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  1. LOVE this idea! I'm seeing ships zooming about between rib bones the size of star destroyers! Love this one, too. You can also have great fun with time dilation effects around strong enough gravity wells, like a black hole. We actually stole an idea from the pilot of Andromeda to have a Jedi Padawan and an ex-Clone Commando (who had had his "Order 66 chip" removed) fleeing a Clone attack following Order 66 by trying to slingshot around a black hole. Due to time dilation, by the time they were pulled out (by a smuggler salvage team - the other players, of course), nearly 20 years had passed in the rest of the galaxy, but subjectively, only moments had passed for them. Was a cool "mini-campaign" because we were playing a few sessions that really needed a couple of fully qualified Jedi in the Rebellion era.
  2. I'm very lucky with my group - we still play Pathfinder (which is pretty rules-heavy), but again, we tend to wing it most of the time - but FFG is by far our favourite system, simply because of the cinema. The mechanics don't just support the story, they truly help build the story.
  3. When it happens, we just wing it. One of the reasons we love the FFG system is that we can pretty much just roll a bunch of dice and come up with a story and its development as a group. The players describe the action as much as I do - I really just keep an eye on the overall story and play the NPCs.
  4. Seriously, my players wouldn't even think of asking. It'd be like walking into a room full of bad guys in D&D and wanting to know what level they are. But then, as opposed to HappyDaze's simulationist penchant, we're almost exclusively narrativist and often toss mechanics out the window entirely.
  5. ***And that's boring and an incredibly juvenile attitude. *** For you, perhaps. But one is forced to wonder why you like Star Wars, since the black-and-white, good-v-evil philosophy is rampant through the series. And as far as taste goes, the moment you say "Game of Thrones nuance" I recoil. For me, "Game of Thrones" is about a creepy old man's fantasies, and bears about as much resemblance to Star Wars as it does to Lord of the Rings. If anyone offered me a chance to play in a "Game of Thrones" nuanced Star Wars game, I would respond with a polite "Um. No thanks." and run a mile.
  6. I'm still mulling this over. Because Science is basically going with my original interpretation - I used the analogy of the Force being like a tether between the Raddus and Leia. She basically yanked on the tether, which, because Raddus was so much more massive than her, pulled her towards it, rather than the other way around. I do think Happy makes a valid point, though, in that if Force Push/Pull had "equal and opposite reactions", then Yoda would have been squished when he pick up Luke's X-Wing? I guess the question it comes down to is: does the Force act "out of" the Jedi? Or is it independent? In other words, when Yoda lifted Luke's X-Wing, or Rey lifted 100 tonnes of boulders, was there a connection between the two, or does the Force act more like a separate entity, picking up the stuff under the direction of the Jedi, but not actually bound to them?
  7. But yeah, for what it's worth, I apologise for my part in derailing the thread. Nothing more from me on the subject.
  8. Ignoring everything else... ***Roman empire is not the Romulan empire*** Uh. Yes. That's entirely my point. ***....i suggest you watch the movie Gladiator if you do not want to go back in history*** I'm studying a degree in Ancient History at the moment. I have a decent knowledge of Rome, and, umm...well, let's just say Gladiator, while an entertaining movie, bears about as much resemblance to actual history as Game of Thrones does to Lord of the Rings.
  9. ***the Asian *****….lol *** I also cringe at what I suspect you actually said here. If the censored word is what I think it might be, coupled with your "lol" after it, then we're done.
