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  1. As long as we can stream the bloody thing to Australia. I get so, so sick of trying to give these companies my money, only to have them say: "No, sorry, that content isn't available in your region." What?
  2. Yeah, I debated that. They're probably roughly equal for me - the only reason TLJ edged it out is that it was a full-blown saga film, rather than a standalone.
  3. The plant is being staffed by slave labour, meaning they can't just blow it up. The plant's computer has an A.I. component that is sympathetic to the resistance (it was originally programmed to ensure worker safety, and has, over time, taken on something of a "mother hen" personality. However, that part has been isolated and quarantined. If the PCs could slice the computer and reactivate the A.I. it would likely help them) Regarding the death-wish PC; I would go with the classic trope. If they're going to blow up the plant, have something damage the timers on their explosives (or the spikes they use to overload the reactor control computer) so that the detonation has to be done manually. Have that PC mortally wounded, unlikely to survive long enough to get to a bacta tank, and they can volunteer to detonate the destruct device. Just a few off the top of my head...
  4. Well put! I didn't love TLJ, but I liked it, mainly because of the exploration of some of the themes. I think I'm about alone in the galaxy in quite enjoying the Canto Bight side-story. It threw a little grey morality into the mix, and made a good point about putting people on pedestals (in that case, the old Rebel Alliance), which nicely dovetailed into the whole Rey/Luke dynamic. Most of the complaints I've heard about TLJ I can ignore, to be honest. Pacing problems? Yeah...they don't bother me. My daughter and I argue over this (she hated TLJ), but I'm just not that aware of pacing issues in movies. I don't think I could even define "pacing", to be honest. The "Mary Poppins" scene? A bit cheesy, yeah, but certainly explainable with Leia being a Skywalker and all. Poe v Holdo? Again, I'm with a lot of folks who think Holdo was probably a bit hard-****, but was also well within her rights to put Poe back in his box. He'd just been demoted for insubordination, had gotten a lot of Resistance fighters unnecessarily killed, and was hardly in a place to be demanding his CO explain everything to him. In a real life situation he probably would have been shot on the spot for mutiny, if we go by the Star Wars WW2 analogies. The hyperspace ship-cannon? Why hasn't it been used before? *shrug* It may well have been. We're not privy to every tactic used throughout galactic history. More importantly, my impression was that it was *very* hard to do, required absolutely perfect timing, and wouldn't necessarily be all that effective all the time. Remember that Snoke's ship was still operational after it, although it was heavily damaged. The other SDs were taken out by shrapnel, not the impact with Holdo's ship. Sending it through, say, the Death Star would have punched a big hole in the DS and certainly inflicted a lot of damage, but that's no guarantee it would have destroyed it (also, there is no evidence of any Rebel capital ships at Yavin, and the DS2 was protected by the shield). Rose saving Finn? *shrug* I didn't have a problem with it. Whether the decision was right or wrong is arguable (the novelisation suggests Finn would never have made it to hitting the cannon - it was about to fire and he would have been vapourised before hitting it), but the thematic value was more important, I thought. It wasn't about the Resistance going out in a blaze of glory, but rather about saving what was left and regrouping to fight another day. Anyway...I thought it was better than the prequels by a long way, not as good as the original trilogy. If I had to rank the SW movies? ESB ANH - ROTJ (equal) Rogue One TFA TLJ Solo ROTS TPM AoTC
  5. Daronil

    Adventures in Middle Earth: Lord of the Rings Genesys 2.0

    Incidentally, Johan - what did you use to get the statblocks in the LOTR document? They look great. For FFG's Star Wars game, I use Oggdude's character generator to create an image I can copy and paste, but I'd love to be able to set up my adventures using those blocks.
  6. Daronil

    Adventures in Middle Earth: Lord of the Rings Genesys 2.0

    I think your rules are pretty close to spot-on. I was just referring to the common mindset I often see where people basically say that because the Istari were a race, not a profession, that no PC can be a spellcaster. I do remember from the Decipher LOTR game there was a cool option magicians had - I can't remember the name off-hand, but it was basically that if they set up a domain of some kind, they got all sorts of cool powers within it. An example was Elrond's rising of the river to sweep away the Nazgul as they tried to enter Rivendell.
  7. Daronil

    Adventures in Middle Earth: Lord of the Rings Genesys 2.0

    Just to be picky, there are quite a few Elven spellcasters, even though they're not wizards. I agree that a PC can't "work toward" becoming a wizard - that's like "working toward" becoming an Ent! But they could still learn magic - from memory, there are references to non-wizard, non-Elven spellcasters in LOTR.
  8. I've always been bored with all things Boba Fett. I found Jango somewhat interesting, and I loved the Sabine arcs in "Rebels", so I'm hoping this show goes more down that path. But Boba Fett? Yeah...right there with you. He makes one lucky guess, then gets taken out by a blind guy with a stick. Kind of like Luke's piloting ability. We keep getting told what a great pilot he is, but all we really see is one Force-laden lucky shot, and just about every other time he's in the cockpit he crashes! His piloting record is up there with Deanna Troi's!
  9. Daronil

    Force Crystals

    Do you mean a kyber crystal?
  10. Daronil

    Force Leap question

    Unless George is the GM and it's a huge battle between a Clone Army and a Droid Army.
  11. Daronil

    Architecture in the Galaxy

    You might find some interesting stuff here: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Architecture According to Wookiepedia, Jakku's designs reflected Hutt architecture.
  12. Daronil

    Architecture in the Galaxy

    A friend of mine ran an old D6 WEG campaign many years ago that heavily featured the Ithorians. He went with an almost "Elvish" style to their architecture - bioengineered trees for buildings, decorations of living plants instead of paintings, and the like. Was very memorable, especially when we spent time on an Ithorian Herd-ship.
  13. Daronil

    Force Power Cards

    Very nice. I'd certainly make use of this - my campaign has two Force-users in it.
  14. Umm...he beat Yoda in RotS - Yoda ran from the fight, if you remember. He successfully hid his origin, intentions, and powers from the entire Jedi Order for over ten years. He took down three Jedi Masters in about 2.5 seconds and was only just defeated by the Grand High Wizard Mugwump Swordmaster of the Jedi Order. He then handily took out Darth Maul and Savage Oppress without breaking a sweat. I really don't think Palpatine's reputation is overblown...
  15. Daronil

    Air in Space?

    My daughter would kill me. It was one of her proudest moments. She'd just kill me.