.
  9. I wouldn't do it. I would rule that the group has tossed their grenades as one YYY attack, which is greatly enhanced because there are four of them throwing. At least one of the grenades is likely to hit somewhere near the PCs. Again, it's abstract. Like someone else mentioned in another thread, the key with FFG SW is that you describe the action after you roll the dice, which is the opposite of most other systems. So 4-trooper minion group throws grenades. YYY gets 3 successes and activates Blast. A couple of PCs are damaged. "As you hunker down behind cover, you hear muffled shouts from the troopers. Someone shouts 'grenade!' and you hear the distinctive clinking of frag grenades bouncing off the walls nearby. You all hit the ground, protecting your heads instinctively. A series of ear-spitting detonations leaves you reeling and disoriented, and you pray to whatever gods watch over your homeworld that the troopers have expended the last of their explosive ordnance."
  10. About the only way I would let it go through would be under stressful circumstances, and it would only ever be a delay - ie: hyperspace trip takes longer, or you lose contact with your fleet and have to re-establish when you arrive, etc. Nothing that will completely derail the adventure they're on. If it was like I used to run games in the old days, where it was basically just a big sandbox, then weird stuff happening with hyperspace wouldn't be an issue. But these days my group and I are more interested in telling a good story with a start, a middle, and an end, rather than just randomly wandering around.
  11. The problem is that if the players roll badly and - as you say - "land in a bad spot" or have some other hyperspace complication, it means the adventure is derailed while I (the GM) have to come up with stuff on the fly. It just gets in the way of the story. I suppose I could have something like "Otherspace" ready to go in case they have some kind of whacky hyperspace mishap, but in the middle of a specific adventure, it really just kills the pacing and the mood, as far as I'm concerned.
  12. I have to admit, we've kind of ditched "Astrogation", for the most part, unless the PCs are attempting a quick jump under attack, or something similar. For routine hyperspace travel, it just kind of bogs down, and really, in eight movies we've seen exactly once where someone has been concerned with calculating hyperspace coordinates, so it's not like it comes up that often.
  13. I do a huge amount of prep, even for canned adventures. Mainly because I like to include music and background sound effects during my games. So I summarise the adventure in a Word document which includes links to the appropriate musical scores and sounds at the appropriate times, as well as quite a few alternates for when the adventure (inevitably) runs off the rails. I'll generally do 3 - 4 hours prep (at least) for an evening's session.
  14. Being a frequenter of forums since the early days, that episode just made me wet myself, I was laughing so hard! "What Josh doesn't realise is that most of these people haven't had their medications today..."
  15. I remember years ago talking to a guy online who was a pretty high-level practitioner of kendo (kind of the equivalent of a brown belt in karate, or somesuch). Kendo, for those who don't know, is basically the "samurai" martial art. It's duelling with cane swords, and represents katana sword fighting, and it was what the Ep V & VI duels were based on. Anyway, I remember him saying that he'd watched quite a few kendo duels between "grand masters" of the sport, and the Ep IV duel was the one that resembled them most closely. No flashy moves, no flailing away, attacking your opponent's weapon instead of him. No leaps and dives and rolls. Just minimal movement to conserve energy, keeping your weapon between you and your opponent, feeling out his speed and movement, and preparing for a single strike. I would be very interested to catch up with him and get his take on the Rebels Obi-Wan vs Maul fight...it almost reminded me of the samurai iajutsu concept of draw-strike-resheathe in the blink of an eye that's a staple of Eastern stories.