  10. ***Right now I'm not sur which badass character you're referring to*** Aren't you the enormous fan of the original trilogy? Boba Fett. ***The scene with Anakin and Padme where she talks about democracy and Anakin talks about a dictatorship...*** Oh, that scene. *shudder* See, I think the prequels are utter crap. But you know what? I've seen all of them. I've seen all of them several times. I'm not basing my opinion of them on someone else's opinion. And my reasons for hating them aren't a cobbled-together hodge-podge of other peoples' opinions, a few out-of-context scenes on YouTube, and filling in the gaps between them with stuff I'm making up. And most importantly, I do not think less of people who do like the prequels. And I certainly didn't destroy all my memorabilia and RPG stuff when The Phantom Menace came out... Just, ah, incidentally - it was most certainly implied by that scene that Padme's wish for democracy = good and Anakin's childish desire for authoritarianism = bad. ***Well sure, a movie can use pieces of history, he didn't say I'm going to make the 3rd Reich as if they've one the war... in the movie 1-2-3, we come to learn how all of this unfold.... but what you're talking about is the uniforms and authority like.... yes that fits an empire …*** You were the one who said that it never occurred to you that the Galactic Empire was based on the Third Reich, and then went off in another direction saying that this would mean that, say, the Roman Empire was similar to the Third Reich. Which is clearly nonsense - the Romulan Star Empire in Star Trek is loosely based on the Roman Empire, and it's nothing like the Third Reich except that it's authoritarian. ***The thing is you're answering part of my comments, as a whole you're leaving apart what you're conceding...*** I haven't conceded a thing. To be completely blunt, I'm having a hard time parsing what you're saying at times. I'm assuming English isn't your first language, and that's fine - but don't make the assumption that if I've missed a sentence or two here and there that I'm conceding. So far you have convinced me of absolutely nothing except that you are displaying the height of hubris in the assumption that those who like a movie (that they've seen) are stupid or have low standards because you don't like it (even though you haven't seen it). ***1) Leya flying like Mary Poppins, your finding something that could work within the SW Universe. I feel uncomfortable with this behavior understanding that at the last movie, yes it was a while back, she had no Force usage and of course nobody left to teach her anything.*** See, you're doing it again. You keep repeating the same thing about Leia having "no Force usage" despite the fact that - as has been pointed out to you multiple times - she used the Force on a number of occasions in the original trilogy, was regarded by both Obi-Wan and Yoda as being the next hope if Luke didn't make it, was the daughter of one incredibly powerful Force user and the mother of another. As to who was left to teach her? Ummm...her twin brother? Kylo was 20-ish years old when he and Luke split and he took off. So that's at least twenty years Luke had to teach Leia a whole bunch of stuff. But then, you might not know that because you haven't watched the friggin' movie you're complaining about!!! ***2) You seem to concede that Ren and Snoke are not charismatic characters*** You're pretty good at putting words into my mouth, my friend. I think Kylo Ren is very cool, and I'm looking forward to seeing where he goes as Supreme Leader, rather than just Snoke's tool. The sequence where Ren outsmarted Snoke and killed him, with Snoke gloating over Rey the whole time was excellent. The interactions between Rey and Kylo were terrific, and his fury at being bested by Luke was palpable. Snoke was never meant to be a "charismatic character". He was designed to be a vehicle for Ren. ***3) Good point about the dress up and military like with the 3rd reich but to me, this is simply an empire and they've chosen to model their canvas toward what the German did.... it doesn't make them the 3rd reich…. the scene in TFA is pretty much that though*** The Starkiller Rally was simply another allusion to Nazi Germany. They were rife through the original trilogy. Why is it that x references were fine but x + 1 is suddenly terrible? ***4) Phasma could have been used better, to you it is a could of, to me it is a must....or just don't put it in there and first of all, don't put her in any preview*** This is why I brought up the Boba Fett thing. A badass character that was poorly utilised. You seem to have this thing of condemning situations or scenarios or character archetypes if they're in TLJ (or TFA), but are fine with them being in the original trilogy. ***5) About Disney making good movies... of course they do.... Indiana Jones, loved all 4.... National Treasures, love both..... Rogue one, I loved that too..... but if you Wikipedia the movie, TFA, TLJ, Solo was made by the same producer, write etc Rogue one was made by another team that got fired by Disney.... last time I've checked...