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  1. Daronil

    Force Crystals

    Do you mean a kyber crystal?
  2. Daronil

    Force Leap question

    Unless George is the GM and it's a huge battle between a Clone Army and a Droid Army.
  3. Daronil

    Architecture in the Galaxy

    You might find some interesting stuff here: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Architecture According to Wookiepedia, Jakku's designs reflected Hutt architecture.
  4. Daronil

    Architecture in the Galaxy

    A friend of mine ran an old D6 WEG campaign many years ago that heavily featured the Ithorians. He went with an almost "Elvish" style to their architecture - bioengineered trees for buildings, decorations of living plants instead of paintings, and the like. Was very memorable, especially when we spent time on an Ithorian Herd-ship.
  5. Daronil

    Force Power Cards

    Very nice. I'd certainly make use of this - my campaign has two Force-users in it.
  6. Umm...he beat Yoda in RotS - Yoda ran from the fight, if you remember. He successfully hid his origin, intentions, and powers from the entire Jedi Order for over ten years. He took down three Jedi Masters in about 2.5 seconds and was only just defeated by the Grand High Wizard Mugwump Swordmaster of the Jedi Order. He then handily took out Darth Maul and Savage Oppress without breaking a sweat. I really don't think Palpatine's reputation is overblown...
  7. Daronil

    Air in Space?

    My daughter would kill me. It was one of her proudest moments. She'd just kill me.
  8. Daronil

    Air in Space?

    Hehe...well, we've still gone with normal outer space. To the extent that in "Escape from Mos Shuuta", my daughter's character blew Trex out of his own airlock on the Krayt Fang, killing him.
  9. Daronil

    Air in Space?

    I vaguely remember reading something about the Falcon's particle shields being extended out to form a bubble that kept low air pressure present around the ship, and the breath masks were to just increase the partial oxygen pressure. But I'm not sure where I read it!
  10. Daronil

    Solo: was it murder?

    I think I conflated stuff from the novelisation, which I read prior to seeing the movie, with stuff in the movie. For example, I would have sworn when I first saw it Luke was "Blue Five", but on later viewings he was obviously "Red Five".
  11. Daronil

    Solo: was it murder?

    Maybe they'll get Anthony Hopkins to play him in the Boba Fett movie. "An ISB agent tried to arrest me once. So I ate his liver with some ootoowergs and a nice Corellian whiskey..."
  12. Daronil

    Solo: was it murder?

    But to quote Arnie's character from True Lies: "Yes, but they were all bad!"
  13. Also, check out the Original Series Star Trek episode called "Balance of Terror". It has the Enterprise facing off against a Romulan bird-of-prey with an early cloaking device, and has the distinctive feel of a classic WW2 submarine movie. Perhaps your enemy could have a prototype cloak for a small vessel? Anyway, worth a watch.
  14. Daronil

    Solo: was it murder?

    What evidence? Solo? We saw 15 minutes of a movie that took place entirely within a single part of a city. That's like saying because I watched an episode of Jessica Jones I should assume the whole of planet Earth is a mish-mash of skyscrapers and tenements with a sleazy bar on every corner. I'll repeat, since you seem to keep missing it: I do not think all of Corellia is "Space Texas". I have, in fact, never argued that ANY of Corellia is "Space Texas". I am pointing out that saying it's NOT "Space Texas" because of the events of Solo is an unwarranted and unsupported extrapolation. If there's a fallacy being committed here, it's the spotlight fallacy where you're assuming that a small subset of data represents the whole, and thus incorrectly exluding other possible data points. I don't know if you've ever watched Stargate: SG-1, but there's an episode called Solitudes, where two characters are marooned on what they think is an ice-planet, ala Hoth. They lose hope of rescue or survival, because the planet is covered in ice and they'll freeze before anyone can find the right gate to rescue them. Of course, they have inadvertently gated to a second gate in the Antarctic. They make the same mistake you're making in assuming that the whole planet is icy because the bit they're in happens to be that way. Just as you're assuming the rest of Corellia can't be different to the tiny bit we've seen in Solo. Like I've repeatedly said, the rest could be Space Texas, or Space Serengeti, or Space Hobbiton for all we know. You tried to turn that around by saying Alderaan could be Thunderdome beyond the little bit of it we've seen, and then discounted the fact that we have no other evidence of an Alderaanian Thunderdome (which is ridiculously unrealistic) while we do have at least EU/Legends evidence of "Space Texas" (which is not unrealistic). But you dispute the Legends evidence simply because it's Legends; not because it's unrealistic, or because it is debunked by anything else* - just because it's Legends. And again, before you pull out the "If you can only fall back on Legends, blah, blah..." card, I am not falling back on Legends. I'm saying that in the absence of contradictory evidence, and in the instance the Legends claim isn't extraordinary, there is no reason to discount it. * And no, it's not debunked by Solo, for the reasons I outlined in the first couple of paragraphs. "x is in y" is not the same as "x = y"
  15. Daronil

    Solo: was it murder?

    Oh, and also, while I generally despise the Expanded Universe, just because something is in it doesn't automatically make it wrong. If a planet in the EU has a blue sky and forests, we needn't automatically assume it doesn't, especially in the absence of evidence contrary to this. Why? Because blue sky and forests are not exceptional. Neither is gravity, or an atmosphere, or oceans. Now, if we have forests on Blockenspiel IV and then a movie comes along and shows Blockenspiel IV is a gas giant, obviously the EU is simply wrong. But if the movie shows a desert scene on Blockenspiel IV, despite the EU showing Blockenspiel IV having forests, do we assume: "Aha! The EU is wrong because Jar-Jar: A Star Wars Story showed desert!"? Or do we assume that Blockenspiel IV is just like Earth and has forests and deserts.