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  1. Dawn of Rebellion Sourcebook

    Hah! Finally found it and ordered it for a reasonable delivery price!! ($US14.36) https://www.miniaturemarket.com/
  2. Dawn of Rebellion Sourcebook

    I think next time I see "On the Boat" I'm going to don an eyepatch, pegleg, and hook and storm the boat!
  3. Dawn of Rebellion Sourcebook

    I just can't wait to get the stupid thing! None of the Australian sellers seem to have it yet, and I refuse to pay more for postage than the cost of the item.
  4. Thematic Mages

    I'm trying to come up with a similar thing for a "Magician" based setting, which involves figuring out which magic is "Lesser Path" and which is "Greater Path". As a general rule of thumb, it seems to be that magic which affects the mage or their body directly is Lesser Path, while that which affects others is Greater Path, and LP practitioners that want to use GP magic can only do so through items like scrolls.
  5. What other settings books do you expect to see?

    I had Alderac's game - it was a great resource, but the d20 version was just too complex and "gamey" for us. A GC version would be great.
  6. What other settings books do you expect to see?

    Of course, it'll never happen (I can't imagine Sony coming on board), but I'd love to see a Stargate setting. I'm going to put together my own, which will be a bit of a mish-mash of the space opera and modern settings, but it would be nice to see something "official".
  7. Adventures in Middle Earth: Lord of the Rings Genesys

    Two things I noticed about the Nazgul in the bestiary. 1. There is a copy/paste error in the "Abilities" section, where it says: Terrifying (upon first seeing a fell beast, a character Should be "upon first seeing a Ringwraith" 2. I'm not sure if I'm missing it being included elsewhere, but should not "Black Breath" be included in the Nazgul abilities? Perhaps as a poison effect or the like? Fantastic work, though, JMPK!
  8. Statting out Darth Vader

    Possibly. It may not be the armour that is powered - it may well be that his bionic limbs are stronger, and we can see in the "x-ray" shots when Palpatine is blasting him with lightning that many of his joints are artificial as well.
  9. Statting out Darth Vader

    Yeah, maybe. I just think we see Vader do his Force-choking thing often enough without actually grabbing his quarry by the throat. Achilles' murder seemed more...I dunno...visceral. I admit there's no real evidence either way, but it just seemed to me that Vader was physically holding him off the ground. I always assumed Vader had an element of "power armour" in his armour.
  10. Statting out Darth Vader

    I would definitely add the "Aggressor" spec to Vader - I think that's the one. It focuses on unnerving and terrifying opponents. Watching the end sequence of "Rogue One" pretty much confirms, this, IMO. Also, holding a grown man off the ground with one hand should definitely qualify as a higher Brawn than 3, I would think. Probably more like 4 - 5, but that would almost certainly be part of his armour.
  11. PDFs?

    Nice to be able to get PDFs, for many of the reasons articulated above, but also to simply avoid FFG's outrageous delivery charges. $40 (US) for the Genesys Core book, $48 (US) for delivery to Australia. Nobody else charges ridiculous delivery fees like this. The same size book coming from Paizo is around $13 (US) for delivery.
  12. Well, there you go. I'm a bit disappointed, I must say. It was a thing I thought Star Wars did better than Star Trek, but I guess I was mistaken...
  13. Well, I wouldn't know anything about EU depictions. Which of Jabba's dancers was a hybrid? PS: Besides, you're ruining it for me! The fact that Star Wars didn't have the relationships like Star Trek was, in my opinion, a plus.
  14. I agree completely. The only reason I addressed the whole "Star Trek genetics" thing in the first place was that I'd said that up until recently, Star Wars didn't have interspecies relationships the way Star Trek had done so for decades. And I idly mentioned that it amused me that people in Star Trek seemed happy to mate with species that were far, far more distantly related to them than, say, a jellyfish. From there it sort of spiralled out of control!
  15. Yep, I specifically addressed this in one of my posts, but it's probably been lost amid all the other chatting! My issue with "The Chase" is that it attempts to fix the issue, but it only does so if someone has no clue how evolution works. Mixing in a bit of Progenitor DNA into the primordial soup would achieve absolutely nothing. Me and a jellyfish have 100% the same base DNA from whatever early self-replicating critter first developed 1+ billion years ago. If it had a bit of Progenitor DNA in it, it still managed to eventually develop into something like 5 million different species by now; everything from humans to mackerel to the Ebola virus. "The Chase" makes the mistake of assuming the evolution is some kind of directed process which will inevitably move towards a "higher" life form. That's simply wrong. Humans are just the most recent product of a line that developed as a fluke. Homo sapiens happens to be the one sub-line that survived - a lot didn't; H. erectus, H. floriensis, Denisovians, Neanderthals, etc. None of them made it. More species have gone extinct than exist now. The ones surviving today are just lucky enough to have had the right adaptations at the right time. The Progenitor DNA also existed in every other extinct life-form; and every other life form in existence. If Earth's octopus eventually became a dominant life-form, and met up with other cephalopods from other planets, then the Progenitor's little spiel would be embarrassingly wrong. Because the octopus-descendant would also carry the Progenitor DNA, but would look nothing like the Progenitor.