*** Disney has made all the SW movies since Revenge of the Sith. Kathleen Kennedy has overseen all of them. Disney make Star Wars movies now. They're not going to remake the sequel trilogy because someone who hasn't seen the second (and says they won't see the third) didn't like it. ***6) About the actor who play Luke not being happy about the development of his character for good reason, you've left this blank...*** I didn't even see it. Like I said, when I'm wading through word salad sometimes I miss something. Mark Hamill backed down on his initial criticism, incidentally. https://variety.com/2017/film/news/mark-hamill-criticism-rian-johnson-luke-skywalker-last-jedi-1202648884/ Even had he not...well, so what? He's an actor, not a creative director. Harrison Ford hated Han Solo and wanted George Lucas to kill him off in ESB - should we therefore conclude that Han Solo was a bad character? ***7) Miss understood on the Kelly Tran situation.... well many have said that she was more annoying than Jar Jar Bing who was surely less annoying that C3-P0.... C3-P0 was enough....having to put him back together all the time was just enough, don't need more than that.....otherwise it becomes annoying...*** So, again, you're okay with an annoying character in the original trilogy, but an annoying character - even the same one - in TFA/TLJ is the mark of a bad movie? More and more it just sounds like: "Original Trilogy = good, Sequel Trilogy = bad", and you'll bend and twist and cherry-pick anything to try and justify this. And yet again, knock yourself out. Hate TLJ all you like. My daughter hates it. My best friend hates it. But they don't accuse me of being stupid or having "low standards" for liking it. Nor do they just make **** up about it in order to claim it was a bad movie. ***8 ) and lastly, the youtube movie I think by itself says it all... you can fast forward to 9min if you want to skip the non explanatory part....there is so many valid stuff being said...that its nothing compare to what I've said so far...even though he has some hard feeling about the Asian *****….lol ….not sure he talks about what I've head....going hyperspace to destroy a ship in front of you even though that's not how it works at all...*** I've seen dozens of these YouTube videos on how terrible TLJ was. Some make fair points about pacing, or about how the Canto Bight sequence was out of place. They're perfectly fine criticisms. But most of them just rehash the same, tired old arguments you've been making. And you've just brought in another one for good measure. The hyperspace ram which you claim is "not how it works at all" has been explained multiple times, by many people. I don't need to hear someone else parrot back all the debunked nonsense about how it can't work.
  11. ***I'm going to answer to you just because of the Kelly Tran situation. I didn't watch the scene as you can say. Regardless of what it is, I can make the difference between an actor and a character in a movie. Those who can't shouldn't watch a movie...or tv shows...that is why there are so many crazy people especially in the US....and why actors don't mind coming over here... because we're not all crazy about it...lmao.... There was an episode in friends about this exact behavior..... Now as for who should deserve the blame for whatever she did should of course be the person in charge of the movie...because she was asked to perform the way she did...*** That's not quite what I was talking about. I was referring to toxic fandom, where someone becomes so invested in a franchise that it becomes inseparable from their own identity. Where something "bad" happens to the franchise is taken as a personal affront deserving of retribution. ***The real villain, I was talking about Ren....Snoke could be added to the list anyway.....*** Okay. Because I was going to say that Snoke was never meant to be the main villain. Ren's killing of Snoke and elevation of himself to Supreme Leader makes him the villain; Snoke was a means to an end. ***. and no it never cross my mind to put the Star Wars Empire close to the 3rd Reich.... stating that would implies that any Empire (Roman, Khan etc would be the same as the 3rd Reich) …..although the Orcs in LOTR were mentioned a couple of time to be the German soldier....which I think the author denied, but considering when he wrote it and the parallels that can be made...