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  1. I've had Jedi characters use lightsabres instead of doors. I had a Separatist building all set up and ready to go with ingenious traps and twists and turns and all manner of encounters. They sliced a captured tactical droid for a map of the installation, then literally sliced through the outside wall and two inner walls to get to the room they needed to be in.
  2. Since season 2 of "Stranger Things", I've been thinking that Influence or Misdirect might be my favourite if I ever develop a Jedi character to play (I almost exclusively GM).
  3. I'm at work at the moment, and don't have my books with me. But as a GM, I would have certainly allowed you to do what your GM did. To be honest, I don't delve into the rule mechanics in such granular detail - I'm much more a "Sounds cool. Do it" kind of GM. This scenario seems like a perfect time to showcase the Jedi "Sees things before they happen" idea - your character sensed the danger a fraction of a second before being hit. I might even have ruled it that in this particular example, the split-second foresight afforded by the Force allowed you to duck and roll, or dive behind cover, or simply dodge - the mechanical effect was still the same as Reflect, but the fluff would be more in line with what we often see in the movies or series'.
  4. I've been thinking about taking a leaf from "Shadow of Mordor"'s book. If anyone isn't familiar with it, basically in any standard fight, you meet up with mooks. Orcs, primarily. Normally you just kill them and move on. If any survive, however, they go on to become nemeses with a name, a backstory, and better skills. They show up later with their own followers and the like. In SW, I was thinking of a similar thing. That TIE pilot that escaped last session? He's now getting a name, and the beginnings of a reputation as a fighter ace. Soon he might have his own squadron. Same goes for that escaped stormtrooper. You didn't know it, but he was a senior NCO who has now been commissioned and commands a platoon. Or he's been promoted into the ranks of the Death Troopers. It lets the GM create memorable NPCs without having to go through the trauma of developing and fleshing out a great NPC only to have the PCs kill him in their first meeting!
  5. It hasn't come up in our games, but I would be tempted to say that the x10 applies before Reflect, but the character can flip a Destiny to reverse that for a single turn.
  6. We tend to run about 80% "classic" Star Wars; that is, primarily original trilogy material and feel (now with the occasional prequel or Rogue One reference thrown in), or a throwaway to something else. For example, Ryan, the bounty hunter played by my wife, wields a EL-16HFE blaster rifle, which fires a blue bolt (it's the same as the one used by Poe in "The Force Awakens"). The other 20% are "special" episodes. I usually throw them in as a homage to something else. So it might have a horror theme and take place in an old Sith temple, rife with nasty traps and entombed spirits of ancient Sith Lords. Or it might be a sci-fi suspense thriller, set on an abandoned space station, crawling with some alien beastie ala "Alien" or "Pitch Black" (or that episode of "Rebels" set in the asteroid field with the creepy, light-hating creatures). Perhaps a "heist" episode that we run in "flash forward" style. Could be a competitions - a sabacc tournament, or a swoop race. It might be a jail-break episode, or something with a period feel, ala "Firefly". We also run the occasional "military" episode, when I heavily borrow from movies such as "Saving Private Ryan", "Tora Tora Tora", or "Band of Brothers". I'm lucky that I have a group that is happy to play any genre in Star Wars, as long as I file off the serial numbers.
  7. It wasn't in an FFG game, but many years ago I was running a one-player Star Wars game in the old WEG d6 system. The character had been through numerous adventures, and was starting to feel a little stale. The player (my best mate, Paul) didn't feel there was anywhere to really go with him, so asked if we could kill him off and kick off a new campaign. We finished the campaign with the Battle of Yavin. I figured that with the number of TIE fighters likely available on the DS, all we ever saw on-screen of the BoY was the main protagonist(s). That while Red and Gold squadrons ran on the trench, there were scores more Rebel fighters up higher, running interference against the waves of TIEs. Paul's PC was one of those pilots, flying an old Z-95 (the trench run was where the best fighters were used). The battle was epic, and was the first time I'd used background music in a game (on an old cassette tape - that's how long ago this was!). After a number of altercations, Red Five was making the final attack run, closely followed by Vader. Most of the Rebel squadrons were destroyed, and Paul was one of the very few left. He himself was badly injured in the cockpit, which was venting atmosphere and had its weapons disabled. Along comes the preparation to fire. Remember someone on the Death Star says: "Stand by". And then a few moments later says "Stand by" again? Well, that was because Paul saw that Red Five wasn't going to make it in time. He might be rescued by the freighter coming in, but he just wasn't going to get his shots off before the DS fired. So Paul lined up one of the focusing crystals around the edge of the superlaser and put his ship to full speed, ramming the crystal. The explosion vapourised him and his Z-95, but it also damaged the crystal, forcing the Death Star Gunners to switch to a secondary backup, which bought Red Five about ten more seconds, necessitating a second "Stand by" from the gunners while they switched over. So while Skywalker was the hero of Yavin, there was also a (albeit quieter) toast hoisted that evening on Yavin 4 to Raven Four, and its heroic pilot who sacrificed his life to allow Skywalker his amazing shot. Pretty corny now, in hindsight, but **** we had a blast at the time!
  8. Did they make the change to fit Rebels continuity? I remember the Interdictor from early WEG days, and got excited when I saw its use in Rebels, but I remember thinking: "Hey...that's waaaaay bigger than the original Interdictor! That's like Star Destroyer size!"
  9. Well that has to be one of the most obscure profanities! I just went searching and discovered on Urban Dictionary that "skeeting" is a form of, ahem, natural birth control. But that's something I didn't know 10 minutes ago - like you, I thought it was a gun sport, or a slang term for a mosquito.
  10. One of the best analyses of A.I. I've seen. Worthy of Philip K. D ick, KungFuFerret! (EDIT: I can't believe the censor wiped out the name of one of the greatest sci-fi authors ever...*sigh*)
  11. This! Oh, so this! I've never understood the fan obsession with Boba Fett. He made one clever move in anticipating Han Solo's "stick to the side of the star destroyer" manoeuvre, then moved in to engage a lightsabre-wielding Jedi at melee range, then got taken out by a blind guy with a stick!! He really wasn't that good!
  12. I think there are a lot of shades in between, though. One doesn't have to have "Game of Thrones" / sanitised.
  13. Yeah, you're probably right. Scary, really...
  14. I've always been amused at how Lucas claims his movies are "kid friendly". Why? Because they have a bit of light comedy and the odd fart joke? They also contain: incest overtones, sexual slavery overtones, multiple graphic amputations & dismemberment, a man being graphically immolated, beloved characters dying, and the enslavement of sapient beings. I love them - but if you think about it, they're not "kid friendlY' just because they have no swearing of "Game of Thrones"-esque sex scenes...
  15. I vaguely remember in the novelisation for "A New Hope" that Luke is "thinking about a dog he once owned", and Obi-Wan murmurs something about a duck being taught to swim.