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  1. testing out a possible list, Omicron Shuttle with Vader, Gunner and Shield Upgrade Dark Curse Backstabber Mauler Mithel Winged Gundark
  2. just wanted to double check, thanks seems kind of nasty
  3. getting ready for a tournament and wanted to double check this, if I use a Cluster Missile am I able to use his ability twice because your are making two attacks? Card says Discard this card to perform this attack twice
  4. I am surprised FFG hasn't made a ruling on this yet, since it will have a huge effect on the game
  5. my honest guess, and this happens a lot of the time, is that different people wrote rules for different things, ala someone who wrote the rules for ion cannons wasn't the same one who came up with AS and how it interacts within the game
  6. one would think that they should of phrased it before you maneuver for AS
  7. The b wing isn't that bad. Just need to get used to how she handled
  8. the issue is that since the card is not out yet FFG isn't going to FAQ it for a while, so why worry about it now, lol
  9. the only thing you can drop while ionized is a proximity mine
  10. sorry guys, didn't even realize it wasn't possible, it was late at night when i posted. Hopefully we will never run into this situation
  11. it takes more skill being an Imp, just kidding, congrats on the win
  12. Ive also found that APT with Fire Control is pretty devastating, granted they are only at RB 1, but most of the time I have gotten 4-5 hits when firing them
  13. since FFG FAQ that Cluster Missile is two attacks, and FCS says after you perform an attack you may acquire a target lock on the defender are you allowed to use said target lock on the second attack from the cluster missile?
  14. Everybody please read the entire text on the Ion Token: (I will paraphrase and bold the key points) http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/x-wing/news/preview6-ywing-starfighter/ion-reference.png Planning phase: No maneuver dial!! Activation phase: Perform 1 straight forward, THEN remove Ion Token(s), THEN you may (of course only if not stressed or otherwise prohibited) "perform actions as normal" It should be clear that PRIOR to the removal of the Ion token(s) the ship is in effect "stunned" and NOT allowed to perform actions, and I would (without it being specified) also say that it isnt't allowed a/any Free Actons untill the end of the Activation Phase Anyone disagree on this?? since you do not reveal your maneuver, you do not get to use AS, not sure why this seems to be an issue
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