*** Well, I think we can pretty much go by the creator's word on this sort of thing - especially when they've said it unequivocally: https://www.starwars.com/news/from-world-war-to-star-wars-imperial-officers George Lucas is pretty un-ambiguous..."The fact that fascism inspired the look and feel of the Empire is no secret. In fact, Star Wars creator George Lucas even refers to the Imperial officers in The Empire Strikes Back as “Nazis” while giving his commentary of the film. He specifically mentions their militaristic dress, noting, “The Nazis are basically the same costume as we used in the first film and they are designed to be very authoritarian, very empire-like.” ***As for Leya, googling: How long can a human survive exposed in space? After about one minute circulation effectively stops. The lack of oxygen to the brain renders you unconscious in less than 15 seconds, eventually killing you. "When the pressure gets very low there is just not enough oxygen. Now of course, this is real life....how it is applied in SW may be different....*** See, again, I don't think you're actually listening, despite your claim to be able to counter every argument being made. We know Leia is Force-sensitive. We know she has used the Force in the Original Trilogy. We know that both Darth Vader and Darth Maul used the Force to survive injuries that would normally be incompatible with life. Of course how it is applied in SW is different!!! ***Either way, if she is able to pull the ship close to her and that the size doesn't matter, why wouldn't the Emperor push the Death Star away from him and therefor not fall...or Mace Windu push the planet away to survive his fall....anyway....just quick rezoning that comes to mind*** You have completely missed the point of what I was saying with regard to her use of the Force in the "Mary Poppins" scene.* I said that she used the Force to pull the ship towards her but because of her tiny mass in comparison to the ship she was pulled towards it instead. Nowhere did I suggest that she hauled the ship around. That's why I specifically used the analogy of a tether between her and the ship. Pulling on it technically moves the ship towards her, but in reality, because of the vast difference in mass, she is pulled towards the ship. Read the novelisation of Attack of the Clones; Anakin does precisely this as he drops down an elevator shaft when looking for a speeder before the chase through Coruscant. Windu had just been blasted by Sith lightning and had his hand severed, Palpatine had just blasted himself with his own Sith lightning. Stopping oneself from a 170 km/h fall and pulling oneself gently through microgravity are, I contend, two different things. * having said that, I'm re-evaluating my position on this in light of what HappyDaze pointed out. Doesn't change the fact that 1) she could move through space, and 2) you got my explanation completely bass-ackwards. ***Phasma could have been used better, well of course, otherwise, don't put her in there...that's the whole point...if you're to make special characters...and that's the biggest issues...the usage of characters.... it really is felt like Disney is pushing their own agenda...the Empire are the bad guys so lets make fun of them,*** Yeah, it would be just so typical of Disney to take a badass character and have him be knocked into a monster's mouth by a blind guy with a stick and then have the monster burp, wouldn't it? Oh wait...that wasn't Disney. ***the Rebels are the good guys so lets grant them everything they need to succeed.....(and I do not think that is the case....and I think the best moment was when Anakin and Padme were talking about it on Naboo)*** Talking about what? ***that's why Rogue One was so different...it was also made by another crew....and the end was awesome...the whole movie in general was awesome*** It was made by Disney. Sorry, but you don't get to say: "Of the four Disney-released Star Wars films, two blew chunks (though I haven't seen one of them), one was okay by all reports, and another was great - but Disney should be beaten about the head with a sturdy ladle for making such crap Star Wars movies". You're engaging in what is sometimes called the "Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy". Someone shoots a bunch of holes in a barn wall, then draws a big circle around them and says: "Look! I got everything inside the circle!" You want to lay it all on Disney for releasing terrible Star Wars movies, yet by your own admission, at least one of them was terrific. Ah, but all the Disney SW movies that YOU say are crap are made by Disney...but we'll make an exception for Rogue One; the one you happen to like.
  12. Yeah, you're right. I hadn't thought it through and was sort of connecting the Jedi's body and the remote object, when really the Force manifestation that causes the impact originates between them, not moving from one to another. I'll have to rethink some of my in-game stuff...:)
  13. Well, what would happen if you were sitting in space next to a star destroyer and tried to Force Push it away? I would argue that you would go in the opposite direction (of course, in space, it's all relative anyway...). You make a good point regarding Rey with the rocks (or Yoda with Luke's X-Wing), though. So you're saying Leia's use was more analogous to a "Force jet pack" rather than a "Force tether"?
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